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FLWC Fall Classic Duals: Beast of the East, Venom Win; Hundreds of Wrestlers Compete

By BV, 11/22/17, 3:30PM EST


On Saturday, hundreds of wrestlers took the mat on the campus of Cornell University for the Finger Lakes Wrestling Club Fall Classic Duals event. 

Competition took place in K-6, Middle School and Girls divisions. Read on below for more on each tournament.


Beast of the East won all four of its duals on Saturday in Ithaca on the way to the top spot in the K-6 competition.  In the first place match, Beast of the East bested Tri-State Warriors, 58-24.  The squad won the other duals by more than 50 points each.

Going unbeaten for the championship team were Gavin Morris, Landon Ridell, Keanu Dillard, Nathan Desmond, Kollin Rath, Nicholas Kunstek, Kamden Hughes, Vaughan Spencer, Luca Felix, Zack Miller, Mark Grey and Jared Haers.


Here's the full roster of Beast of the East:

45: Gavin Morris 

50: Nico Kapusta 

55: Landon Ridell 

60: Keanu Dillard 

65: Michael Hagen 

70: Nathan Desmond 

75: Kollin Rath 

80: Jamar Dixon 

85: Nicholas Kunstek 

90: Kamden Hughes 

95: Chase Vanderhorst 

100: Vaughan Spencer 

105: Luca Felix 

110: Anthony Harris 

115/125: Zack Miller 

115/125: Mark Grey 

115: Mason Depew 

150: Benjamin Shue 

200: Jared Haers 


Other wrestlers to go undefeated with at least four matches during the K-6 event were Nicholas Singer of Beast Training (75), William Henckel of Beast Training (95), Matt O`Neill of Contender Elite (60), Gauge Botero of Contender Elite (70), Nick O`Neill of Contender Elite (80), Luke Sugalski of Contender Elite (110), Ryan Gallagher of Contender Elite (115), Brennen Morgan of Contender Elite (125), Jude Correa of Doughboys (105/110), Carter Smith of Legion of Doom (45), Sean Kenny of Legion of Doom (55), Brock Durbin of Legion of Doom (90), Brodie Dominique of Legion of Doom (100), Max Shulaw of Legion of Doom (150), Casper Stewart of Little Devils (85), Cenzo Perrelli of Notorious SWA (55), Keeran Timerman of Superior Gold (125), Caden Emes of Team Armdrag (45), Jax Forrest of Team Armdrag (70), Leo Venables of Team Armdrag (100), Carter Yohn of Team Ride Out (Hwt), Brady Maneri of Tri-State Warriors (50), Giovani Schipani of Tri-State Warriors (65), Brady Collins of Tri-State Warriors (80), Braidon Woodward of Tri-State Warriors (95), Ryan Garvick of Tri-State Warriors (110) and Shane Dobbins of VHW (65).


1st Place - Beast of the East
2nd Place - Tri-State Warriors
3rd Place - Legion of Doom
4th Place - SIR WC
5th Place - Contender Elite
6th Place - VHW
7th Place - Little Devils
8th Place - Team Ride Out
9th Place - Smitty`s Barn
10th Place - Beast Training
11th Place - Team Armdrag
12th Place - Notorious SWA
13th Place - Doughboys
14th Place - NYWAY West
15th Place - Superior Gold


Beast of the East went 6-0 to take the Middle School title after topping Beast Training by a 50-25 score in the championship bout. 

Ty Kapusta posted a perfect record for the first place team, as did Ethan Lebin, Rocco Welsh, Jared Keslar, Brody Conley, Dakota Mascho and Dale Moehring.

Here are the Beast of the East Team Members

65: Ty Kapusta

70: Vinny Kilkreay 

75: Ethan Lebin

80: Troy Hohman 

85: Lucas Kapusta 

90: Nate Roth 

95: Vince Citriano 

100: Noah Gnibus

105: Rocco Welsh 

110: Mark Grey 

115: Brody Evans 

125: Jared Keslar 

135: Brody Conley 

145: Enzo Morlacci 

155: Dakota Mascho 

225: Dale Moehring 

A number of other competitors posted perfect records, with at least four wins in the Middle School action. They are: Mikey Longo of Beast Training (80), Kailan O`Dell of Beast Training (85), William Henckel of Beast Training (95), Robbie Accommando of Beast Training (110), Joey Davi of Buxton (85), Alessio Perentin of Buxton (90), Simon Ruiz of Buxton (95/100), Rylan Rogers of Buxton (145/155), Gavin Owens of Legion of Doom (90), Rollie Denker of Legion of Doom (115), Julien Griffith of Legion of Doom (125), Ira Jenkins of Legion of Doom (145), Logan Badge of Legion of Doom (225), Roman Morrone of New Generation (115), Nathen Desmond of Superior Gold (70), Nick Allison of Superior Gold (80), Riley Bower of Superior Gold (110), Shane McFillin of Team Ride Out Green (65) and Eli Sellinger of Team Ride Out Green (155).



Gold Results
1st Place - Beast of the East
2nd Place - Beast Training

Silver Results
1st Place - Legion of Doom
2nd Place - Superior Gold

Bronze Results
1st Place - Buxton
2nd Place - Team Ride Out Green

Copper Results
1st Place - Notorious SWA
2nd Place - New Generation

Platnium Results
3rd Place - VHW
3rd Place - Team Ride out Blue
3rd Place - Team Armdrag WC


Courtesy of Venom Girls Wrestling Facebook

In the nine team girls bracket, Venom Girls WC came out on top after compiling a 5-0 record. 

The squad began with a 71-5 victory over Team Armdrag, followed by a 63-26 win over Wyoming Seminary White. After an 86-0 shutout, Venom beat Atlantic Wrestling Elite in the semifinals to clinch a spot in the championship match against Wyoming Seminary Blue.  Venom won 10 of the 19 bouts in a contest that ended in a 36-36 tie on the scoreboard. 

Winning four or five matches for Venom were Taylor Pinzok, Natalie Tucker, Zoe Griffith, Alex Szkotnicki, Ally Fitzgerald, Mia Macaluso, Cara Broadus, Sara Pauls, Abby Duke, Emily Sindoni, Sariah Stewart, Katie Moore and Shayna Benskie.

Here are some girls from other teams who went unbeaten with at least four victories: Zoe Buteau of Atlantic Wrestling Elite (125), Nia Crosdale of Beat The Streets NY City (225), Teegan Sibble of NYWAY (60), Joelle Scott of PA West Renegades (70), Karleigh Steiner of PA West Renegades (83), Juliette Trout of Wyoming Seminary Blue (50), Autumn Shoff of Wyoming Seminary Blue (65), Ava Bayless of Wyoming Seminary Blue (95), Caitlyn Walker of Wyoming Seminary Blue (100), Vayle Baker of Wyoming Seminary Blue (115), Amanda Walker of Wyoming Seminary Blue (120), Emma Bruntil of Wyoming Seminary Blue (135) and Madison Wellen of Wyoming Seminary White (75).


Venom Team Members:

50/55 Pounds: Sara Pauls 

55: Taylor Pinzok 

60: Natalie Tucker

65:Victoria Carbonaro 

70: Rhayna Simpson

70/75: Alyssa Reed

70: Jaida Macaluso 

75: Brooke Tarshis 

83: Zoe Griffith 

83: Rebecca Brennan 

90: Alex Szkotnicki 

95: Abby Duke

100: Emily Sindoni 

108: Ally Fitzgerald 

108/115: Sofia Macaluso 

115: Riley Dalrymple 

120/125: Caity Richardson 

120: Zoe Gress 

125/130: Grace Pauls 

130: Mia Macaluso 

135/145: Cara Broadus 

135/145: Sariah Stewart

165: Katie Moore 

225: Shayna Benskie


Gold Bracket Results
1st Place - Venom Girls WC
2nd Place - Wyoming Seminary Blue
3rd Place - Wyoming Seminary White
4th Place - Atlantic Wrestling Elite

Silver Bracket Results
1st Place - BTS NY City
2nd Place - Team PA East Strength 

Bronze Bracket Results
1st Place - NYWAY
2nd Place - PA West Renegades
3rd Place - Team Armdrag

Courtesy of N. Macaluso