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Gladius Fights To Host Gi and No Gi Grappling Tournament September 24th

By AWP , 08/22/16, 7:45AM EDT


J.M. McDonald Sport Complex. Cortland, NY

Ultimate Athletics (UA) and NUWAY are teaming up to host a grappling tournament in Cortland, New York on September 24th.  The tournament will encompass both men's and women's divisions from youth through adult.

UA has been running grappling and MMA promotions for the best part of the last decade, while NUWAY is America’s premier wrestling organization and specializes in running wrestling tournaments all over the US.  Bringing the experiences of both organizations will greatly reduce some of the problems that affect grappling tournaments currently, therefore delivering more value to practitioners and associations regionally.

This strategic alliance brings a more efficient, new form of tournament that will offer:

  • Up to 10 mats, with their corresponding technical tables and referees, hence reducing waiting time before and in between matches.

  • The usage of the double elimination system, which guaranties at least 2 matches for every competitor, maximizing the experience and also increasing the value of the entry fees.

  • The prices for the winners are always going to be useful for them in the practice of the sport, whether it is a rash guard a short or any other piece of apparel.

You can follow the league and get detailed information about this and other tournaments at this website: