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Weekend Preview (01/07-09/2022)

By NYWN, 01/07/22, 6:15PM EST


Multiple #1s Put Their Reputations on the line at Saratoga, Cazenovia, The Elinsky, and the David Ironman

2022 Saratoga Invitational

Participating Teams:

#1 (DII) Tioga-4
#4 (DI) Shenendehowa-2
#7 (DII) Saranac-7
#8 (DII) General Brown-3
#21 (DII) Windsor-4 
HM (DII) Canajoharie-Fort Plain-2

Averill Park-2
Ballston Spa-2
Glens Falls-2
Northern Adirondack-7
Saratoga Springs-2
South Glens Falls-2
Spaulding (VT)


Our top-ranked [Tioga] Tigers are coming off of a runaway performance at the prestigious Windsor, winning the team title by a comfort margin behind one champion and three additional runners-up.  

The challenges will not get any easier this weekend for the Section 4 juggernaut as they headline a field comprised of four other polled programs, including Large School #4, Shenendehowa!

If all breaks properly for Tioga, it would not be shocking to see them crown as many as seven individual titlists---Deakon Bailey (110), Gianni Silvestri (118),  Mason Welch (126), Caden Bellis (132), Donovan Smith  (145),  Emmett Wood (152), and Ousmane Duncanson (160) are all in prime position in their respective weight classes...

In one of those crazy turn of events, Welch is one of the few Tigers that does not have a fellow top-15 person in his path; but yet, the depth at 126 is so good that if he is not on his game, Ayden Robles,  Ashton Seymour, or visitor from Vermont,  Nick Pierce, could all feasibly upset the apple cart!

110, 152, 172, and 215 will be the marquee weight classes as those brackets could have potentially have three or more ranked competitors!

Current numero unos---Gabriel Monroe and Nick Rogers are likely to face their stiffest test from a "maple syrup" duo of  Landen Farnham/Colton Perkins (both of Spaulding)! 


Ranked Wrestlers:  

110:  #6 (DII)  Avi Berg (Glens Falls), #8 (DII) Deakon Bailey (Tioga), #10 (DI) Clayton O'Connor (Mohonasen),  #15 (DI)  Ralph Keeney (Ballston Spa)

118: #1 (DII) Gianni Silvestri (Tioga), #11 (DII)  Ryan Devins (Saranac)

126: #4 (DII) Mason Welch (Tioga)

132:  #3 (DII) Caden Bellis (Tioga), #7 (DII) Parker Manor (Northern Adirondack)

138:  #4 (DI) Jashon Holmes (Shenendehowa), #5 (DII) David O'Neil (General Brown)

145: #4 (DII) Donovan Smith (Tioga), #12 (DII) Collin Clancy (Saranac)

152: #3 (DII) Emmett Wood (Tioga), #5 (DI) Connor Gregory (Ballston Spa), #8 (DII) Hunter Devins (Saranac), #9 (DII) Ryan Kennedy (Windsor), #10 (DII) Nathan Snow (General Brown)

160: #4 (DII) Ousmane Duncanson (Tioga)

172: #1 (DII) Reed Douglas (Canajohaire-Ft. Plain), #5 (DII) . Dominick Weaver (Windsor), #10 (DII) Landen Smith (Saranac)

189:  #1 (DII) Gabriel Monroe (Windsor)

215: #6 (DI) Darren Insogna (Ballston Spa), #9 (DII)  Garrett Bidwell (Windsor), #12 (DII) Trey McGee (Northern Adirondack)

285: #1 (DII)  Nick Rogers (General Brown)


Sleepers/Other Wrestlers to Consider:

102:  Riley Bernash (Corinth)---Perfect 9-0 record; Has won crowns at MatMania, Harrison Memorial, and Queensbury

102: Vincent Graulau (Mohonasen)---Compiled 8-1 record thus far; Was 1st at the Mohonasen Invitational

110: Coy Lyford (Spaulding)---2020 Vermont State 3rd

110: Jacob Hanlon (Averill Park)---Owner of 11-1 record; won crown at Mohonasen Invitational

110: Ryan Vanguilder (Queensbury)---Owner of an 11-3 record; was the runner-up at the Clyde Cole/3rd at Queensbury

118: Nico Rivera (Mohonasen)---10-2 record this season; won gold at the Mohonasen Invitational

118: Caleb Huntington (Spaulding)---2020 Vermont State Champion

126: Ayden Robles (Shenendehowa)---2020 S2 3rd; Runner-up at the Cole

126: Ashton Seymour (Saranac)---2x S7 finalist/2020 Champion; Has already won tournament titles at the Nate Wood, North Country, and Queensbury 

126: Nick Pierce (Spaulding)---2x Vermont State runner-up

132: Vincent Grembocki (Shenendehowa)---2020 S2 Runner-up

132: Alex Clancy (Saranac)---2x S7 medalist/2020 runner-up

132: Hunter Roya (Spaulding)---2020 Vermont State 3rd

138:  Cody Haig (Canajoharie-Ft. Plain)---2x S2 medalist; Champion at the Mohonasen Invitational

138: Ryan Glassford (Spaulding)---2020 Vermont State runner-up

145: David Ensminger (Shenendehowa)---2019 S2 6th; Won title at Clyde Cole

145: Josh Chamberlain (General Brown)---Sporting a 15-2 overall record

145: Ayden Grieve (Glens Falls)---Owner of a 12-1 record thus far; delivered title-winning efforts at MatMania and the Chickanis

152: Nick Tempel (Averill Park)---2020 S2 4th; Champion at the Mohonasen Invitational 

152: Eli Johnson (Glens Falls)---17-2 record this season; won a crown at the Chickanis Memorial

152: Lucas Schell (Queensbury)---10-2 record with silver medal efforts at the Clyde Cole & Queensbury Holiday Tournament

160: Mason McCombs (Windsor)---Earned runner-up honors at both the Sgt. Justin Rogers Memorial & Doane

160: Skyler Sturdevant (Glens Falls)---2020 S2 bronze medalist; was the runner-up at both MatMania and the Chickanis Memorial 

172: Sheamus Devine (General Brown)---Has compiled a 12-4 record thus far

172: Landon Payton (Mohonasen)---Enters with a 9-1 record; 3rd at the Mohonasen Invitational

172: Dylan Schell (Queensbury)---2020 S2 bronze medalist; Yet to be beaten this year; took the title recently at the Queensbury Holiday Tournament

189: Landen Farnham (Spaulding)---2020 Vermont State runner-up

285: Colton Perkins (Spaulding)---2020 Vermont State runner-up

2022 Cazenovia Inviational

Participating Teams:

#4 (DII) Gouverneur-10
#8 (DI) Indian River-3
#16 (DII) Adirondack-3
#22 (DII) Canastota-3

South Jefferson-Sandy Creek-3
South Seneca-5
Southern Hills-3


Without even blinking twice, when you look at the list of ranked student-athletes, you cannot help but immediately be drawn to the potential SEMIFINAL bouts at 132, 152, and 189...

All relatively close in their respective classification rankings, the  Bellino/Gonzales (132), Lynch/Allen (152), and Stewart/White (189) match-ups are all TIMES UNION quality bouts and whomever emerges with their arms raised are sure to then push our top dogs---Alex BoothVandavian Way, and Zander Johnson...Booth (2021 J-Men State 5th) suffered his first loss of the year at the Windsor; so he is going to extra motivated to add to the gold he won at North County....Way has done nothing but win since week #2, earning the top prizes at the Sgt. Rogers Memorial, North Country, and the Windsor...

Our two top-billed gentlemen on the NYWN DII charts---Carter Baer (160) & Sam Sorenson (215) have combined to go 42-0 and neither should anticipate seeing their individual "0" go this weekend...

In the case of the Trojan senior/defending Journeymen State titlist [Sorenson], on paper, 13th-ranked Donovan Mitchell is the obvious expected finals opponent....However, while we are not doubting the rep from Groton,  we also have quite the feeling about the mojo that a person such as Jake Whitmore (Indian River) is carrying at the moment.


Ranked Wrestlers:  

110: #2 (DiI) Talan Hubbard (Homer), #9 (DII) Aiden Shufelt (Groton) 

126: #7 (DII) Chase Lawton (South Jeff-Sandy Creek)

132: #3 (DI) Alex Booth (Indian River), #8 (DII) Culley Bellino (Canastota),  #14 (DI)  Manuel Gonzales (Indian River)

138: #4 (DII)  Caleb Sweet (South Seneca)

152: #2 (DII) Vandavian Way (Gouverneur), #12 (DI) Gabe Lynch (Indian River), #14 (DII)  Isaac Allen (Groton)

160: #1 (DII) Carter Baer (Gouverneur)

172: #13 (DII) Lucas Dendis (South Seneca)

189: #8 (DII)  Zander Johnson  (Homer),  #12 (DII) Dakota Stewart (South Seneca), #14 (DII)  Colin White (Adirondack)

215: #1 (DII) Sam Sorenson (Homer),  #13 (DII) Donovan Mitchell (Groton)


Sleepers/Other Wrestlers to Consider:

102: Brock Frederick (South Jeff-Sandy Creek)---Owner of a 9-1 record; Champion at the Bailey Memorial 

102: Evan Rutecki (Cazenovia)---Has amassed a 15-2 overall record thus far this season; 

110: Tomah Gummow (Indian River)---Compiled 13-3 record; 5th at the Windsor

126: Jacob Strain (Adirondack)---2x S3 medalist; was the runner-up at both the Bailey & Haines Memorial Tournaments

138: Trayton Tupper (Gouverneur)---2x Section 10 titlist; Champion at the Sgt. Rogers Memorial

138: Brady Lynch (Indian River)---2020 S3 silver medalist; Runner-up at the North Country

138: Aaron Briones-Cooper (South Jeff Sandy Creek)---Boasts a perfect 8-0 record; Champion at the Phoenix Round-Robin

145: Ray Hennessey (Adirondack)---4th at 2020 S3 Championships; owner of 10-1 record w/title at the Batavia Christmas Tournament; also a runner-up at Bailey Memorial 

145: Jonah Geller (Liverpool)---2020 S3 bronze medalist; Champion at Captain Bailey Memorial

160: Luca Canzano (Cortland)---13-1 overall record; was the runner-up at the Dave Buck Memorial

189: Casey Bixby (Canastota)---6th at 2020 S3 Championships; runner-up at Haines Memorial 

189: Andrew Bailey (Chittenango)---Solid 11-3 record; 3rd at the Haines Memorial; 4th at the Andersen

215: Jake Whitmore (Indian River)---4th at 2020 S3 Championships; has amassed an 18-1 record w/title at North Country; 3rd at Windsor

215: Fred Pickard (Baldwinsville)---Compiled a solid 12-2 record; 1st at the Phoenix Round-Robin; 4th at the Andersen Memorial

285: Davin Dewaine (Indian River)---6th at 2020 S3 Championships; Runner-up at North Country; 3rd at Windsor 


2022 Stan Elinsky Tournament @ Deposit

Participating Teams:

HM (DI) Oxford-Greene-4
Fallsburg/Tri Valley-9
Johnson City-4
Lackawanna Trail (PA)
Newark Valley-4
Owego Free Academy-4
Pine Bush-9
Port Jervis-9



Named in honor of a man who needs no introduction, for 33 faithful years, Stan Elinsky taught and coached at Deposit, accumulating a dual record of 293-166-6 en route to being named as the recipient of the S4 Coach of the Year Award on four separate occasions...He is a proud inductee into both the Section IV HOF, as well as holds "Lifetime Service to the sport" distinction from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame!

Three featured bouts should spotlight the card, as 110/172/215 are all movers weights where a great showing could vault you up the polls when they are updated next week...

Two-time S9 titlist, Trevor Tufano (Port Jervis), has not tasted defeat yet in his senior season and he'd prefer to keep it that way...But alas, former (2019) S4 bronze medalist, Owen Marcin (Greene-Oxford), has no intention of making it easy in this clash of 3 vs. 10 in the DII polls...Marcin was a bronze medalist at the Cole, so he has already shown that when he is "on", he is more than capable!

A rematch of a 1pt decision back on December 7th, when Hunter Page (Oxford) and Trevor Harrington (Sidney) clashed previously, it was the Blackhawk [Page] winning 2-1...This has been the only blemish on the stat sheet for the Warrior [Harrington] as he was the champion at the Clyde Cole and was undefeated at the Coach K duals...Anytime two wrestlers this evenly matched square off, it is a must-see!  

 Matt Oosterom (Port Jervis), who is currently #3 in Section IX (combined DI & DII) and 8th in the NYWN D2 polls, will attempt to continue his breakout sophomore campaign as he goes hunting for his first tournament win of the year (runner-up at the Doane; lost to Sorenson)...Maine-Endwell 12th grader, Shamus McGuire, is in the midst of his own career-year, as the Spartan enters at 19-1, including a 5-0 effort just before the New Year at the Cody Duals!


Ranked Wrestlers:  

110:  #3 (DII) Trevor Tufano (Port Jervis),  #10 (DII) Owen Marcin (Greene-Oxford)

126: #5 (DII)  Aiden Marcin (Greene-Oxford)

145: #13 (DII) Ryan Ross (Port Jervis)

172: #6 (DII) Hunter Page (Greene-Oxford), #7 (DII) Trevor Harrington (Sidney)

189: #14 (DI) Braydon Pannell (Pine Bush)

215: #8 (DII) Matt Oosterom (Port Jervis), #11 (DII) Shamus McGuire (Maine Endwell)


Sleepers/Other Wrestlers to Consider:

102: Charlie Wylie (Port Jervis)---Owner of a 17-1 record this season; 

132: Lucas Demott (Sidney)---Solid 10-4 record; won the title at the Doane after finishing 4th at the Clyde Cole

132: Hunter DuBois (Vernon-Verona-Sherrill)---Has amassed a 17-2 record this season with a title at the Cooperstown Invitational

138: Charles Foster (Vernon-Verona-Sherrill)---6th at 2020 S3 Championships; boasts an incredible 22-2 record this season w/a title at the Phoenix Round-Robin and a runner-up showing at the Cooperstown Invitational

152: Deegan Ross (Lackawanna Trail)---2020 PIAA State Qualifier

160: Lucas Skojec (Maine Endwell)---Has amassed a 17-3 tally this season

285: Caleb Georgia (Lansing)----Owner of solid 9-2 record; won crown at the Sgt. Rogers Memorial


36th Dave Ironman Invitational @ Monsignor Farrell

Participating Teams:

#5 (DI) Massapequa-8
Fordham Prep-C
Holy Trinity-C
Iona Prep-C
Long Island Lutheran-A
Monsignor Farrell-C
Rocky Point-11
St Joe by the Sea-C
St Peter's-C



For the first time in 2021-2022, we dip our toes into the proverbial holy water and take a gander at a Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) hosted event...

The David Ironman, now it's 36th edition, pays tribute to a wrestling lifer that could best be described as the "Godfather of Section 12" in recognition of his countless contributions/mentorship within NYC as a whole and the Catholic League most prominently...An attorney by practice, Ironman not only continues to shape the wrestling landscape of his community, but branched out and became an immensely valuable and cherished asset for USA Wrestling!  There has been no role he considered beneath him when offering his helping hand to the sport he adores!!!...And like Elinsky, his legacy is forever recognized as a National Hall of Fame inductee (2015)!

Much like the Elinsky, because there are only a handful of potential "mano-a-mano" bouts between ranked foes, the fun at an event like this is the road to the finals and/or the hopeful coming of age for some spoilers...

132 might be the perfect example of this as you have a real underdog in the person of 2021 CHSAA State silver medalist, Wyatt Shabiak (Fordham Prep) chasing a pair of top-15 personnel in the persons of 2020 S11 champ/current DI #4, Nick Lamorte (Rocky Point), and fellow LI standout/#15,  Dylan Vanegas (Lynbrook)...The Ram [Shabiak] is yet to lose this season and as the adage says, "never sleep on a winning streak."

While there is no denying that 2019 NYS DI 3rd/current DI 3rd ranked, Anthony Conetta (Massapequa), is a considerable favorite at 145 pounds, the question of whom he will meet in the title match is going to be quite story to follow....Between his own Chief teammates--- Alex Giuliani (2021 J-Men State 8th) and  Jake Ciolino, as well as a pair of returning Catholic medalists from Iona Prep---Sean Degl Eric "Diesel" Grant, the quarter and semifinal rounds at this weight might actually be more entertaining than the finale itself! 

118 will be a collision of a king vs. a prince within the Catholic league...2x NYS 5th place finisher, Michael Adams (Monsignor Farrell), is seeking to win a second career CHSAA State crown in his final year in Maroon & Gold...Paolo Ciatto, the freshman sensation from Connecticut, is perceived as the heir to the throne among Catholic lightweights (after Adams & Chaminade's  Shane Meenaghan graduate in 2022 and 2023 respectively)....A young man with a solid youth resume, it is not a question of "if" the Gael 9th grader will win a Catholic crown; the question(s) is/are "how many" and "how soon"?....If Ciatto is able to hang in and keep it close, the experience will be invaluable....And if he shocks the Empire with an upset, then he will instantly go from unknown to household name!

Yet another Gael, Capri Martin (285) will be focused on having some respect put on his name...The Catholic State titlist a season ago, when Martin came to New Rochelle a few years ago, he did so with high expectations (NHSCA Middle School All-American in 2019)...Now as an 11th grader, he is hoping to turn potential into hardcore results...After getting a late start due to his commitment on the gridiron (2021 Catholic "AAA" State titlists), nothing would suit him better than taking the fast lane to the polls by besting a top-10 (#9 Jakob Menichini of Massapequa)!

In the main event, newly-minted (was perfect prior to dropping) #1 at 102 pounds,  Carlos Arango (Massapequa) will embrace that "hunted" against #9 Aiden Donohue (Rocky Point) in a match that we could easily see as a NYSPHSAA quarterfinal (if not a later round bout)!...Identical to his Nassau counterpart, the Eagle [Donohue] was immaculate during the first month of the season! 


Ranked Wrestlers:  

102: #1 (DI) Carlos Arango (Massapequa), #9 (DI) Aiden Donohue (Rocky Point)

118: #2 (DI) Michael Adams (Monsignor Farrell)

126: #14 (DI)  Ryan Eckerle (Commack)

132: #4 (DI)  Nick Lamorte (Rocky Point), #15 (DI)  Dylan Vanegas (Lynbrook)

145: #3 (DI) Anthony Conetta (Massapequa)

160: #13 (DI) Luke Ciolino (Massapequa)

215: #15 (DI) John Darrell (Commack)

285: #9 (DI)  Jakob Menichini (Massapequa)


Sleepers/Other Wrestlers to Consider:

102: Nick Barber (Commack)---Owner of an 11-2 record

118:  Paolo Ciatto (Iona Prep)----Decorated 9th grader from CT who has yet to lose to an NY opponent this year; regarded as the top 118-pounder in Westchester

126:  Kevin McCarvill (Iona Prep)---2021 Catholic State Bronze medalist; was the runner-up at the Vittorio 

132: Wyatt Shabiak (Fordham Prep)---2021 CHSAA State runner-up; Brings a perfect 8-0 record into the tournament

138: Konstantin Koufalis (Iona Prep)---Has only lost once this season; Was the titlist at the Gary Vittorio Holiday Tournament

145: Alex Giuliani (Massapequa)---Formerly NYWN ranked; 2021 Journeymen State 8th; Runner-up at both the Battle At the Beach & The Massapequa Holiday Tournament.

145: Jake Ciolino (Massapequa)---2020 S8 Blood rounder; 3rd at the Massapequa Tournament; only losses this season were to State-ranked opponents.

145: Matthew Skjeveland (Holy Trinity)---Enters with an unblemished record thus far this season (7-0)

145: Sean Degl (Iona Prep)---2021 CHSAA State runner-up; took 1st at the Gary Vittorio Holiday Tournament

145: Eric "Diesel" Grant (Iona Prep)---2021 CHSAA State 3rd; Has lost only once this season; titlist at the Gary Vittorio Holiday Tournament

152:  Sebastian Panzerback (Fordham Prep)---Off to a solid start this season with a 10-1 overall tally

172: Anthony Digennaro (Massapequa)---Formerly NYWN ranked; Finished 3rd at Massapequa Holiday Tournament

215: Gabriel Garibaldi (Iona Prep)---Younger brother of 2021 J-Men State Champ/NHSCA National Champ (Sebastian); Bronze medalist at the Vittorio

285: Capri Martin (Iona Prep)---2021 CHSAA State Champion; only recently returned to the line-up, but is undefeated thus far


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