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Lead by Heavyweight Jayson Gomez, Juniors finish with 4 All-Americans

By Smitty, 07/27/18, 12:00PM EDT


Jayson Gomez - 220lbs - 4th Place

Gomez (Blue) vs Leroy Williams (Red) at the 2018 NYS Tournament

Eagle Academy's Jayson Gomez put on quite the show during the Junior Greco tournament in Fargo, ND.

After dropping his second round match to Oklahoma's Josh Heindselman 12-2, Gomez would go on a tear on the backside winning 7 straight matches including an 8-6 win over fellow NY teammate and All-American Leo Rabinovich.  

Jayson outscored his 7 opponents 53-13 en route to his 4th place finish. Boone McDermott of Iowa ended the spectacular run by defeating Gomez 18-7.  

Terrance Parks - 160lbs - 4th Place

Terrance Parks may have came into the 2018 USMC Junior Greco tournament as an unknown, but he definitely left an impression on many at the completion. 

The Beat The Streets star blasted his way through his first 4 opponents 10-0, 8-0, 13-3, and 7-4. After cruising out to a 8-2 lead in the first period against his quarterfinal opponent Adrian St. Germain (Washington), Parks seemed to lose his stride giving up a barrage of points and thus the lead and the match 17-10.

Refusing to let the loss get to him, Terrance made quick work of Aaron Bancroft of North Carolina 9-0 in the blood round thus earning himself all-american honors. Parks would keep the momentum rolling breezing through his next two opponents 7-0 and 4-1. 

Terrance would lose a heartbreaker for 3rd and 4th to California's Ankhaa Enkhmandakh 3-3 with Enkhmandakh scoring last and securing the victory. 

Leo Rabinovich - 220lbs - 5th Place

Tottenville's Leo Rabinovich was the second all-american from New York at 220lbs joining fellow PSAL star Jayson Gomez. 

Rabinovich took a different route than Gomez as he maneuvered his way on the frontside very well earning himself a spot in the semi-finals. Leo was very dominant in his first 4 matches. He outscored his opponents 31-1.

Runner-up Luke Luffman of Illinois ended Rabinovich's run on the frontside with a 9-3 win. In the consi-semis, Leo would square off against a familiar foe in All-American Jayson Gomez. Gomez would best Rabinovich 8-6 dropping him into the the 5th/6th place match. Rabinovich would end his 2018 campaign on a high note by defeating Aidan Conner of Texas 13-1 and securing his 5th place finish.

Joey Slackman - 285lbs - 7th Place

2018 New York State runner-up and Section 11 stud Joey Slackman rounded out the trio of heavyweights that earned all-american status at Fargo. 

Slackman would take nearly the same path as Gomez as he fell in his second match 4-1 to Daniel Ausloos of Wisconsin. Undeterred from his frontside loss, Joey would wrestle nearly perfect in his next 5 matches earning all-american status and a spot in the round of 8.  His round of 8 opponent was a familiar foe Daniel Ausloos, the Wisconsin star that defeat Slackman on the frontside. Ausloos would best Slackman again by a 4-0 score.

A 10-6 win over Montana Phillips of Oklahoma capped a stellar performance for Joey as he earned himself a 7th place finish.

Junior Freestyle

Wrestler Weight Record
Luke Inzirillo 100lbs 0-2
Hunter Hoo 106lbs 2-2
Jordan Titus 113lbs 2-2
Seth Russo 113lbs 0-2
Terry Adams 113lbs 2-2
Ryan Burgos 120lbs 4-2
Sal Jones 126lbs 4-2
Logan Dubuque 126lbs 0-2
John Worthing 126lbs 3-2
James Ryan 126lbs 0-2
Logan Patterson 132lbs 1-2
Ty Raines 138lbs 0-2
Colin Realbuto 138lbs 3-2
Alex Samson 138lbs 1-2
Zacc Romero 138lbs 2-2
Jacob Wolmart 145lbs 0-2
Stefan Major 145lbs 2-2
Bobby Treshock 145lbs 1-2
Pedro Cruz 152lbs 0-2
Brendan Finch 152lbs 1-2
Kiernan Shanahan 152lbs 2-2
Jack Chesman 160lbs 2-2
Jeff Tancisik 160lbs 0-2
Jacob Edwards 160lbs 0-2
Terrance Parks 160lbs 3-2
Daniel Bogie 170lbs 1-2
Spencer Clements 170lbs 0-2
Jacob Nolan 170lbs 4-2
Jake Logan 182lbs 2-2
Dylan Nerich 182lbs 1-2
Ryan Damboise 182lbs 1-2
Joey Yanis 195lbs 3-2
Matt Werts 195lbs 0-2
Pavel Drozdov 195lbs 0-2
Geroge Grgalashvilli 220lbs 0-2
Michael Babbcort 220lbs 1-2
Jayson Gomez 220lbs 2-2
Devon Shader 220lbs 2-2
Joey Slackman 285lbs 4-2
Marc Martinez 285lbs 2-2

Junior Greco

Wrestler Weight Record
Terry Adams 113lbs 1-2
Jeff Robinson 126lbs 1-2
Logan Dubuque 126lbs 3-2
James Ryan 126lbs 1-2
John Worthing 132lbs 3-2
Riley Retell 132lbs 0-2
Zacc Romero 138lbs 3-2
Jacob Wolmart 138lbs 1-2
Bobby Treshock 145lbs 2-2
Stefan Major 145lbs 1-2
Pedro Cruz 152lbs 1-2
Brendan Finch 152lbs 1-2
Jacob Edwards 152lbs 1-2
Jeff Tancisik 160lbs 0-2
Terrance Parks 160lbs 7-2 (4th Place)
Jacob Nolan 170lbs 0-2
Daniel Bogie 170lbs 3-2
Spencer Clements 170lbs 0-2
Matt Werts 195lbs 1-2
Devon Shader 220lbs 3-2
Leo Rabinovich 220lbs 5-2 (5th Place)
Geroge Grgalashvilli 220lbs 2-2
Jayson Gomez 220lbs 8-2 (4th Place)
Joey Slackman 285lbs 7-2 (7th Place)
Marc Martinez 285lbs 1-2