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Eastern States: Champs, Placers and Results

By BV, 01/09/15, 4:15PM EST


Diakomihalis, Gissendanner, Bushey MOWs

The Finals

99 Pounds:

1st: Beau Bartlett (Wyoming Seminary) dec Adam Busiello (Eastport-South Manor), 8-6

Early 2-0 lead for Bartlett on the first period TD.  Escape for Busiello, but another quick TD for Bartlett makes it 4-1 at the end of the first. Busiello down for the second and he escapes to cut the deficit to 4-2. He then picks up a TD to tie things up at 4.  Injury time for Busiello.

Back to action and an escape for Bartlett to take a 5-4 lead. With less than 10 seconds to go in the second, TD Busiello for his first lead, 6-5.

Bartlett chooses down for the third and escapes. tied at 6.  TD Bartlett, now 8-6 lead for the Sem wrestler. Off another injury timeout, Bartlett takes bottom. 20 seconds to go. Bartlett wins 8-6.


3rd: Jacob Camacho (Danbury CT) dec Benny Baker (Newark Valley), 3-0

5th: Drew Schafer (Pal Mac) dec Kyle Mosher (South Side), 7-3

7th: Michael Gonyea (Columbia) win by fall over Kevin Meloni (Shoreham-Wading River)


106 Pounds:

1st: Jacori Teemer (Long Beach) dec Kelan McKenna (New Hartford), 1-0

No score after one. Teemer takes down. 35 to go in the second. McKenna still in the top position.  Second stall warning on McKenna. Teemer takes 1-0 lead with 5 sec to go in the second.  At the end of two, it's 1-0 Teemer.

McKenna on bottom for the third.  No change in position midway through the third.  Teemer working for back points, but nothing yet.  Less than 10 to go ... Teemer wins 1-0.


3rd: Jake Silverstein (Hauppauge) dec Zack Murillo (Southington CT), 3-2

5th: Tommy Cox (Deer Park) dec Anthony Sparacio (North Babylon), 3-1

7th: Trey LaFlamme (South Jefferson) dec George Bardanis (Schroeder), 5-4 utb


113 Pounds:

1st: Matteo DeVincenzo (Port Jefferson) dec Kyle Quinn (Wantagh), 2-1

Scoreless first period. DeVincenzo chooses down.  After a minute of the second, Quinn still riding tough. Quinn rides out the period, chooses down in the third and leads 1-0. A series of shots for DeVincenzo and gets the TD with less than 5 seconds left to win 2-1.


3rd: Theo Powers (Mexico) dec Dane Heberlein (Alexander), 3-1

5th: Jack Davis (Wyoming Seminary) by fft Jay Albis (JJEF)

7th: Anthony Argentieri (Kenmore West) dec Ryan Burns (Clarence), 3-1 SV


120 Pounds:

1st: Yianni Diakomihalis (Hilton) dec Jack Mueller (Wyoming Seminary), 5-1

Diakomihalis takes the lead with a TD, 2-0 midway through the first.  2-0 after one.  In the second, Mueller with an escape to make it 2-1. Entering the third with Diakomihalis leading 2-1. He chooses bottom and escapes right away. He now leads 3-1.  Diakomihalis adds a TD late in the third to win 5-1.

3rd: Jimmy Overhiser (Lansing) dec Tony Recco (Lyndonville), 3-0

5th: Peter Pappas (Plainview) dec Kyle Linder (CT), 7-0

7th: Ben Tepperman (Hauppauge) dec Hector Colom (St. Francis), 5-1


126 Pounds:

1st: Nick Piccininni (Ward Melville) dec Trent Olson (Wyoming Seminary), 6-2

Piccininni leads 2-0 after the first period.  Olson on bottom for the second. Piccininni with the strong ride for over a minute, until Olson gets the reversal. An escape by Piccininni makes it 3-2 in his favor. 

Piccininni with a quick escape in the third to extend his lead to 4-2 and then he tacks on a TD to make it 6-2.  That's the final score.


3rd: Parker Kropman (Penfield) win by fft Kellen Devlin (Amherst)

5th: Nick Nieves (Newfield) dec Nick Gaiser (Alexander), 10-4

7th: Paulo Freitas (CT) dec Tommy Lancie (Schroeder), 2-1


132 Pounds: 

1st: Vito Arujau (Syosset) major Cody McGregor (Tonawanda), 10-0

Early fireworks for Arujau with a TD and 3 backs to take a 5-0 lead. Arujau takes bottom for the second and escapes to make it 6-0. He adds another TD to make it 8-0.


3rd: Da'mani Burns (NFA) win by fall over Nick Casella (Locust Valley)

5th: Daiton Powell (Suffern) dec Dylan Wood (Walton), 5-3

7th: Dempsey King (New Hartford) win by fall Matt Seitz (Monsignor Farrell)


138 Pounds:

1st: Frankie Gissendanner (Penfield) dec Mike D'Angelo (Commack), 4-3 utb

After a scoreless first period, D'Angelo gets the escape to take a 1-0 lead. But Gissendanner answers with a TD to take a 2-1 lead with about a minute to go in the second.  An escape for D'Angelo ties it up at 2.  Gissendanner again on the attack, but can't finish before the buzzer.  It's 2-2 after two.

Gissendanner chooses neutral. Great scramble of Gissendanner's shot ends in potentially dangerous. Just under a minute remaining. And it will go to overtime with a 2-2 score. No score in sudden victory. D'Angelo escapes right away in the first tiebreaker.  Now Gissendanner's turn on bottom.  Close to a reversal, but gets the escape to make it 3-3.

Ultimate tiebreaker: D'Angelo takes bottom.  Stalemate with 20 left.  And another stalemate with 5 to go. And Gissendanner holds on and wins.



3rd: Hunter Richard (Holland Patent) dec Brad Wade (Islip), 6-3

5th: James Matias (Rocky Point) dec Conor Melbourne (JJCR), 6-3

7th: Naquan Warren (Farmingdale) win by decision Charlie Spada (Long Beach), 9-3


145 Pounds:

1st: Thomas Dutton (Rocky Point) dec Tristan Rifanburg (Norwich), 10-3

Dutton comes out strong with a TD to the back for a 5-0 lead. Escape Rifanburg in the first, escape Dutton in the second.  It's now 6-1 Dutton. Escape for Rifanburg in the third makes it 6-2. 1:15 to go.

Dutton goes feet-to-back again and now leads 10-2. After an escape it's 10-3 with under 30 seconds to go. And that's the final score.


3rd: Lenny Merkin (Poly Prep) win by fall Jake Einbinder (Bethpage)

5th: Austin Whitney (Mexico) dec Daniel Murphy (Ketcham), 6-1

7th: Will Verallis (Wyoming Seminary) dec Ryan Ferro (Warwick), 9-3


152 Pounds:

1st: Jakob Restrepo (Sachem East) dec Frank Garcia (Norwich), 4-3

Restrepo starts off with a TD to lead 2-0 about a minute into the match. 2-0 Restrepo after one. Garcia takes bottom and escapes to cut his deficit to 2-1. Still 2-1 heading into the third with Restrepo on bottom.  He escapes and now leads 3-1.

Garcia ties it up in the third with a TD with about 30 to go, but Restrepo escapes to retake the lead, 4-3.


3rd: Jesse Porter (Shenendehowa) win by fft Thomas Wightman (Warwick)

5th: Ralph Maio (Monsignor Farrell) win by fft Michael Dusold (Locust Valley)

7th: Jake Hendricks (Wyoming Seminary) dec Alex Leone (Carmel), 9-3


160 Pounds:

1st: Chris Weiler (Wyoming Seminary) dec Jonathan Viruet (Springfield, MA), 4-2

Viruet with a late TD, but Weiler wins 4-2 for Wyoming Seminary.


3rd: Brandon Aviles (John Glenn) dec Alex Herringshaw (Holland Patent), 4-3

5th: Blaise Benderoth (North Rockland) dec Louie DePrez (Hilton), 1-0

7th: Don Donnelly (Ward Melville) dec Connor Lawrence (Duanesburg), 8-4


170 Pounds:

1st: Jordan Bushey (Peru) win by fall Kevin Parker (Shenendehowa)

Early TD for Bushey to take a 2-0 lead. Going into the third, he leads 7-1.  More back points in the third to make it 11-1 in Bushey's favor. Bushey held an 18-6 lead when he picked up the fall for the title.


3rd: Nate Schwab (Clarence) dec Quinn Zsido (Cornwall), 6-3

5th: Aaron Paddock (Warsaw) dec Jastice Bolden (Springfield MA), 3-2

7th: Jacob Woolson (Mexico) dec Travis Race (Fulton), 8-6


182 Pounds: 

1st: Christian Dietrich (Wyoming Seminary) dec David Hamil (Deer Park), 3-2

Deadlocked at 2 mid second period.  Escape for Dietrich in the third to take a 3-2 lead. Stall warning on Dietrich, but he wins 3-2.


3rd: Tom Lane (Garden City) dec Jake Ashcraft (Burnt Hills), 7-5

5th: Alex Melikian (Kennedy Catholic) dec Marcus Bisono (Hauppauge), 4-0

7th: Richie Jones (St. Joseph's Collegiate) dec Jake Braunscheidel (St. Francis), 2-0


195 Pounds:

1st: Nathanael Rose (Eagle Academy) dec Christian Araneo (Ward Melville), 12-6

Quick TD for Rose, escape Araneo and it's 2-1. Rose takes him down again and other escape to make it 4-2 mid first period. Once again, TD and escape - 6-3 Rose after the first period.

Araneo takes down for the second. He escapes but Rose answers with another TD to make it 8-5. Rose selects neutral in the third and extends his advantage to 10-5 with a TD on the edge. Escape for Araneo but gets another TD to win 12-6.


3rd: Jack Buell (Sherburne-Earlville) win by fall Riccardo Dawkins (General Brown)

5th: Peter Pjetri (Suffern) win by fft Zane Black (Wyoming Seminary)

7th: Jake O'Brien (Framingham MA) dec Matt Masterson (Cornwall), 5-1


220 Pounds:

1st: Youssif Hemida (Mamaroneck) dec Vin Feola (Walt Whitman), 4-1

Hemida with an early TD to go ahead 2-0 in the first.  Feola's in the down position to start the second, trailing 3-0.  Escape Feola makes it 3-1 in favor of Hemida.

In the second, Feola in on a few shots, but Hemida defends. Still 3-1 Hemida after two. He escapes to increase the lead to 4-1 in the third and that's the final score.


3rd: Harrison Nye (Wyoming Seminary) over Mike Newman (Monsignor Farrell), OT

5th: Will Hilliard (Phoenix) win by fall Brock Cvijanovich (Horace Greeley)

7th: Joe Humphrey (Middletown) dec Joe Messare (Burnt Hills), 5-3


285 Pounds:

1st: Edwin Rubio (John Glenn) dec Michael Rogers (Wyoming Seminary), 6-5 utb

Rubio is aggressive off the whistle and goes ahead 2-0 with a TD.  Rogers quick escape makes it 2-1. Good action from the heavyweights in the first. It ends 2-1 Rubio.

Rogers starts on bottom in the second and immediately escapes to tie the score at 2. Stall warning on Rubio. It's 2-2 after two periods.

Optional start given by Rogers and Rubio leads 3-2 at the start of the third. Another stall called on Rubio and it's tied at 3.  Going to overtime!

No score in sudden victory. Rubio in the down position first. He escapes less than 10 seconds in and leads 4-3.  Also gets in on a shot, but they go out of bounds.

Now it's time for Rogers on bottom. He gets the reversal 5 seconds after the whistle to take the 5-4 lead. Rubio escapes with 9 seconds left to tie it at 5.

Rubio takes bottom in the ultimate tiebreaker. Injury time taken with 18 seconds left. Rubio escapes and wins 6-5.


3rd: Nolan Terrance (Massena) win by fall Sean Dee (Sachem East)

5th: Isaac Serrano (NFA) dec Ryan Delahanty (Mahopac), 13-7

7th: Tyler VandenBogaard (Hadley-Luzerne/Lake George) dec Joe Fuino (Hilton), 4-2 OT



We're underway in the semis . . .


99 Pounds:

Beau Bartlett (Wyoming Seminary) dec Drew Schafer (Pal Mac), 7-5

Bartlett takes the 2-0 lead and cuts Schafer, 2-1 about a minute in.  Another TD for Bartlett, about 15 to go in the first. 4-1 Bartlett after one. Escape for Schafer early second, 4-2 Bartlett.  Bartlett led 6-3, but a TD for Shafer makes it 6-5 with about 30 to go in the second.  It's 6-5 Bartlett entering the third. Bartlett on bottom, he escapes, now 7-5 Bartlett early third. Schafer in deep on the leg multiple times, but can't get the TD.  Bartlett wins 7-5.


Adam Busiello (Eastport-South Manor) dec Jacob Camacho (Danbury), 3-1

No score, 30 to go in the first. TD for Busiello with seconds left in the first. 2-0 Busiello after one. Camacho picks up the escape in the second to make it 2-1.  Busiello with the escape early third to take 3-1 lead.  Stall warning on Busiello, but no more points. Busiello wins 3-1.


106 Pounds:

Jacori Teemer (Long Beach) dec Jake Silverstein (Hauppauge), 1-0

No score after one. Teemer with the escape to take 1-0 lead in the second. 1-0 entering the third, Silverstein chooses bottom. Tough ride by Teemer, still 1-0 with a minute to go. Stall warning on Teemer with less than 15 sec to go.  Teemer rides him out to win 1-0.


Kelan McKenna (New Hartford) dec Zack Murillo (Southington), 3-1 OT

Scoreless first period. Murillo on bottom for the second. He gets the escape and leads 1-0 mid second period. Now the start of the third, McKenna on bottom, trailing 1-0.  He escapes and it's tied at 1, a minute to go.

Overtime coming up. 1-1. McKenna gets the TD with one second left in the sudden victory to win 3-1.


113 Pounds:

Kyle Quinn dec Jay Albis (JJEF), 7-1

Quinn picks up the TD with less than 10 seconds in the first to take a 2-0 lead going into the second. Quinn on bottom in the second. He gets a stall warning. Still on bottom with 32 to go in the second. Albis gets the rideout and trails 2-0 after two. He'll start on bottom. Albis escapes with about 50 to go.  Quinn now leads 2-1.

Injury time for Albis.  Back underway, Albis goes for the big move, but Quinn defends and ends with the TD and back points and wins 7-1.


Matteo DeVincenzo dec Dane Heberlein (Alexander), 6-2

DeVincenzo takes 2-0 lead after the first with a TD.  In the second, he starts on bottom and escapes to go up 3-0. About 1:15 to go in the second.  TD for Heberlein, escape DeVincenzo.  DeVincenzo leads 3-2 heading into the third. Heberlein in the down position.  DeVincenzo scores again in the third and comes away with a 6-2 decision.


120 Pounds:

Yianni Diakomihalis major Kyle Linder (New Milford, CT), 9-1

Diakomihalis with a 2-0 advantage about a minute into the match.  With 40 to go in the second, Diakomihalis leads 5-1 and they're in neutral.

Diakomihalis working on top now in the third with a 9-1 advantage.  That's the final.


Jack Mueller (Wyoming Seminary) dec Jimmy Overhiser (Lansing), 10-3

Mueller notches an early TD to go up 2-0 and adds two near fall.  Overhiser escapes, but then Mueller answers with another TD and it's 6-1 Mueller. In the second, escape for Mueller and he goes ahead 7-1.  He wins it 10-3.


126 Pounds:

Nick Piccininni (Ward Melville) major Parker Kropman (Penfield), 13-0

Piccininni strikes first with TD and leads 4-0 after the first.  He starts on bottom in the second and adds to his lead with a reversal. Now 6-0 Piccininni.  Near fall for Piccininni makes it 11-0 going into the third.


Trent Olson (Wyoming Seminary) dec Kellen Devlin (Amherst), 3-2

Olson wins the scramble to take a 2-0 lead and after an escape for Devlin, it's 2-1 with about 30 to go in the first.  It's 2-1 going into the second with Devlin taking bottom.

Escape for Devlin and it's tied at 2 with 1:15 to go in the second. Now in the third, 2-2 with Olson on bottom. Olson gets the escape to lead 3-2. Short time remaining. Olson wins 3-2.


132 Pounds: 

Vito Arujau (Syosset) win by fall Da'mani Burns (NFA), 1st period

Burns in deep on a shot, but Arujau turns it into a TD and adds 2 NF to lead 4-1.  Quick escape by Burns and an immediate TD for Burns makes it 4-3.  Injury time for Arujau.

Back to action, Arujau aggressive on bottom, gets the reversal to make it 6-3. 50 sec to go in the first, injury time. 

Really exciting bout, lots of acrobatic moves by both. Burns tried some big moves, but Arujau puts him on his back and pins him in the first period.


Cody McGregor (Tonawanda) wins by fall Dylan Wood (Walton), 2nd period


138 Pounds:

Mike D'Angelo (Commack) major Hunter Richard (Holland Patent), 14-0

D'Angelo with a 4-0 lead heading in the second period. D'Angelo on bottom, but quickly takes control.  Picks up near fall and now lead 9-0 midway through the second.  Richard on bottom for the third, trailing 9-0. D'Angelo has Richard on his back, looking for the fall . . . He doesn't get it, but it's 12-0 with 30 to go. D'Angelo wins 14-0.


Frankie Gissendanner (Penfield) dec Brad Wade (Islip), 3-2 UTB

Scoreless after the first. Wade on bottom in the 2nd. Still 0-0, mid second period. Wade gets the escape and now Gissendanner on bottom for the third, trailing 1-0. Gissendanner ties it at 1 and is on a shot on the edge.  No points, but stall warning to Wade as they go out of bounds. Gissendanner close to the winning TD as time expires.

Overtime . . . no scoring in sudden victory. Gissendanner on top first. Wade gets out with short time left and leads 2-1.  Now Gissendanner on bottom and he ties it at 2. 

Wade down for the ultimate tiebreaker. Big mat return from Gissendanner, stalemate with 12 seconds left.  Gissendanner hangs on and wins 3-2.


145 Pounds: 

Tristan Rifanburg (Norwich) major Austin Whitney (Mexico), 9-0

Rifanburg with a TD in the first and leads 2-0 after the first  Neutral for the second. Rifanburg adds to his lead with a TD and is up 4-0 with less than a minute to go in the second.

9-0 Rifanburg midway through the third.


Thomas Dutton (Rocky Point) over Jake Einbinder (Bethpage) 

Dutton gets on the board first. He takes a 2-0 lead in the second. Still 2-0 in the third, a little over a minute to go. Escape Einbinder, now 2-1 Dutton.  Dutton adds to his lead with a TD and has Einbinder on his back.


152 Pounds: 

Frank Garcia (Norwich) dec Mike Dusold (Locust Valley), 11-6

Scoreless after one. Dusold on bottom for the second. Quick escape for Dusold gives him a 1-0 lead, but Garcia responds with a TD on the edge and now leads 2-1. Dusold with the reversal to take the lead back at 3-2. Tough ride for Dusold and he ends the second with a 3-2 lead.

Garcia starts the third on bottom. He gets the reversal and retakes the lead at 4-3. Close to backs, but just a one count. Penalty point on Garcia knots the score at 4.  Off the restart, Garcia picks up three back points and another penalty point to Dusold makes it 7-5 Garcia with 45 to go.

A wild ending with another penalty point (on Dusold), and Garcia wins 11-6.


Jakob Restrepo (Sachem East) dec Jesse Porter (Shenendehowa), 2-1

No score after the first. 1-0 Restrepo heading into the third. Porter on bottom. Porter escapes and it's 1-1 with 40 to go in the third.  Stall on Porter results in a point for Restepo, 2-1.  That's the final


160 Pounds:

Chris Weiler (Wyoming Seminary) wins by fall over Brandon Aviles (John Glenn), 1st period

Weiler attacks off the whistle and gets the TD plus NF to lead 5-0 quickly. He then puts Aviles on his back again and gets the fall.


Jonathan Viruet (Springfield MA) dec Blaise Benderoth (North Rockland), 1-0

0-0 first period.  Escape right at the beginning of the second for Viruet to take the 1-0 lead. Still 1-0 in the third. Benderoth on bottom.

43 sec to go, Benderoth trails 1-0. There was a stoppage for injury time. Viruet rides him out and wins a 1-0 decision.


170 Pounds:

Kevin Parker (Shenedehowa) dec Nate Schwab (Clarence), 2-0

No score in the first, 1:15 to go. 0-0 after one.

They'll start neutral in the second.  Parker comes away with a 2-0 victory.


Jordan Bushey (Peru) major Jastice Bolden (Springfield MA), 15-5

TD Bushey, escape Bolden. 2-1 Bushey wih 45 to go in the first.

Bolden on bottom for the second. Bushey given a stall warning and then cuts Bolden. It's now 2-2. With about a minute to go in the second, Bushey gets the TD and adds near fall to go ahead 9-2.

Escape Bolden and the period will end 9-3 Bushey.  Bushey down for the third. The reversal makes it 11-3.  Bushey adds a late TD on the edge on a throw and wins 15-5.


182 Pounds:

Christian Dietrich (Wyoming Seminary) major Adam Melikian (Kennedy Catholic), 11-3

Dietrich leads 8-3 in the second period and wins by major, 11-3.


David Hamil (Deer Park) win by fall over Jake Ashcraft (Burnt Hills)

Ashcraft on the board first with a TD. 2-0 with 40 to go in the first. Hamil with the escape and it's 2-1 going into the second. Reversal for Hamil makes it 3-2.  An escape for Ashcraft ties it up at 3.

Hamil wins a scramble late in the second to take the lead and then gets the fall with only 3 seconds remaining that period.


195 Pounds:

Nathanael Rose (Eagle Academy) dec Zane Black (Wyoming Seminary), 8-4

Early first period TD for Rose, escape Black. 2-1 Rose. One more TD for Rose to lead 4-1 after one period.

Mid second period, Rose increases his lead to 6-3.  Mid third, it's 8-3 Rose.


Christian Araneo (Ward Melville) win by fall over Peter Pjetri (Suffern)

Araneo off to a quick start with a TD. He leads 2-0 midway through the first. Still 2-0 at the end of one.

3-0 Araneo after a second period escape and then he tacks on more with a TD, back points and a fall.


220 Pounds:

Youssif Hemida (Mamaroneck) dec William Hilliard (Phoenix), 3-2

0-0 after the first period. Hilliard on bottom for the second. He escapes to take a 1-0 lead.  Stall warning on Hilliard, and the second ends 1-0 Hilliard.

Hemida escapes with 1:20 to go in the third. It's now 1-1. Hemida with a TD but Hilliard escapes with about 15 to go to make it 3-2. That's the final.


Vin Feola ( Walt Whitman) dec Harrison Nye (Wyoming Seminary), 5-2

Nye leads 1-0 after a second period escape.  Feola ties it up at 1 with an escape and then adds on a takedown for a 3-1 lead. Escape for Nye to make it 3-2.  TD at the buzzer gives Feola a 5-2 win.


285 Pounds:

Mike Rogers (Wyoming Seminary) major Isaac Serrano (NFA), 17-6

Rogers with the big move early for a 2-0 lead. He continues to control in neutral and leads 8-2 late in the first.

Rogers in control in the third with a 13-4 advantage with 1:15 to go.  A few more TDs and Rogers wins 17-6.


Edwin Rubio (John Glenn) dec Nolan Terrance (Massena), 2-1

Scoreless after the first. Rubio on bottom to start the second and he escapes. 1-0 Rubio.  Still 1-0 entering the third, with Terrance now in the bottom position.  Terrance escapes with four seconds left and it's tied at 1.

Overtime. No scoring in neutral. Rubio rode Terrance out.  Now Rubio's turn on bottom. Rubio escapes and wins 2-1.

Day 2- refresh for updates

Walton's Dylan Wood erased an initial deficit and notched back points late in the third to defeat #2 seed Johnny Busiello of Wyoming Seminary, 10-7 to advance to the semifinals at 132 pounds.  Also upending a 'Sem' foe was Bethpage's Jake Einbinder, who won 1-0 over Will Verallis at 145 pounds.  

Kennedy Catholic's Adam Melikian continued his impressive run, earning a semifinal bid after coming into the tournament unseeded.

99 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Beau Bartlett (Wyoming Seminary) win by fall Michael Gonyea (Columbia),1st period

Drew Schafer (Pal Mac) dec AJ Burkhart (Waverly), 9-5

Jacob Camacho (Danbury, CT) dec Benny Baker (Newark Valley), 4-3

Adam Busiello (Eastport-South Manor) tech fall Justin Vines, 15-0


106 Pounds -  Quarterfinal Matches:

Jacori Teemer (Long Beach) defeats Trey LaFlamme (South Jefferson), 7-1

Jake Silverstein (Hauppauge) dec Tommy Cox (Deer Park), 8-4

Zack Murillo (Southington, CT) dec Anthony Sparacio (North Babylon), 7-5 OT

Kelan McKenna (New Hartford) dec Anthony Sulla (North Rockland), 2-0 SV


113 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Kyle Quinn (Wantagh) win by fall Ryan Burns (Clarence)

Jay Albis (JJEF) win by fall Jack Davis (Wyoming Seminary)

Matteo DeVincenzo (Port Jefferson) defeats Theo Powers (Mexico)

Dane Heberlein (Alexander) dec Austin Hertel (Hilton), 5-0


120 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Yianni Diakomihalis (Hilton) tech fall Hector Colom (St. Francis), 16-1

Kyle Linder (New Milford, CT) dec Peter Pappas (Plainview), 3-2 Utb

Jimmy Overhiser (Lansing) dec Kyle Scully (Newfield), 2-1 OT

Jack Mueller (Wyoming Seminary) tech fall Tanner Lapiene (Ogdensburg), 18-2


126 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Nick Piccininni (Ward Melville) dec Nick Nieves (Newfield), 8-1

Parker Kropman (Penfield) defeats Paulo Freitas (Danbury)

Trent Olson (Wyoming Seminary) decisions Tommy Lancie (Schroeder)

Kellen Devlin (Amherst) dec Nick Gaiser (Alexander), 6-0)


132 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Vito Arujau (Syosset) defeats Dempsey King (New Hartford)

Da'mani Burns (NFA) win by fall James Szymanski (Shoreham-Wading River)

 Cody McGregor (Tonawanda) Over Matt Grippi (Fox Lane)

Dylan Wood (Walton) dec Johnny Busiello (Wyoming Seminary), 10-7


138 Pounds:

Mike D'Angelo (Commack) dec Conor Melbourne (JJCR), 5-4

Hunter Richard (Holland Patent) maj Christian Briody (Chaminade), 10-2

Frankie Gissendanner (Penfield) dec James Matias (Rocky Point),  5-1

Brad Wade (Islip) dec Brady Robin (Arlington), 7-1


145 Pounds:

Tristan Rifanburg (Norwich) maj Ryan  Ferro (Warwick), 16-3 

Austin Whitney (Mexico) defeats Tyrese Byron (Long Beach)

Jake Einbinder (Bethpage) dec Will Verallis (Wyoming Seminary), 1-0 

Thomas Dutton (Rocky Point) tech fall Jack Taddeo (shore ham Wading River), 15-0


152 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Frank Garcia (Norwich) dec Ralph Maio (Monsignor Farrell), 5-0

Mike Dusold (Locust Valley) vs. Brett Leonard (New Milford, CT)

Jesse Porter (Shenendehowa) dec Thomas Wightman (Warwick), 5-2

Jakob Restrepo (Sachem East) dec Jake Hendricks (Wyoming Seminary), 5-2


160 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Chris Weiler (Wyoming Seminary) win by fall Don Donnelly (Ward Melville)

Brandon Aviles (John Glenn) dec Alex Herringshaw (Holland Patent), 5-4

Blaise Benderoth (North Rockland) defeats Connor Lawrence (Duanesburg)

Jonathan Viruet (Springfield Central) dec Louie DePrez (Hilton), 3-1


170 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Nate Schwab (Clarence) dec Franciso Bisono (Hauppauge), 3-1 OT 

Kevin Parker (Shenendehowa) dec Quinn Zsido (Cornwall), 7-2

Jordan Bushey (Peru) win by fall Aaron Paddock (Warsaw)

Jastice Bolden (Springfield, MA) dec Ryan Gerena (William Floyd), 8-3


182 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Christian Dietrich (Wyoming Seminary) defeats Ryan Gaudet (Framingham)

Adam Melikian (Kennedy Catholic) dec Marcus Bisono (Hauppauge), utb

Jake Ashcraft (Burnt Hills) dec Tom Lane (Garden City), 8-3

David Hamil (Deer Park) win by fall Richie Jones (St. Joseph's Collegiate)


195 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Nathanael Rose (Eagle Academy) dec  Jack Buell (Sherburne-Earlville), 5-3

Zane Black (Wyoming Seminary) defeats Chris Goudy (Queensbury) 

 Peter Pjetri (Suffern) dec Jered Escribano (Springfield, MA), 4-2

Christian Araneo (Ward Melville) defeats Jon Clune (Fox Lane)


220 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Youssif Hemida (Mamaroneck) defeats Brock Cvijanovich (Horace Greeley)

William Hilliard (Phoenix) dec EJ Sampo (Canastota ), 8-3

Harrison Nye (Wyoming Seminary) dec Mike Newman (Monsignor Farrell), 6-5 OT 

Vin Feola (Walt Whitman) tech fall Jack Argast (Poly Prep), 17-0 


285 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Michael Rogers (Wyoming Seminary) win by fall Tyler VandenBogaard (Hadley-Luzerne/Lake George)

Isaac Serrano (NFA) dec Ryan Delahanty (Mahopac), 5-4

Nolan Terrance (Massena) win by fall Sean Dee (Sachem East)

Edwin Rubio (John Glenn) win by fall Joe Fuino (Hilton) 

In the first few rounds of competition at Eastern States, some top five seeds were upset. At 145 pounds, Long Beach's Tyrese Byron scored a takedown in sudden victory to beat returning state placer Corey Farrell of Warsaw (#5 seed) at 145. Farrell was awarded a last second escape to tie the score as regulation ended. 

Also early on, Adam Melikian of Kennedy Catholic beat the #5 seed at 182 pounds, Phil Wilshire of Attica.

Then, in the Round of 16, Fox Lane's Matt Grippi scored late in the third period to defeat three-time NYS placer Nick Casella of Locust Valley at 132. Casella was the # 3 seed.

In addition, in a battle of Suffolk County grapplers, Brandon Aviles of John Glenn edged 2014 state champion Chris Mauriello of Hauppauge, 4-3, at 160 pounds. Aviles has been impressive all year, mostly at 170 pounds.

Late points came into play in a pair of #12 vs #5 matches that happened almost at the same time. Connecticut's Kyle Linder was trailing Lyndonville's Tony Recco with just seconds left but with a late flurry won, 9-6.  Meanwhile, Ithaca's Richie Burke was initially awarded a takedown at the buzzer against Chaminade's Christian Briody. However, after a long break, the TD was waved off and the bout went into sudden victory, where Briody got the two to win 5-3 at 138 pounds. 

A bit later, two more #12 seeds bested #5s when EJ Sampo of Canastota came out on top against 2014 state placer Miguel Perez of Eagle Academy at 220 and Wyoming Seminary's Jack Davis defeated Tito Colom of St. Francis at 113.

Ryan Gerena of William Floyd upended #2 seed Greg Kleinsmith of Wyoming Seminary in the Round of 16 at 170 pounds to advance to the quarters.  (Dan Arkow of Bellmore JFK later eliminated Kleinsmith). It wasn't the only upset at that weight, as Hauppauge's Francisco Bisono topped #1 seed Johnny Garcia of Danbury earlier in the round.

Also in the Round of 16, Kyle Scully of Newfield edged #3 seed Hunter Dusold of Locust Valley at 120, while Hauppauge's Francisco Bisono defeated All-Stater Geno Brancati of Hudson Falls, a #4 seed at 182.

Here are the quarterfinal matches:


99 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Beau Bartlett (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Michael Gonyea (Columbia)

Drew Schafer (Pal Mac) vs. AJ Burkhart (Waverly)

Benny Baker (Newark Valley) vs. Jacob Camacho (Danbury, CT)

Justin Vines (Wantagh) vs. Adam Busiello (Eastport-South Manor)


106 Pounds -  Quarterfinal Matches:

Jacori Teemer (Long Beach) vs. Trey LaFlamme (South Jefferson)

Tommy Cox (Deer Park) vs. Jake Silverstein (Hauppauge)

Anthony Sparacio (North Babylon) vs. Zack Murillo (Southington, CT)

Anthony Sulla (North Rockland) vs. Kelan McKenna (New Hartford)


113 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Kyle Quinn (Wantagh) vs. Ryan Burns (Clarence)

Jack Davis (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Jay Albis (JJEF)

Matteo DeVincenzo (Port Jefferson) vs. Theo Powers (Mexico)

Austin Hertel (Hilton) vs. Dane Heberlein (Alexander)


120 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Yianni Diakomihalis (Hilton) vs. Hector Colom (St. Francis)

Kyle Linder (New Milford, CT) vs. Peter Pappas (Plainview)

Kyle Scully (Newfield) vs. Jimmy Overhiser (Lansing)

Tanner Lapiene (Ogdensburg) vs. Jack Mueller (Wyoming Seminary)


126 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Nick Piccininni (Ward Melville) vs. Nick Nieves (Newfield)

Paulo Freitas (Danbury, CT) vs. Parker Kropman (Penfield)

Trent Olson (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Tommy Lancie (Schroeder)

Nick Gaiser (Alexander) vs. Kellen Devlin (Amherst)


132 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Vito Arujau (Syosset) vs. Dempsey King (New Hartford)

Da'mani Burns (NFA) vs. James Szymanski (Shoreham-Wading River)

Matt Grippi (Fox Lane) vs. Cody McGregor (Tonawanda)

Dylan Wood (Walton) vs. Johnny Busiello (Wyoming Seminary)


138 Pounds:

Mike D'Angelo (Commack) vs. Conor Melbourne (JJCR)

Christian Briody (Chaminade) vs. Hunter Richard (Holland Patent)

James Matias (Rocky Point) vs. Frankie Gissendanner (Penfield)

Brad Wade (Islip) vs. Brady Robin (Arlington)


145 Pounds:

Tristan Rifanburg (Norwich) vs. Ryan Ferro (Warwick)

Tyrese Byron (Long Beach) vs. Austin Whitney (Mexico)

Will Verallis (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Jake Einbinder (Bethpage)

Jack Taddeo (Shoreham-Wading River) vs. Thomas Dutton (Rocky Point)


152 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Frank Garcia (Norwich) vs. Ralph Maio (Monsignor Farrell)

Mike Dusold (Locust Valley) vs. Brett Leonard (New Milford, CT)

Jesse Porter (Shenendehowa) vs. Thomas Wightman (Warwick)

Jake Hendricks (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Jakob Restrepo (Sachem East)


160 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Chris Weiler (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Don Donnelly (Ward Melville)

Alex Herringshaw (Holland Patent) vs. Brandon Aviles (John Glenn)

Blaise Benderoth (North Rockland) vs. Connor Lawrence (Duanesburg)

Louie DePrez (Hilton) vs. Jonathan Viruet (Springfield Central)


170 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Francisco Bisono (Hauppauge) vs. Nate Schwab (Clarence)

Kevin Parker (Shenendehowa) vs. Quinn Zsido (Cornwall)

Jordan Bushey (Peru) vs. Aaron Paddock (Warsaw)

Jastice Bolden (Springfield, MA) vs. Ryan Gerena (William Floyd)


182 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Christian Dietrich (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Ryan Gaudet (Framingham)

Adam Melikian (Kennedy Catholic) vs. Marcus Bisono (Hauppauge)

Jake Ashcraft (Burnt Hills) vs. Tom Lane (Garden City)

Richie Jones (St. Joseph's Collegiate) vs. David Hamil (Deer Park)


195 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Nathanael Rose (Eagle Academy) vs. Jack Buell (Sherburne-Earlville)

Chris Goudy (Queensbury) vs. Zane Black (Wyoming Seminary)

Jered Escribano (Springfield, MA) vs. Peter Pjetri (Suffern)

Jon Clune (Fox Lane) vs. Christian Araneo (Ward Melville)


220 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Youssif Hemida (Mamaroneck) vs. Brock Cvijanovich (Horace Greeley)

EJ Sampo (Canastota) vs. William Hilliard (Phoenix)

Mike Newman (Monsignor Farrell) vs. Harrison Nye (Wyoming Seminary)

Vin Feola (Walt Whitman) vs. Jack Argast (Poly Prep)


285 Pounds - Quarterfinal Matches:

Michael Rogers (Wyoming Seminary) vs. Tyler VandenBogaard (Hadley-Luzerne/Lake George)

Ryan Delahanty (Mahopac) vs. Isaac Serrano (NFA)

Nolan Terrance (Massena) vs. Sean Dee (Sachem East)

Joe Fuino (Hilton) vs. Edwin Rubio (John Glenn)