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David Taylor Sticks Olympic Champ, H. Yazdani. USA falls to Iran, 5-3 in World Cup Finals

By Eric Olanowski , 02/17/17, 8:45AM EST


Photo: Alireza Akbari

Eric  Olanowski

Eric Olanowski


57 kg: H. Rahimi (IRI)  df. A.Ramos (USA), 6-0. Iran leads, 1-0. 

Period 1: Rahimi picks up two takedows off of swing singles, both to the right hand side, left leg of Ramos. Rahimi leads 4-0 heading into the second.

P2: Rahimi picks up a snap down, spin behind and is now working on a 6-0 lead. 

61kg:M. Esmaeilpoorj (IRI) df. L. Stieber (USA),6-2. Iran leads, 2-0. 

P1: Esmaeilpoorj picks up a takedown and a gut, leads 4-0. Stieber has his hands locked on a single to end the first, but is still down by four. 

P2: Esmaeilpoorj comes out in the second on FIRE as he's able to pick up Irans fifth takedown of the match. 

After two matches, Iran has five takedowns and the USA have zero. 

65 kg: . M. Nasiri (IRI) df. F. Molinario (USA), 5-4. Iran leads, 3-0. 

P1: Molinaro picks up one point for the shot clock expiring on Nasiri. Another push out point takes it to 2-0 after the first. 

P2: Molinaro gets a single leg up in the air, unable to pick up the takedown but does pick up his third push out point. Nasiri starting to put some pressure on Molinaro.  Nasiri picks up two takedowns, now hold criteria with the 4-4 lead. Nasiri picks up a push out to break criteria and holds on to win, 5-4. 

70 kg: M. Hosseinkhani (IRI) df. J. Green (USA), 2-0. Iran leads, 4-0. 

P1:  Not a lot of action. Scoreless after the first. 

P2: Green put on the shot clock and the clock expires. Hosseinkhani leads 1-0 with :45 left. 

74 kg: J Burroughs (USA) df. P. Yarahmadi (IRI), 3-2. Iran leads 4-1. 

P1: Yarahmadi picks up the first takedown, leads 2-0. A signature from Burroughs notches things up at two heading into the second. 

P2: Burroughs breaks the tie, picking up a push out off a double leg, leads 3-2. That's how it'll end, Burroughs push out ends up winning him the match! 

86kg: D. Taylor (USA) df. H. Yazdani (IRI) via fall. Iran leads, 4-2.

P1: The Olympic Champ at 74kg is up at 86kg. Yazdani picks up a push out and a step out which was a caution one, has the 2-0 lead. Taylor goes out again, gives up the caution and one but picks up a takedown to end the second. Trails 3-2 heading into the second. 

P2: Yazdani gets to an undertook and picks up another point. 4-2. Taylor scores off a Yazdani shot. TAYLOR TAKES THE 6-4 lead on YAZDANI. David Taylor picks up a takedown and exposure and ends up picking up a HUGE fall over Yazdani. 

K. Snyder (USA) df. A. Mohammadi (IRI), 6-0. Iran leads 4-3. 

P1: Snyder picks up two push out points, heading into the second with a 2-0 lead. 

P2: Snyder gets to his offense early in the second and has a 4-0 lead as he looks for a snap down. Snyder works to get around, picks up his second takedown, has a 6-0 lead.  

125 kg: K. Ghasemi (IRI) df. N. Gwiazdowski (USA), 5-0. Iran wins 5-3. 

Team score is 13-13, so if Gwiz wins, USA WINS! 

P1: Gwiz put on the clock and does not score, gives up the 1-0 lead. Ghasemi picks up the takedown right after action resumes. Gwiz trails 3-0. 

P2: A shot attempt out of Gwiz, gets his hands locked but Ghasemi breaks the grip and spins behind for the 5-0 lead.