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Teemer, DePrez, Ellefsen, Barczak Capture Titles at Journeymen Classic

By BV, 10/02/16, 5:00PM EDT


NJ's Clark, Howard Win in Lightweights

There were clashes of nationally-ranked competitors, upsets and breakout performances on Sunday at the Journeymen Fall Classic in the Albany Area.

New York featured four champions, with multi-time state gold medalists Jacori Teemer of VHW/Long Beach winning the 130 pound bracket and Louie DePrez of Hilton going unbeaten at 182.  Teemer topped fellow Nassau grappler Hunter Dusold of Locust Valley in the title bout after a stellar day for both.  DePrez outscored his foes 22-4, including a victory over Anthony Falbo, who is in the national polls.

2016 NYS runner up Ryan Ellefsen of Goshen took the crown at 225 pounds, besting a pair of New Jersey state placers along the way. Meanwhile, two-time medalist Evan Barczak of Apex/Monroe Woodbury racked up a 4-0 record, including a win against another grappler in the FloWrestling rankings, Conor Melbourne of John Jay Cross River, before beating Michael Ross in the finals at 152.

New Jersey fans saw a glimpse of some of the young wrestlers who will certainly make an impact in their freshmen seasons, as Anthony Clark and Robert Howard prevailed at 106 and 113, respectively.  Clark won all four of his contests, including over ranked Trevor Edwards of Illinois.  Howard dropped his opener to Travis Ford-Melton but bounced back to defeat two opponents in the FloWrestling national polls before a 4-2 win over 2016 state champ Joe Manchio of Seneca.

The "Hammer" Awards went to a pair of Pennsylvania wrestlers who came out on top in battles of highly ranked competitors. Brian Courtney (135) edged Jason Renteria of Illinois, while Trent Hidlay (160) beat Kyle Cochran of New Jersey.

Additional PA champs were Ryan Vulakh (140) and Gavin Hoffman (195). 

Joe Silva (125) defeated Real Woods in another top notch match. Silva wasn't the only winner from Florida as Bryce Rogers compiled a perfect record at 170. 

Jakob Camacho of Iowa Style (CT) emerged atop the 120 pound class, while Mansur Abdur-Malik of Maryland took first at heavyweight, in a bracket that included three top 15 grapplers in the country. 

At 145, Will Lewan of Illinois picked up an overtime one-point victory over New York's Peter Pappas. Pappas had a strong performance, with three wins, including over nationally-ranked Jake Hinkson of Pennsylvania.



Championship: Anthony Clark (Delbarton, NJ) dec Ryan Chauvin (CFWA FL)

3rd: Trevor Edwards (Mattoon, IL) dec Dylan Ragusin (Izzy Style, IL)

5th: Dylan Ryder (Barn Brothers, NY) dec Steele Dias (Team Nevada, NV)

7th: Kyle Kaiser (Apex, NJ) dec Jon Charles (Central Valley Academy, NY)



Championship: Robert Howard (Bitetto Trained, NJ) dec Joe Manchio (Elite, NJ)

3rd: Jesse Vasquez (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage, CA) dec Joey Melendez (Izzy Style, IL)

5th: Travis Ford-Melton (Marian Catholic, IL) dec Thomas Hicks (Bradley Central, TN)

7th: Greg Diakomihalis (Hilton, NY) win by fall Ty Smith (Virgin Valley HS, NV)



Championship: Jakob Camacho (Iowa Style, CT) dec Patrick Gould (Dark Knights, PA) 

3rd: Josh Saunders (Wrestling Prep, MO) win by forfeit JoJo Aragona (Pope John, NJ) 

5th: Sam Hillegas (Quest, PA) dec Holden Heller (Deerfield HS, IL)

7th: Michael McAteer (Thoroughbred, MO) dec Killian Cardinale (Brentsville, VA) 

9th: Jon Gomez (VHW, NY) dec Joe Heilmann (South Plainfield, NJ)

11th: Richie Markulics (Dark Knights, PA) win by forfeit Orion Anderson (Titan, NY)



Championship: Joey Silva (CFWA, FL) dec Real Woods (Izzy Style, IL) 

3rd: Daniel Planta (Pittbull WC, MD) dec Shane Metzler (West Morris Central, NJ)

5th: Mike Kelly (Bitetto Trained, NJ) dec Chase Zollmann (Poway, CA)

7th: Mark Schleifer (CJA, NJ) dec Noah Levett (Quest, PA)



Championship: Jacori Teemer (VHW, NY) dec Hunter Dusold (Locust Valley, NY)

3rd: Andrew Wert (Central Dauphin, PA) dec Connor McGonagle (Smitty's Barn, NH)

5th: Quinn Kinner (Seagulls, NJ) dec Rylee Molitor (Pinnacle, MN)

7th:  Collin Gerardi (Va Team Predator, VA) maj Joshua Piette-Walton (Kbay Club, Canada)



Championship: Brian Courtney (Athens, PA) dec Jason Renteria (OPRF, IL)

3rd: Jake Silverstein (VHW, NY) dec Mason Wohltman (CFWA, FL)

5th: Danny Bertoni (Middletown HS, MD) dec Zack Trampe (Council Rock South, PA) 

7th: Marshall Keller (Virginia Elite, VA) win by fall Tim Kane (KT Kidz, CT)



Championship: Ryan Vulakh (North Penn, PA) dec Parker Filius (Havre HS, MT)

3rd: Zander Silva (Alta Loma, CA) dec Matt Swanson (VHW, NY) 

5th: Denton Spencer (Camden County HS, GA) dec Lenny Petersen (Izzy Style, IL)

7th: Baltazar Gonzalez (Silverback, CT) win by fall Knox Fuller (Bradley, TN)

9th: Carnell Andrews (Bishop McCourt, PA) dec Joshua Paige (Middletown, MD)

11th: Wally Zernich (Team Nevada, NV) win by forfeit Jacob Mariakis (Ridgeland, GA)



Championship: Will Lewan (Izzy Style, IL) dec Peter Pappas (VHW, NY)

3rd: Jake Hinkson (N Allegheny, PA) dec Zach Hartman (Quest, PA) 

5th: Ed Lovely (Iowa Style, CT) dec Chase Anklam (Dark Knights, PA)

7th: Ryan Monteiro (Baystate, MA) dec Nicholas Taylor (Ashburn, VA)



Championship: Evan Barczak (Apex, NY) dec Michael Ross (Team Tugman, CT)

3rd: Erich Byelick (Lake Highland Prep, FL) dec Conor Melbourne (GPS, NY)

5th: Nick Santos (St. Peter's NJ) dec Lucas Cordio (Doughboy, MA)

7th: Ron Miller (FCA, VA) dec Nicholas Giantonio (Christiansburg, VA)



Championship: Trent Hidlay (Mifflin County, PA) dec Kyle Cochran (Paramus, NJ)

3rd: Sammy Cokeley (East Kansas, KS) win by fall Dale Tiongson (High 5, MD)

5th: Grant Cuomo (Iowa Style, NY) dec Shawn Mosca (Ascend, NY)

7th: John Manning (Villanova, ON) dec Chris Foca (RedNose, NJ)

9th: Johnny Mologousis (Izzy Style, IL) dec Jimmy Noel (Pulaski, AR)

11th: Jake Logan (GPS, NY) win by forfeit Josh Stillings (Pennridge, PA)



Championship: Bryce Rogers (Lake Highland Prep, FL) dec George Walton (Bound Brook, NJ)

3rd: Hayden Hastings (Sheridan, WY) dec Joseph Accousti (South Side, CT)

5th: Dom Mandarino (Apex, NJ) dec Zach Ancewicz (VHW, NY)

7th: Tyler Barnes (Journeymen, NY) win by forfeit Jason Hoffman (Hadley, NY)



Champion: Louie Deprez (Hilton, NY)

2nd: Drew Peck (Chambersburg, PA)

3rd: Anthony Falbo (Newtown, CT)

4th: Kendall Elfstrum (Apex, NY)

5th: Jt Brown (Btw, OH)



Champion: Gavin Hoffman (Bison Legend, PA)

2nd: Danny Salas (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage, CA)

3rd: Andrew Demos (Izzy Style, IL)

4th: Joe Miller (Team Nevada, NV)

5th: Elijah Jones (Boyertown, PA)



Champion: Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen, NY)

2nd: Eric Keosseian (Triumph, NJ)

3rd: Max Darrah (Thoroughbred, MO)

4th: Victor Lacombe (Hunterdon Central, NJ)

5th: Peter Acciardi (Don Bosco Prep, NJ)



Champion: Mansur Abdul-Malik (Wyoming Seminary, MD)

2nd: Sammy Evans (Alcoa, TN)

3rd: Kayne Hutchison (Pittsburg, KS)

4th: Calvin Hayford (Mt Anthony, VT)

5th: Brent Leger (Metrowest/Baystate, MA)


106 B:

Championship: Nic Bouzakis (Team Greco) dec Dylan Cedeno (Fair Lawn) 

3rd: Matt Griffin (JD) dec Reece Heller (Deerfield HS)

5th: Josh Ogunsanya (OPRF) maj Cian Fischer (Fox Valley Elite)



Champion: Eddie Ventresca (Pope John)

2nd: Darren Miller (Quest)

3rd: Andrew Fallon (Clark)

4th: Bolivar Nico (OPRF)

5th: Cade Balestrini (Bison Legend)



Championship: Anthony Sciotto (Rocky Point) win by fall Pete Ogunsanya (OPRF)

3rd: Bronson Garber (Bison Legend) dec AJ Burkhart (Athens)

5th: Jake Ferri (Doughboy) dec Dylan Shawver (Elyria)

7th: Marco Vespa (CTC) dec Drew Schafer (Superior)

9th: Ryan Franco (Wrestling Prep) dec Robert Hartling (Silverback)

11th: Michael Gonyea (Journeymen) win by fall Kenny Kerwin (Passaic Valley)



Champion: Logan Ninos (Dark Knights)

2nd: Jaxon Maroney (The Crew)

3rd: Brandon Seidman (Germantown Academy)

4th: Bryce Pond (Cleveland HS)



Championship: Christopher Derosa (Doughboy) dec Matt Caccamise (Apex Elite) 

3rd: Joseph Otero (Izzy Style) dec Brock Whorton (Quest)

5th: Noah Castillo (CFWA) dec Mitch Seaver (Lockport) 

7th: Ed Bolivar (OPRF) dec Brett Rezendes (Smitty's Barn)



Champion: Lucas Revano (Triumph)

2nd: Andy Richard (Metrowest United)

3rd: Hunter Graf (Apex)

4th: Jonathan Spadafora (HHHE)



Championship: Zachary Williams (Delaware Hayes) win by fall Kevin DePalma (Ascend)

3rd: Nicholas Arborio (KT Kidz) maj Brady Liss (Metrowest)

5th: Jarett Tardiff (Woodgrove HS) win by tech fall Greg Hotaling (Journeymen)



Champion: Jake Rotunda (Pope John)

2nd: Satoshi Abe (Iowa Style)

3rd: Mel Ortiz (KT Kidz)

4th: Randy Earl (Iowa Style)

5th: Connor Greiner (Minisink Valley)



Champion: Jordan Rowlette (Doughboy)

2nd: Colton Landers (Higher Calling)

3rd: Matt Kelley (Doughboy)

4th: Seth Brown (Top Flight)

5th: Jack Bokina (Barn Brothers)



Championship: Ian McKenna (New Hartford) dec Nick Novarnik (Tyrant)

3rd: AJ Tamburrino (William Tennent HS) dec Michael Gunther (OPRF)

5th: Jack Perry (Doughboy) dec Dante Gutbrod (Doughboy)



Championship: Kyle Mosher (South Side) dec Peter Enos (Faith Lutheran)

3rd: Bradley Beaulieu (Smitty's Barn) maj Sam Eckhart (Fruitland HS)

5th: Fidel Mayora (Izzy Style) dec Ethan Kelly (Bishop McCort)

7th: Devon Britton (Dark Knights) win by forfeit Chris Scorese (Apex)



Champion: Tanner McHugh (Relentless)

2nd: Matt Kolonia (Del Val-Rhino)

3rd: Travis Layton (Woodstown)

4th: Cameron Connor (Quest)

5th: Kyle McDonough (Tyrant)



Champion: Jakob Bergeland (Pinnacle)

2nd: Evan Deluise (Bitetto Trained)

3rd: Robert Garcia (Buxton)

4th: Kendall Coleman (Mount Carmel)

5th: Dillan Palaszewski (Journeymen)



Champion: Jake Stiles (Izzy Style) 

2nd: Josh Wyland (Benedictine)

3rd: Nicholas Lombard (Monroe Township)

4th: Michael Venosa (Superior)



Champion: Phil Spadafora (HHHE)

2nd: Ryan Luth (Team Tugman)

3rd: Duncan Nelson (Wheaton North)

4th: Jack Fisher (OPRF) 

5th: Luke McDonough (Tyrant)



Championship: Gerrit Nijenhuis (Canon Mcmillan) dec Jackson Turley (St. Christopher's) 

3rd: Matt Ortiz (Izzy Style) dec Samuel Tenaglia (Chantilly)

5th: Matt Dallara (Apex) dec Gage Cannavino (Athens) 



Champion: Noah Grover (Team X)

2nd: Colin Shannon (Contender Elite) 

3rd: Kaden Schriner (Laramie HS)

4th: Zach Lee (Fox Valley Elite Wrestling)

5th: Brendan Lamey (Tyrants) 



Champion: Anthony Laniewski (Journeymen)

2nd: Ryan Devivo (Kt Kidz)

3rd: Kaidon Winters (Athens)  

4th: Michael Lanza (Monsignor Farrell)

5th: Grayson Adler (KT Kidz)



Championship: Michael Battista (Broad Run) dec Noah Curreri (SIR)

3rd: Vincent Concina (Apex)  dec Matthew Sells (Blackman HS)

5th: Isaiah Bailey (Tabor Academy) win by fall Ethan Martin (The Crew) 



Champion: Andrew Matticks (OPRF)

2nd: Quinn Abrams (Phillips Exeter)

3rd: Sammy Deprez (Hilton)

4th: David Flynn (Lions)

5th: Garrison Potter (Top Flight)



Champion: Max Wright (Delaware Hayes)

2nd: Carless Looney (Laramie HS)

3rd: James Hoeg (Mattituck)

4th: Jeffrey Browne (Connetquot)

5th: Austin Clayton (Tyrant)



Champion: Jackson Rheault (Silverbacks)

2nd: Osit Elijah (OPRF)

3rd: Jake Croston (Mount Sinai)

4th: Derek Rose (The Crew)