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GFC Preview: Team New York

By Smitty 10/01/2020, 3:00pm EDT

Scott & Hansen highlight the NY squad

GFC Elite Division Pre-Seeds

By MI Grappler 09/27/2020, 5:00pm EDT

Nation's top preps converging on Myrtle Beach next weekend for GFC

13 Nationally Ranked wrestlers signed up for GFC Girls Division

By GFC Staff 09/25/2020, 6:00pm EDT

GFC 2020 - HS Divisions Entry Lists - Updated 10/1

By GFC Staff 09/25/2020, 5:15pm EDT

GFC 2020 All-State List

By MI Grappler 09/22/2020, 8:00am EDT

Nationally ranked, State Champs, All-Staters signed up for GFC Elite division

Year in Review: CHSAA

By Smitty 08/14/2020, 10:15am EDT

GFC to be held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, October 3-4

By MI Grappler 08/14/2020, 8:15am EDT

#GETSOME at the Grappler Fall Classic

Year in Review: Section 11

By Smitty 08/06/2020, 1:45pm EDT

GFC HUB: Top 220lbers Pettigrew (NJ) and Mora (CA) are in!

By GFC Staff 08/04/2020, 4:15pm EDT

Stay up to speed with all things GFC

Year in Review: New York State

By Smitty 07/23/2020, 11:45am EDT

Page 4 of 173

Displaying Results 31 - 40 of 1723
  • New York State Tournament All-Time: 152lbs-154lbs-155lbs

  • By NYWN Staff 01/12/2021, 2:45pm EST
  • Freeport's Medina wins another bout - 1 win away from winning his 5th straight bracket; Section 10 Brutes Slate & Butler narrowly escape with victories; Section 3's Fulton battles back and forth and advances all 3 grapplers - all 3 matches reached the 380 vote plateau with 2 going over 400 votes
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  • New York State Tournament All-Time: 145lbs

  • By NYWN Staff 01/12/2021, 1:00pm EST
  • Rocky Point advances 4 into the final round - Section 11 bolsters another 9 giving them 13 total; Mepham advances 3 - Section 8 moves forward with 7 total; Long Island as a whole has 20 of the 32 finalists
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