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State Qualifiers: Division 1

By BV, 02/11/17, 4:00PM EST


The automatic qualifiers for this year's state tournament will be decided over the next few days. (This page has Division 1; we have a different article for Division 2).

We will update this list throughout the weekend, so check back!


Section 1: Ivan Garcia, Port Chester

Section 2: Brock Delsignore, South Glens Falls

Section 3: Myles Griffin, CBA/Jamesville-Dewitt

Section 4: Drake Dille, Elmira

Section 5: Ryan Burgos, Hilton

Section 6: Aiden Rabideau, Clarence

Section 8: Josiah Encarnacion, Wantagh

Section 9: Colby Amell, Saugerties

Section 10: Sam Searles, Malone

Section 11: Christian Gannone, Eastport-South Manor

CHSAA: Terry Adams, Monsignor Farrell

PSAL: Brandon Nunez, John Bowne

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Chris Perry, Yorktown

Section 2: Antoine Grace, Queensbury

Section 3: Matt Griffin, CBA/Jamesville-Dewitt

Section 4: Tim McCarthy, Horseheads

Section 5: Cody Anders, Brockport

Section 6: Parker Rozler, Lancaster

Section 8: Joe Becker, Lynbrook

Section 9: Dylan Earl, Monroe Woodbury

Section 10: Hunter White, Malone

Section 11: Dylan Ryder, Half Hollow Hills West

CHSAA: Max Ebanks, Monsignor Farrell

PSAL: Mohamed Hassan, FDR

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Mike Muldoon, Mahopac

Section 2: Michael Gonyea, Columbia

Section 3: Nathan Osborne, Cicero-North Syracuse

Section 4: Devin Woodworth, Horseheads

Section 5: Greg Diakomihalis, Hilton

Section 6: Justin McDougald, Niagara Wheatfield

Section 8: Jared Altan, Plainedge

Section 9: Marco Vespa, Monroe Woodbury

Section 10: Nathan Recore, Malone

Section 11: Anthony Sciotto, Rocky Point

CHSAA: James Ryan, Monsignor Farrell

PSAL: David Traub, Tottenville

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Tyler Albis, John Jay East Fishkill

Section 2: Trent Nadeau, Columbia

Section 3: Wyatt Willis, Fulton

Section 4: Wesley Woodworth, Horseheads

Section 5: Alex Samson, Victor

Section 6: Matt Genau, Williamsville South

Section 8: Hunter Scutellaro, Massapequa

Section 9: Tyler Lynch, Minisink Valley

Section 10: Jacob Robideau, Malone

Section 11: Adam Busiello, Eastport-South Manor

CHSAA: Dylan Ebanks, Xavier

PSAL: Matthew Mina, Brooklyn Tech

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Randy Earl, John Jay East Fishkill

Section 2: John Devine, Columbia

Section 3: Stefan Colbert, Indian River

Section 4: Darren Rich, Ithaca

Section 5: Austin Hertel, Hilton

Section 6: Willie McDougald, Niagara Falls

Section 8: Justin Vines, Wantagh

Section 9: Cameron Wernicki, Monroe Woodbury

Section 10: Randy Clifford, Canton

Section 11: Ben Tepperman, Hauppauge

CHSAA: Nick Sillart, Canisius

PSAL: Jayden Cardenas, Grand Street

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Luca Errico, Byram Hills

Section 2: Deyker Edwards, Schenectady

Section 3: Lucas King, New Hartford

Section 4: Noah Carpenter, Elmira

Section 5: Mike Venosa, Victor

Section 6: Warren McDougald, Niagara Wheatfield

Section 8: Jacori Teemer, Long Beach

Section 9: Vinny Vetrano, Minisink Valley

Section 10: Thomas Trombley, Malone

Section 11: Chris Gomez, Patchogue-Medford

CHSAA: Robert Scopellitti, Monsignor Farrell

PSAL: Zacc Romero, Brooklyn Tech

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Peter Oliveto, Suffern 

Section 2: Christian Gramuglia, Burnt Hills

Section 3: Jeremy Pond, Baldwinsville

Section 4: Derek Osman, Vestal

Section 5: Cooper Kropman, Penfield

Section 6: Ryan Stencel, Lancaster

Section 8: Vito Arujau, Syosset

Section 9: Dom Vetrano, Minisink Valley

Section 10: Alfred MacNeill, Malone

Section 11: Jake Silverstein, Hauppauge

CHSAA: Joseph Lanciotti, St John The Baptist

PSAL: Quincy Howard, Cardozo

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Mike Criscione, North Rockland

Section 2: Kiernan Shanahan, Shenendehowa

Section 3: Jonah Cavallo, CBA/Jamesville-Dewitt

Section 4: Gianno Silba, Newark Valley

Section 5: Frankie Gissendanner, Penfield

Section 6: Connor Day, Iroquois

Section 8: Lucas Pincus, Hewlett

Section 9: Brandon Bobe, Washingtonville

Section 10: Gavine Perrine, Massena

Section 11: Anthony Sobotker, North Babylon

CHSAA: Dominik Thomas, St Francis

PSAL: Abimael Luperon, Grand Street

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Matt Grippi, Fox Lane

Section 2: Anthony Laniewski, Niskayuna

Section 3: Phoenix Webb, Central Square

Section 4: Matt Kline, Corning

Section 5: Zack Brown, Penfield

Section 6: Steven Kapuscinski, Lockport

Section 8: Peter Pappas, Plainview

Section 9: Evan Barczak, Monroe Woodbury

Section 10: Michael Brown, Massena

Section 11: David Miele-Estrella, North Babylon

CHSAA:  Dutch Schultz, St Anthony's

PSAL: Demitreus Henry, Grand Street

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Grant Cuomo, Brewster

Section 2: Kyle Jasenski, Albany Academy

Section 3: Jake Wright, CBA/Jamesville-Dewitt

Section 4: Charlie Mahon, Elmira

Section 5: Chris Barker, Fairport

Section 6: Dominic Crouse, Sweet Home

Section 8: Jonathan Loew, Wantagh

Section 9: Ryan Ferro, Warwick Valley

Section 10: Tyler Tambini, Malone

Section 11: Nick Munsch, Commack

CHSAA: Michael Lanza, Monsignor Farrell

PSAL: Odean Gray, Grand Street

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Jordan Wallace, New Rochelle

Section 2: Tyler Barnes, Ballston Spa

Section 3: Andrew Yablonski, Fulton

Section 4: Chris Eames, Horseheads

Section 5: Sammy DePrez, Hilton

Section 6: Jacob Smeader, Hamburg

Section 8: Joe Giorlando, Long Beach

Section 9: Adonis Morano, Middletown

Section 10: Zane Atchie, Canton

Section 11: Zach Ancewicz, John Glenn

CHSAA: David Flynn, Monsignor Farrell

PSAL: Feras Zedeia, WC Bryant

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Evan Frank, John Jay Cross River

Section 2: Jake Cook, Ballston Spa

Section 3: Max Emond, Central Square

Section 4: Logan Wiland, Vestal

Section 5: Louie DePrez, Hilton

Section 6: Matt Cicco, Niagara Wheatfield

Section 8: Brandon Vancooten, Sewanhaka-West

Section 9: Mike Fekishazy, Wallkill

Section 10: Angus Johnson, Canton

Section 11: Joe Franseze, John Glenn

CHSAA: TJ Toles, Chaminade

PSAL: Leo Rabinovich, Tottenville

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Kyle Davis, Beacon

Section 2: Dylan Dubuque, Columbia

Section 3: Isaac Havens, Central Square

Section 4: LaDarron Tutton, Horseheads

Section 5: Mike Spallina, Hilton

Section 6: Lawrence Jenkins, Lake Shore

Section 8: Elijah Rodriguez, Long Beach

Section 9: Kendall Elfstrum, Monroe Woodbury

Section 10: Michael Gardner, Massena

Section 11: Sam Schuyler, Kings Park

CHSAA: Freddie Nixon, St Joe's Collegiate

PSAL: Simon Chee, Cardozo

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Halil Gecaj, John Jay Cross River

Section 2: Jake Stangle, Ballston Spa

Section 3: Caleb Null, Carthage

Section 4: Trentyn Rupert, Newark Valley

Section 5: Jason Cunningham, Brighton

Section 6: Mason Mastrangelo, Lancaster

Section 8: Zachary Knighton-Ward, Uniondale

Section 9: Ryan Ellefsen, Goshen

Section 10: Robert Gordon, Canton

Section 11: Terron Robinson, Walt Whitman

CHSAA: Mason Hoose, Canisius

PSAL: George Grigalshvili, James Madison

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4:



Section 1: Bim Gecaj, John Jay Cross River

Section 2: Jake Warren, Burnt Hills

Section 3: Michael Spicer, Baldwinsville

Section 4: Jacob Broder, Union-Endicott

Section 5: Billy Bolia, Fairport

Section 6: Shaerod Rodgers, Lake Shore

Section 8: Ryan O'Shea, MacArthur

Section 9: Horace Duke, Middletown

Section 10: Kyle Woods, Malone

Section 11: Deonte Wilson, Amityville

CHSAA: Nicholas Greer, St Anthony's

PSAL: Mathew Feliciano, Grand Street 

At Large 1:

At Large 2:

At Large 3:

At Large 4: