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NYS Tournament Final Results

By NYWN, 02/27/18, 9:15AM EST


1st Place - Stevo Poulin of Shenendehowa
2nd Place - Chase Liardi of Massapequa
3rd Place - Luke Smith of Hauppauge
4th Place - Matthew Schreiber of Horace Greeley
5th Place - Rocco Camillaci of Hilton
6th Place - Thomas Diresta of Kings Park

1st Place Match
Stevo Poulin (Shenendehowa) 45-1, Fr. over Chase Liardi (Massapequa) 45-4, Fr. (Dec 6-1)

3rd Place Match
Luke Smith (Hauppauge) 36-5, So. over Matthew Schreiber (Horace Greeley) 42-10, Jr. (Dec 5-2)

5th Place Match
Rocco Camillaci (Hilton) 52-6, 8th. over Thomas Diresta (Kings Park) 35-8, So. (MD 14-4)

1st Place - Terry Adams of Monsignor Farrell
2nd Place - Jayden Scott of Rush-Henrietta
3rd Place - Matt Griffin of Jamesville Dewitt-CBA
4th Place - Josiah Encarnacion of Wantagh
5th Place - Ivan Garcia of Port Chester
6th Place - Greg Fischer of Newburgh

1st Place Match
Terry Adams (Monsignor Farrell) 43-3, Jr. over Jayden Scott (Rush-Henrietta) 40-4, 8th. (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match
Matt Griffin (Jamesville Dewitt-CBA) 35-2, Sr. over Josiah Encarnacion (Wantagh) 51-4, So. (Dec 4-2)

5th Place Match
Ivan Garcia (Port Chester) 51-4, So. over Greg Fischer (Newburgh) 46-9, Sr. (MD 10-2)


1st Place - Greg Diakomihalis of Hilton
2nd Place - Dylan Ryder of Half Hollow Hills West
3rd Place - Logan Sciotto of Rocky Point
4th Place - Sean Carter of North Babylon
5th Place - Dylan Earl of Monroe Woodbury
6th Place - Parker Rozler of Lancaster

1st Place Match
Greg Diakomihalis (Hilton) 43-0, So. over Dylan Ryder (Half Hollow Hills West) 41-3, Sr. (UTB 3-2)

3rd Place Match
Logan Sciotto (Rocky Point) 52-5, So. over Sean Carter (North Babylon) 41-7, Jr. (TB-1 3-2)

5th Place Match
Dylan Earl (Monroe Woodbury) 37-6, Sr. over Parker Rozler (Lancaster) 39-14, Sr. (Fall 4:34)

1st Place - Zach Redding of Eastport South Manor
2nd Place - Anthony Sciotto of Rocky Point
3rd Place - Marco Vespa of Monroe Woodbury
4th Place - Devin Woodworth of Horseheads
5th Place - Nick Tanuzzo of Manhasset
6th Place - Dan Gibson of Port Washington

1st Place Match
Zach Redding (Eastport South Manor) 43-3, So. over Anthony Sciotto (Rocky Point) 56-2, Sr. (Dec 9-6)

3rd Place Match
Marco Vespa (Monroe Woodbury) 39-5, Jr. over Devin Woodworth (Horseheads) 34-2, Jr. (Dec 4-0)

5th Place Match
Nick Tanuzzo (Manhasset) 35-2, Sr. over Dan Gibson (Port Washington) 38-10, Fr. (Dec 4-3)

1st Place - Adam Busiello of Eastport South Manor
2nd Place - Justin McDougald of Niagara Wheatfield
3rd Place - Tyler Kellison of Jamesville Dewitt-CBA
4th Place - Michael Gonyea of Columbia
5th Place - Eli Sims of Rush-Henrietta
6th Place - Chase Daudelin of Corning

1st Place Match
Adam Busiello (Eastport South Manor) 46-0, Jr. over Justin McDougald (Niagara Wheatfield) 36-5, So. (Fall 3:00)

3rd Place Match
Tyler Kellison (Jamesville Dewitt-CBA) 47-4, Jr. over Michael Gonyea (Columbia) 41-5, Sr. (Dec 7-3)

5th Place Match
Eli Sims (Rush-Henrietta) 49-4, Sr. over Chase Daudelin (Corning) 30-7, Fr. (Dec 4-3)

1st Place - Willie McDougald of Niagara Falls
2nd Place - Justin Vines of Wantagh
3rd Place - Rafael Lievano of Ward Melville
4th Place - Lee Mauras of Freeport
5th Place - Chris Esposito of Northport
6th Place - Alex Samson of Victor

1st Place Match
Willie McDougald (Niagara Falls) 39-5, So. over Justin Vines (Wantagh) 51-2, Sr. (UTB 3-2)

3rd Place Match
Rafael Lievano (Ward Melville) 45-5, Sr. over Lee Mauras (Freeport) 42-9, So. (Dec 9-7)

5th Place Match
Chris Esposito (Northport) 40-7, Sr. over Alex Samson (Victor) 49-6, Jr. (Dec 5-3)

1st Place - Chris Gomez of Patchogue Medford
2nd Place - Anthony Sobotker of North Babylon
3rd Place - Colin Realbuto of Iona Prep
4th Place - Garrett Bauer of Jamesville Dewitt-CB
5th Place - Joe Simons of Farmingdale
6th Place - Ty Raines of Churchville Chili

1st Place Match
Chris Gomez (Patchogue Medford) 39-1, Sr. over Anthony Sobotker (North Babylon) 32-4, Sr. (Dec 11-9)

3rd Place Match
Colin Realbuto (Iona Prep) 47-3, Sr. over Garrett Bauer (Jamesville Dewitt-CBA) 36-6, Sr. (Dec 9-4)

5th Place Match
Joe Simons (Farmingdale) 39-6, Jr. over Ty Raines (Churchville Chili) 44-10, Jr. (Fall 1:57)

1st Place - Frankie Gissendanner of Penfield
2nd Place - Kiernan Shanahan of Shenendehowa=
3rd Place - Warren McDougald of Niagara Wheatfield
4th Place - Troy Ferris of Brockport
5th Place - Kyle Mosher of South East Cyclones
6th Place - Ryan Burgbacher of Patchogue Medford

1st Place Match
Frankie Gissendanner (Penfield) 41-0, Sr. over Kiernan Shanahan (Shenendehowa) 46-3, Jr. (Dec 7-6)

3rd Place Match
Warren McDougald (Niagara Wheatfield) 44-5, Jr. over Troy Ferris (Brockport) 44-5, Sr. (Dec 9-7)

5th Place Match
Kyle Mosher (South East Cyclones) 40-4, Jr. over Ryan Burgbacher (Patchogue Medford) 34-7, Jr. (Dec 7-0)

1st Place - Jacori Teemer of Long Beach
2nd Place - Matt Grippi of Fox Lane
3rd Place - Cooper Kropman of Penfield
4th Place - Corey Connolly of Rocky Point
5th Place - Anthony Dushaj of Half Hollow Hills West
6th Place - Michael Marcy of Holy Trinity

1st Place Match
Jacori Teemer (Long Beach) 32-0, Sr. over Matt Grippi (Fox Lane) 52-2, Sr. (Dec 8-2)

3rd Place Match
Cooper Kropman (Penfield) 43-6, Fr. over Corey Connolly (Rocky Point) 51-6, Jr. (Dec 4-0)

5th Place Match
Anthony Dushaj (Half Hollow Hills West) 33-6, Sr. over Michael Marcy (Holy Trinity) 36-7, Sr. (Dec 4-1)

1st Place - Jake Silverstein of Hauppauge
2nd Place - Christopher Barker of Fairport
3rd Place - Demitreus Henry of Grand Street Campus
4th Place - JD Moore of Levittown Division
5th Place - Aaron Wolk of Horace Greeley
6th Place - Shawn Regan of East Meadow

1st Place Match
Jake Silverstein (Hauppauge) 39-2, Sr. over Christopher Barker (Fairport) 43-3, Sr. (Dec 9-2)

3rd Place Match
Demitreus Henry (Grand Street Campus) 23-1, Sr. over JD Moore (Levittown Division) 40-5, So. (Dec 9-6)

5th Place Match
Aaron Wolk (Horace Greeley) 44-5, Jr. over Shawn Regan (East Meadow) 34-9, Sr. (Fall 4:17)

1st Place - Grant Cuomo of Brewster
2nd Place - Tyler Barnes of Ballston Spa
3rd Place - David Miele-Estrella of North Babylon
4th Place - Matt Rogers of Wantagh
5th Place - Chris Eames of Horseheads
6th Place - Derek Wojciechowski of Frontier

1st Place Match
Grant Cuomo (Brewster) 23-3, Sr. over Tyler Barnes (Ballston Spa) 46-1, Sr. (Dec 13-10)

3rd Place Match
David Miele-Estrella (North Babylon) 43-3, Sr. over Matt Rogers (Wantagh) 45-5, So. (Dec 3-0)

5th Place Match
Chris Eames (Horseheads) 34-5, Sr. over Derek Wojciechowski (Frontier) 45-7, Sr. (Fall 1:42)

1st Place - Jake Logan of New Rochelle
2nd Place - Jacob Ferreira of Horace Greeley
3rd Place - Sammy Deprez of Hilton
4th Place - Jake Cook of Ballston Spa
5th Place - Joe Franzese of John Glenn
6th Place - Liam McIntyre of Westhampton Beach

1st Place Match
Jake Logan (New Rochelle) 41-0, Jr. over Jacob Ferreira (Horace Greeley) 39-5, Sr. (Dec 5-3)

3rd Place Match
Sammy Deprez (Hilton) 54-3, Jr. over Jake Cook (Ballston Spa) 44-4, Sr. (MD 12-0)

5th Place Match
Joe Franzese (John Glenn) 24-3, Sr. over Liam McIntyre (Westhampton Beach) 40-4, Jr. (Dec 8-3)

1st Place - Jonathan Loew of Wantagh
2nd Place - Jhordyn Innocent of East Ramapo
3rd Place - Johnny Santos of Fox Lane
4th Place - Dan Shafran of Bellmore-JFK
5th Place - Nathan Bauland of Sayville
6th Place - Maxx DeCapua of Newburgh

1st Place Match
Jonathan Loew (Wantagh) 50-1, Sr. over Jhordyn Innocent (East Ramapo) 39-5, Jr. (Fall 1:14)

3rd Place Match
Johnny Santos (Fox Lane) 49-6, Sr. over Dan Shafran (Bellmore-JFK) 42-5, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

5th Place Match
Nathan Bauland (Sayville) 42-3, Sr. over Maxx DeCapua (Newburgh) 45-9, So. (Dec 4-1)

1st Place - Elijah Rodriguez of Long Beach
2nd Place - Halil Gecaj of John Jay CR
3rd Place - Joe Andreessen of Lancaster
4th Place - Maguire Horl of St. Anthony`s
5th Place - Leo Rabinovich of Tottenville
6th Place - Will Leonard of Cornwall

1st Place Match
Elijah Rodriguez (Long Beach) 44-4, Sr. over Halil Gecaj (John Jay CR) 40-2, Sr. (Fall 5:19)

3rd Place Match
Joe Andreessen (Lancaster) 46-4, Sr. over Maguire Horl (St. Anthony`s) 38-10, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

5th Place Match
Leo Rabinovich (Tottenville) 43-3, Sr. over Will Leonard (Cornwall) 39-6, Jr. (MD 11-3)

1st Place - Deonte Wilson of Amityville
2nd Place - Joey Slackman of Commack
3rd Place - Trentyn Rupert of Newark Valley
4th Place - Tim Nagosky of Smithtown West
5th Place - Calik Kennedy of Amherst
6th Place - Spencer Pisaneschi of Rome Free Academy

1st Place Match
Deonte Wilson (Amityville) 31-2, Sr. over Joey Slackman (Commack) 38-3, Jr. (Dec 5-1)

3rd Place Match
Trentyn Rupert (Newark Valley) 37-2, Jr. over Tim Nagosky (Smithtown West) 43-9, Sr. (Fall 3:43)

5th Place Match
Calik Kennedy (Amherst) 35-6, Sr. over Spencer Pisaneschi (Rome Free Academy) 35-3, Sr. (Dec 5-0)

1st Place - Dante Geislinger of Norwich
2nd Place - Devin Coleman of Camden
3rd Place - Mason Bush of Central Valley Academy
4th Place - Carter Schubert of Williamson-Marion-Sodus
5th Place - Jace Schafer of Palmyra-Macedon
6th Place - Andrew Lucinski of Newfane

1st Place Match
Dante Geislinger (Norwich) 44-4, So. over Devin Coleman (Camden) 45-3, Sr. (Dec 9-4)

3rd Place Match
Mason Bush (Central Valley Academy) 53-3, Fr. over Carter Schubert (Williamson-Marion-Sodus) 33-7, 8th. (Dec 2-1)

5th Place Match
Jace Schafer (Palmyra-Macedon) 47-7, Fr. over Andrew Lucinski (Newfane) 47-6, Fr. (Dec 5-2)

1st Place - Anthony Noto of Honeoye Falls-Lima
2nd Place - Jordan Titus of Center Moriches
3rd Place - Len Balducci of Pleasantville
4th Place - Micah Roes of Lowville
5th Place - Carter Baer of Gouverneur
6th Place - Jordan Soriano of Clarke

1st Place Match
Anthony Noto (Honeoye Falls-Lima) 48-1, So. over Jordan Titus (Center Moriches) 39-2, Fr. (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match
Len Balducci (Pleasantville) 37-7, So. over Micah Roes (Lowville) 44-3, So. (MD 11-1)

5th Place Match
Carter Baer (Gouverneur) 36-6, 8th. over Jordan Soriano (Clarke) 36-4, 8th. (Dec 3-2)

1st Place - Marek Bush of Central Valley Academy
2nd Place - Chandler Merwin of Walton-Delhi
3rd Place - Matt Garland of South Jefferson-Sandy Creek
4th Place - Zac Cummings of Salem/Cambridge
5th Place - Connor Lyons of Watervliet-Heatly
6th Place - Jack Bosco of Hackley Schoo

1st Place Match
Marek Bush (Central Valley Academy) 54-5, Fr. over Chandler Merwin (Walton-Delhi) 37-7, Jr. (Dec 4-2)

3rd Place Match
Matt Garland (South Jefferson-Sandy Creek) 32-6, Jr. over Zac Cummings (Salem/Cambridge) 36-7, Sr. (Dec 3-0)

5th Place Match
Connor Lyons (Watervliet-Heatly) 46-5, Sr. over Jack Bosco (Hackley School) 20-4, So. (Fall 2:57)

1st Place - Trent Svingala of Maple Hill
2nd Place - Brady Worthing of Tioga
3rd Place - Logan Dubuque of Peru
4th Place - Caleb Robinson of Walton-Delhi
5th Place - Brad Cheek of Canisteo-Greenwood
6th Place - Keith Cassar of Oyster Bay

1st Place Match
Trent Svingala (Maple Hill) 42-0, Jr. over Brady Worthing (Tioga) 43-9, So. (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match
Logan Dubuque (Peru) 27-5, Jr. over Caleb Robinson (Walton-Delhi) 30-5, Jr. (SV-1 (Fall) 5:37)

5th Place Match
Brad Cheek (Canisteo-Greenwood) 52-3, Jr. over Keith Cassar (Oyster Bay) 34-7, Sr. (Inj. 0:00)

1st Place - Orion Anderson of Schuylerville
2nd Place - Vince Miceli of Port Jefferson
3rd Place - Zach Braddell of Tonawanda
4th Place - Masin Schuster of Dansville
5th Place - Mike Squires of Norwich
6th Place - Bryce Smith of Saranac

1st Place Match
Orion Anderson (Schuylerville) 39-1, Sr. over Vince Miceli (Port Jefferson) 38-3, Sr. (Fall 1:34)

3rd Place Match
Zach Braddell (Tonawanda) 39-4, Jr. over Masin Schuster (Dansville) 41-3, Sr. (MD 8-0)

5th Place Match
Mike Squires (Norwich) 29-5, So. over Bryce Smith (Saranac) 30-13, So. (Dec 3-0)

1st Place - Luke Bokina of Mattituck
2nd Place - Nicholas Young of Alexander
3rd Place - Cahal Donovan of Marcellus
4th Place - Kyle Sams of Putnam Valley-Haldane
5th Place - Matt Evans of Randolph
6th Place - Raymond Costa of Cold Spring Harbor

1st Place Match
Luke Bokina (Mattituck) 42-4, Sr. over Nicholas Young (Alexander) 53-4, Sr. (Dec 2-1)

3rd Place Match
Cahal Donovan (Marcellus) 48-2, Jr. over Kyle Sams (Putnam Valley-Haldane) 38-7, Sr. (Dec 10-8)

5th Place Match
Matt Evans (Randolph) 38-5, Sr. over Raymond Costa (Cold Spring Harbor) 41-6, Jr. (Dec 5-1)

1st Place - Mike Zariff of Mount Sinai
2nd Place - Riley Gerber of Camden
3rd Place - Ian McKenna of New Hartford
4th Place - Mason Gray of Warsaw
5th Place - Austin Lamb of Tioga
6th Place - Ben Bivar of Bainbridge-Guilford-Afton-Harpursville

1st Place Match
Mike Zariff (Mount Sinai) 39-3, Sr. over Riley Gerber (Camden) 44-5, Sr. (SV-1 6-4)

3rd Place Match
Ian McKenna (New Hartford) 42-3, Sr. over Mason Gray (Warsaw) 47-5, Sr. (Dec 6-5)

5th Place Match
Austin Lamb (Tioga) 46-6, Jr. over Ben Bivar (Bainbridge-Guilford-Afton-Harpursville) 35-4, Sr. (Fall 1:47)

1st Place - Jack Bokina of Mattituck
2nd Place - Hunter Shaut of Central Valley Academy
3rd Place - TJ Philpots of Holland Patent
4th Place - Cory Day of Iroquois
5th Place - Jack Ward of Locust Valley
6th Place - Ian Houck of Rondout Valley

1st Place Match
Jack Bokina (Mattituck) 46-2, Sr. over Hunter Shaut (Central Valley Academy) 54-3, Jr. (Dec 5-0)

3rd Place Match
TJ Philpots (Holland Patent) 46-6, Sr. over Cory Day (Iroquois) 48-5, Jr. (Dec 2-1)

5th Place Match
Jack Ward (Locust Valley) 35-6, Sr. over Ian Houck (Rondout Valley) 34-8, Sr. (Dec 8-2)

1st Place - Dempsey Carroll of Copenhagen
2nd Place - Jack Chesman of Pearl River
3rd Place - Zack Lawrence of Duanesburg
4th Place - John Carl Petretti of Shoreham Wading River
5th Place - Daniel Bogie of Eagle Academy Bronx
6th Place - Zach Williams of Hannibal

1st Place Match
Dempsey Carroll (Copenhagen) 45-4, Jr. over Jack Chesman (Pearl River) 34-4, Jr. (Dec 6-2)

3rd Place Match
Zack Lawrence (Duanesburg) 51-3, Jr. over John Carl Petretti (Shoreham Wading River) 40-5, Sr. (Fall 2:14)

5th Place Match
Daniel Bogie (Eagle Academy Bronx) 31-8, Sr. over Zach Williams (Hannibal) 44-4, Jr. (UTB 6-5)

1st Place - Bryce Rowe of Chautauqua Lake
2nd Place - Jacob Nolan of Saranac
3rd Place - Dillan Palaszewski of Galway
4th Place - John DeRidder of Carle Place-Wheatley
5th Place - Dan Torres of Falconer
6th Place - Isaiah Roes of Lowville

1st Place Match
Bryce Rowe (Chautauqua Lake) 41-3, Sr. over Jacob Nolan (Saranac) 37-5, Jr. (Dec 2-1)

3rd Place Match
Dillan Palaszewski (Galway) 47-3, Sr. over John DeRidder (Carle Place-Wheatley) 23-3, Sr. (Dec 4-0)

5th Place Match
Dan Torres (Falconer) 56-3, Sr. over Isaiah Roes (Lowville) 44-5, Sr. (Dec 5-0)

1st Place - Ross McFarland of Phoenix
2nd Place - Dillon Ross of Onteora
3rd Place - Jacob Sarow of Alden-Akron
4th Place - Trent Ingraham of Central Valley Academy
5th Place - Lajess Sawyer of Center Moriches
6th Place - Ty Rifanburg of Norwich

1st Place Match
Ross McFarland (Phoenix) 41-2, Jr. over Dillon Ross (Onteora) 46-3, Sr. (MD 8-0)

3rd Place Match
Jacob Sarow (Alden-Akron) 47-3, Sr. over Trent Ingraham (Central Valley Academy) 46-8, Sr. (Dec 5-2)

5th Place Match
Lajess Sawyer (Center Moriches) 32-8, Jr. over Ty Rifanburg (Norwich) 29-8, Sr. (For.)

1st Place - Connor Fredericks of Chittenango
2nd Place - Chance Lapier of Ausable Valley
3rd Place - Giuseppe Hoose of Southwestern
4th Place - Brennan Slater of Norwich
5th Place - Jason Butler of Port Jervis
6th Place - Patrick Walsh of Olean

1st Place Match
Connor Fredericks (Chittenango) 37-2, Sr. over Chance Lapier (Ausable Valley) 35-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match
Giuseppe Hoose (Southwestern) 40-3, Sr. over Brennan Slater (Norwich) 44-6, Sr. (Fall 4:47)

5th Place Match
Jason Butler (Port Jervis) 39-7, Sr. over Patrick Walsh (Olean) 42-8, Jr. (SV-1 6-4)

1st Place - Doug Simmons of Canastota
2nd Place - Corey Keefe of Falconer
3rd Place - Richie Knapp of Susquehanna Valley
4th Place - Wyatt Holley of Keshequa
5th Place - Zach Trim of Maple Grove
6th Place - Nate Degroff of Warsaw

1st Place Match
Doug Simmons (Canastota) 41-2, Sr. over Corey Keefe (Falconer) 51-8, Sr. (Dec 3-0)

3rd Place Match
Richie Knapp (Susquehanna Valley) 38-1, Sr. over Wyatt Holley (Keshequa) 42-5, Sr. (Fall 1:34)

5th Place Match
Zach Trim (Maple Grove) 42-6, Sr. over Nate Degroff (Warsaw) 46-8, So. (TB-1 6-5)

1st Place - Joe Benedict of South Jefferson-Sandy Creek
2nd Place - Reggie Poulin of Cohoes
3rd Place - Jack Binder of Warrensburg-Bolton
4th Place - Mike Rigerman of Pioneer
5th Place - Tyler Rice of Norwich
6th Place - Keagan Carmenatty of South Seneca

1st Place Match
Joe Benedict (South Jefferson-Sandy Creek) 38-0, Sr. over Reggie Poulin (Cohoes) 37-4, Sr. (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match
Jack Binder (Warrensburg-Bolton) 40-2, Sr. over Mike Rigerman (Pioneer) 48-4, Jr. (Dec 6-2)

5th Place Match
Tyler Rice (Norwich) 37-5, Fr. over Keagan Carmenatty (South Seneca) 40-9, Jr. (Dec 5-4)

1st Place - Anthony Robinson of Starpoint
2nd Place - Jayson Gomez of Eagle Academy Bronx
3rd Place - Nate Briggs of Onondaga/Tully
4th Place - Leroy Williams of Oneonta
5th Place - Liam Dietrich of Red Hook
6th Place - Nick Becker of Randolph

1st Place Match
Anthony Robinson (Starpoint) 41-6, Sr. over Jayson Gomez (Eagle Academy Bronx) 22-2, Sr. (Dec 6-5)

3rd Place Match
Nate Briggs (Onondaga/Tully) 40-3, Sr. over Leroy Williams (Oneonta) 34-5, Sr. (Inj. 0:00)

5th Place Match
Liam Dietrich (Red Hook) 33-7, So. over Nick Becker (Randolph) 33-6, Sr. (Fall 3:28)