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Grappler Gold

Union-Endicott Duals: Long Beach Repeats as Champions in Down to the Wire Finals!

By BV, 01/08/17, 11:00AM EST



Matches start at 99 Pounds

Championship: Long Beach vs. Rocky Point

FINAL: Long Beach 36, Rocky Point 30 

Long Beach with the double overtime win at heavyweight to take the Union-Endicott Duals for the second straight year, 36-30!

Long Beach 36, Rocky Point 30

99: Pablo Martinez (Long Beach) dec Justin Amendola (RP), LB leads 3-0

106: Logan Sciotto (RP) pin Ty Yanowitch (Long Beach), RP leads 6-3

113: Evan Matias (RP) dec Max Maquet (Long Beach), RP leads 9-3

120: Anthony Sciotto (RP) pin Amir Hodge (Long Beach), RP leads 15-3

126: Anthony Cirillo (RP) pin Dylan Martinsen (Long Beach), RP leads 21-3

132: Jacori Teemer (Long Beach) pin Ryan Callahan (Rocky Point), RP leads 21-9

138: Matt Maquet (Long Beach) dec Bobby Casazza (Rocky Point), RP leads 21-12

145: John Colletti (Long Beach) tech fall Don Hammarth (Rocky Point), RP leads 21-17

152: Joe Genova (Rocky Point) wins (illegal slam) Charlie Spada (Long Beach), RP leads 27-17

160: Tyrese Byron (Long Beach) dec Dylan Zabarra (Rocky Point), RP leads 27-20

170: Anthony Lucia (Rocky Point) dec Joe Giorlando (Long Beach), RP leads 30-20

182: Tyreek Bromley (Long Beach) major Dan Guerrisi (Rocky Point), RP leads 30-24

195:  Elijah Rodriguez (Long Beach) fall Christian Stremich (Rocky Point), Tied at 30

220:  Mark Rivera (Long Beach) dec Matt Capell (Rocky Point), Long Beach leads 33-30

285: Jeffrey Alvarez (Long Beach) dec Leo Burke (RP), Long Beach wins 36-30


3rd: Wantagh 40, Mattituck 31

5th: Minisink Valley 39, Hilton 28

7th: Monroe Woodbury 46, Fairport 18



9th: John Jay Cross River 31, Brockport 30

11th Place: Brentwood 47, BGAH 30

Farmingdale 36, Fulton 33





Long Beach 32  Wantagh 29

Rocky Point 36 Mattituck 27


Long Beach 32, Wantagh 29

220: Elijah Rodriguez (Long Beach) dec Gavin Casey (Wantagh), 3-0 LB

285: Mark Rivera (Long Beach) dec Pat Smith (Wantagh), 6-0 LB

99: Josiah Encarnacion (Wantagh) pin Pablo Martinez (Long Beach), 6-6 TIE

106: Aiden Araoz (Wantagh) tech fall Ty Yanowitch (Long Beach), 11-6 Wantagh

113: Christian Encarnacion (Wantagh) dec Max Maquet (Long Beach), 14-6 Wantagh

120: Charles Maier (Wantagh) pin Greg Reid (Long Beach), 20-6 Wantagh

126: Michael Killard (Wantagh) dec Dylan Martinsen (Long Beach), 23-6 Wantagh

132: Jacori Teemer (Long Beach) pin Nick Errico (Wantagh), 23-12 Wantagh

138: Justin Vines (Wantagh) dec Matt Maquet (Long Beach), 26-12 Wantagh

145: John Colletti (Long Beach) tech fall Matt Rogers (Wantagh), 26-17 Wantagh

152: Charlie Spada (Long Beach) tech fall Joe Conklin (Wantagh), 26-22 Wantagh

160: Jonathan Loew (Wantagh) dec Tyrese Byron (Long Beach), 29-22 Wantagh

170: Brandon DeVivio (Long Beach) dec James Langan (Wantagh), 29-25 Wantagh

182: Joe Giorlando (Long Beach) dec Nick Coppola (Wantagh), 29-28 Wantagh

195: Tyreek Bromley (Long Beach) major Larry Baker (Wantagh), 32-29 Long Beach


Rocky Point 36, Mattituck 27

220: Tanner Zagarino (Mattituck) tech fall Matt Capell (Rocky Point), 5-0 Mattituck

285: Leo Burke (RP) dec Chance Anderson (Mattituck), 5-3 Mattituck

99: Justin Amendola (RP) dec Brian Feeney (Mattituck), 6-5 RP

106: Evan Matias (RP) fall Sean Feeney (Mattituck), 12-5 RP

113: Anthony Sciotto (RP) fall Jacob Theodorou (Mattituck), 18-5 RP

120: Luke Bokina (Mattituck) dec Anthony Cirillo (Rocky Point), RP 18-8

126: Justin Lake (Mattituck) dec Alyis Bugarin (Rocky Point), RP 18-11

132: Jack Bokina (Mattituck) major Ryan Callahan (Rocky Point), RP 18-15

138: Bobby Casazza (Rocky Point) dec Carmine Vergari (Mattituck), RP 21-15

145: TJ Beebe (Mattituck) dec Don Hammarth (Rocky Point), RP 21-18

152: Joe Genova (Rocky Point) dec Thomas Hoeg (Mattituck), RP 24-18

160: Dylan Zabarra (Rocky Point) fall Jake Skrezec (Mattituck), RP 30-18

170: Anthony Lucia (Rocky Point) fall Ben Schmidt (Mattituck), RP 36-18

182: James Hoeg (Mattituck) fall Dan Guerrisi (Rocky Point), RP 36-24

195: Gage Suglia (Mattituck) dec Christian Stremich (Rocky Point), RP 36-27



5th-8th Bracket

Hilton 39, Monroe Woodbury 34


13th-16 Bracket

Farmingdale 81, Union-Endicott 6


Thank you to Michael Carey and Irwin Loew.


5th-8th Place Bracket:

Minisink Valley 34, Fairport 30


9th-12th Bracket:

John Jay Cross River 34, Brentwood 24

Brockport 51, BGAH 9


13th-16th Bracket:

Fulton 72, Union-Endicott 3

Day 1 Results Below!

Pool A Winner: Long Beach

Pool B Winner: Mattituck

Pool C Winner: Rocky Point

Pool D Winner: Wantagh


Semifinals: Long Beach vs. Wantagh; Mattituck vs. Rocky Point, 11 am

For full day two brackets, see below.


Pool A

Long Beach 76, Union-Endicott 3

Fairport 35, John Jay Cross River 32

Pool B

Mattituck 57, BGAH 12 

(Massapequa not competing)


Pool C

Monroe Woodbury 50, Farmingdale 28     

Rocky Point 43, Brockport 16


Pool D 

No matches in Round 1


A few notable results:

285: Billy Bolia (Fairport) dec Bim Gecaj (John Jay Cross River)

113: Marco Vespa (Monroe Woodbury) dec Kevin DePalma (Farmingdale)


Pool A

Long Beach 47, John Jay Cross River 25

Fairport 66, Union-Endicott 8


Pool B

Hilton 55, BGAH 19


Pool C

No Round 2 matches


Pool D

Minisink Valley 45, Fulton 22

Wantagh 55, Brentwood 14


A Few Notable Results:

182: Evan Frank (John Jay Cross River) dec Tyreek Bromley (Long Beach)

138: Ray Cotto (John Jay Cross River) dec Matt Maquet (Long Beach)

170: Madison Hoover (BGAH) dec Sammy DePrez (Hilton)


Pool A

Long Beach 53, Fairport 19

John Jay Cross River 64, Union-Endicott 15


Pool B

No Round 3 matches


Pool C

Monroe Woodbury 36, Brockport 27

Rocky Point 44, Farmingdale 27


Pool D

Minisink Valley 39, Brentwood 31

Wantagh 56, Fulton 15


Pool A

No matches in Round 4


Pool B

Mattituck 39, Hilton 34


Pool C

Rocky Point 42, Monroe Woodbury 21

Brockport 45, Farmingdale 32


Pool D

Wantagh 36, Minisink Valley 26

Brentwood 39, Fulton 17