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2019 New York State Division 2 "Free" Preview

By Smitty, 02/18/19, 8:30PM EST



NYWN Ranking (1-17):

1. Charlie Grygas (II)
2. Jake Null (III)
3. Jack Chesman (I)
4. Cory Day (VI)
5. Lajess Sawyer (XI)
6. Shane Hoover (IV)
7. Gaven Bell (VIII)
8. Brock Conaway (V)
9. Matt McManaman (III)
10. Nick Saeger (VI)
11. Brady Hope (IV)
12. Zach Swyers (VII)
13. Alfred MacNeil (X)
14. Owens Lyons (II)
15. Stephen Andryc (IN)
16. Elliott Tufaro (P)
17. Bryce Horner (IX)

The favorite: Jake Null (III)

Next in line: Charlie Grygas (II), Jack Chesman (I), Cory Day (VI)

Best first round match: Cory Day (VI)  VS  Brock Conaway (V)

Unseeded wrestler - best chance to win round 1: Nick Saeger (VI)

Unseeded wrestler likely to place: Nick Saeger (VI)

NYWN Top 6 predictions:

Champion - Charlie Grygas (II)
Runner-Up - Jake Null (III)
3. Cory Day (VI)
4. Jack Chesman (I)
5. Lajess Sawyer (XI)
6. Gaven Bell (VIII)



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