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ABS and ARMS Workout for Wrestlers

By Ben Boudro , 08/27/15, 6:45AM EDT


Quick and Intense ABS and ARMS Lift with Ben Boudro!

Man I hate the feeling. 

You just took your guy down quick in the first period. 

Things are going great. You are turning him left and right with wings and power halfs but this kid is a fish and just wont be pinned. 

The period ends and you feel great about the score but Damn! Your forearms feel like they are going explode! And now you have 2 more periods to wrestle! 

Ever have that feeling?

Yes you have. Wrestling is the only sport on earth that can provide that feeling. 

How can you prevent that from happening?

Well you can start by implementing this workout right now into your regimen. 

For normal people (not wrestlers) this workout can be done by itself. But not you. You will use this as your workout finisher. 

Set aside 10 minutes at the end of your workout and knock this out. 

Your arms and abs will be screaming!! 

Give it a shot and make sure you hit that thumbs up button on the video! 

Chase It! 

Ben Boudro 



The Workout


First thing's first. 

You MUST grab weights that will challenge you for 10 reps. What I mean is grab something heavy enough to where you barely can finish your 10th rep. Don't be that guy..

10 Reps for everything

Rd # 1 

ARMS = DB Bicep Curl  X10

ABS = Stability Ball Pulses X 10

Rd # 2

ARMS = Diamond Push Ups X10

ABS =  Donkey Kicks X 10

Rd # 3

ARMS = Barbell Bicep Curls X10 

ABS = Diamond Crunches X10

Rd # 4

ARMS = Suspended Tricep Extensions X10

ABS = Hanging Mountain Climbers X10 EACH LEG

Rd # 5 

ARMS = DB Reverse Curls X10

ABS = Upright Scissor Kick X10 ea

Rd # 6

ARMS = Dips X10

ABS = Plank Butt Kicks X10 ea.

Rd # 7 

ARMS = Push Up Position Curls X10 Total

ABS = Side Plank Crunch (Right) X10

Rd # 8 

ARMS = Barbell Inverted Dips X10

ABS = Side Plank Crunch (Left) X10

Rd #9 

ARMS = Hammer Curls X10

ABS = Oblique Crunch Toe Touch  (Left) X10

Rd #10

ARMS = DB Triceps Extension X10

ABS = Oblique Crunch Toe Touch (Right) X10

The Nutrition







You simply can not out train a bad diet. Season is coming up quick so you better get your eating right soon. 

Here is a great way to approach this lift: 

1 Hour Before Lift

Any one of these Pre Game Meals 

30 Minutes Before Lift

During Lift 

Within 30 Minutes After Lift 

Right Before Bedtime 

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