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Ultimate Alliance - Organizing The Future Of Wrestling

By Jeff Fisher, 02/04/14, 12:45PM EST



Three Organizations form Ultimate Alliance to Improve, Promote and Support the Sport of Wrestling


Easton, PA – January 29, 2014 – The National High School Coaches Association (“NHSCA”), the National United Wrestling Association for Youth (“NUWAY”) and Rocky Mountain Nationals (RMN Events) are proud to announce the formation of the Ultimate Alliance that will focus on all-levels of the sport of wrestling.


The partnership between these three organization will establish a foundation for athletes, coaches and programs to support wrestling from the youth level right through the professional ranks.


 “The Ultimate Alliance was inspired by three well established and highly respected organizations coming together for the betterment of wrestling,” said Bob Ferraro, Sr., founder of the National High School Coaches Association.  “We are excited about the leadership and opportunities that we can present for prep wrestling to help bring it to the next level.” 


“The opportunity to work with these proven visionaries that have built extraordinarily successful businesses in their own right is humbling, but the possibilities are tantalizing for the NUWAY organization,” said Dave Dean, CEO of the National United Wrestling Association for Youth.


“In your lifetime, you hope to have an opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives,” said Ed Gutierrez, director of Rocky Mountain Nationals.  “The expected result of our three organizations coming together is to create something great for kids, coaches and parents, that will make a difference with the individual wrestler and improve the sport of wrestling overall.”


"I am humbled to be in the company of these three outstanding organizations, and proud to play a small part in their effort to combine for the good of a sport that means so much to me,” said Ed Curran, President of BizzConnection that will work with the Ultimate Alliance to bridge commercial opportunities between the wrestling organizations and their networks.  “It is obvious that it will take leaders to extend the reach and opportunity for those that sacrifice so much to be the best in a sport that requires the ultimate commitment in so many ways. Our partners will realize the benefit of aligning themselves with the best of the best."


About the National High School Coaches Association

The NHSCA is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission statement to provide leadership and support to the nations 1 million high school coaches and 10 million high school athletes. The NHSCA selects the national coach and athlete of the year in 22 boys and girls sports that will be featured in the NHSCA National High school Sports Hall of Fame Museum.  The museum serves as a home for all of the 20,000 high schools in America to honor their outstanding coaches, athletes and administrators.  The NHSCA Educational Resource Center provides educational programs for coaches as well as a coach certification program.  The NHSCA also provides unlimited liability insurance for all of its members. For more information go to


About National United Wrestling Association for Youth


NUWAY is a grassroots organization that looks at every decision as one of investment to make sure that every child has an opportunity to have a full wrestling experience from the moment they begin; through their respective clubs; and into schools and colleges, international competition and finally, the professional level.  Investing back into your own state is the backbone of our organization! We believe that for each and every state to become a strong and a stand-alone state organization, then you need to invest in the programs