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NYWAY Connects Future Stars with Hofstra Wrestling

By BV, 11/15/16, 3:00PM EST


On November 5, Hofstra held the Blue and Gold wrestleoffs in front of a crowd on campus in Hempstead.

That event, which helped decide what the Pride lineup will look like for the upcoming campaign, was just one of the activities that took place that day.

Doors to the facility opened around 10 a.m., with Hofstra and NYWAY interacting with many members of the Long Island wrestling community.

NYWAY's core mission is to connect, build, and invest in New York Wrestling. 

“One of our main initiatives is to have town hall meetings in all of our regions across the state to open our books and inform all the people about what NYWAY does," said President Adam Burgos. "We are bringing on a new board on Long Island, with Gary Redding taking over the state Vice President role, and we want to welcome everyone and show that NYWAY is another vehicle for kids to hone their craft - as long as they’re on the mat and getting better, that’s the goal. We are working to really promote wrestling throughout the state.”

One way of doing that is by holding free clinics - like the one run by the Pride coaches and wrestlers on the day of the wrestleoffs for about 100 kids.

“Hofstra opened up their facilities for these local kids and really put out the red carpet for NYWAY as part of our free clinic series," Burgos said. "There were all skill levels and it’s always nice to see a connection in the community from the youth level all the way up to college seniors. We’re happy to be able to make a $1,000 donation to the Blue & Gold Wrestling Club. The whole day was really awesome; it was very well received. We’re grateful to Coach Dennis Papadatos and Hofstra for everything they did.”

For a slideshow of pictures from the event, please see below.