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GFC 2020 By The Numbers

By GFC Staff, 07/25/21, 11:15PM EDT


List of all the state placers, state champs from last year's Grappler Fall Classic

The 2020 Grappler Fall Classic was the 11th rendition of the GFC and it was by far the biggest in terms of participants and talent.

Over 1800 total entries made 2020 a record-setting year for the GFC with 31 states being represented.

The High School Elite Division, which the event was founded on back in 2010, continued to prove to be one of the best national high school events in the country.

Here are the numbers:
-- 586 entries in the HS Elite Division
-- 328 of those went on to earn all-state status in their respective HS state tournaments
-- 122 of the entries went on to win HS state titles

Conclusion: Over half the field (56%) consisted of eventual all-state wrestlers with 20% consisting of eventual state champions.  Therefore, 1 in every 5 kids on the chart was a state champ. 

Note these numbers were definitely lowered due to many wrestlers missing post-season due to COVID issues, including some states that never had a state tournament.

Toughest Weight: By shear numbers, 135 was the toughest one to win with 58 entries, 14 state champs, 30 all-staters, and 4 guys who ended the year ranked top 20 by Flo. This weight was won by Pennsylvania's #1 nationally ranked Nic Bouzakis, who won his 4th GFC title with a finals win over Nationally Ranked Tom Crook of Florida.  135 had 51% all-staters and 25% state champs on the chart.

If percentages are used as the deciding factor than 285 or 189 could make a claim as the toughest.  Only 14 wrestlers at heavyweight but 10 of them went on to earn all-state honors.  189 had 28 on the chart with 18 all staters (64%) and 11 state champs (40%).

Early Exits
11 wrestlers who went on to win 2021 High School state titles went 0-2  or 1-2 at the GFC last year.  In addition, 12 state runners-up won 1 or less matches at the GFC last year.  So if you come to GFC and face an early elimination, a state title could still be in your future.

No matter how you slice it - if you come to the GFC and wrestle in the Elite division, you will definitely be tested.  You will definitely run into some hammers pretty early on.  If they are not already state champs they probably will be.  This is why the best guys in the country start their season at the GFC - GET SOME!

*represents state champion
# represents FloWrestling end of year national wt class ranking
Note - Some wrestlers who were unable to compete in their state meet this year, we used their 2020 state tournament results 

Javaan Yarbourough (Ohio)
Caleb Weiand (Michigan)
*Christian Fretwell (Florida)
Talan Parsons (Michigan)
Noah Graham (Michigan)

*#4 Braeden Davis (Michigan)
*Drew Heethuis (Michigan)
*Ryan Bennett (Ohio)
*Justin Gates (Michigan)
*Christian Guzman (Florida)
#8 Ethan Rivera (Florida)
Jayce Paridon (Florida)
*Nolan Wertanen (Michigan)
Thomas Zielienski (Michigan)
Jak Keller (Michigan)
Bryson Terrell (Tennessee)
*Jermaine Peace (South Carolina)
Ethan Vugman (Florida)
*Caleb Uhorchuck (Tennessee)
Blaine Taranto (Florida)
*Tyler Washburn (Florida)
Brycen Arbogast (Virginia)
Zack Gittens (Michigan)
*Brayden Mejia (North Carolina)
Hayden Santora (Georgia)
Jack Chambers (Michigan)
*Coy Perry (Michigan)
Anderson Heap (Florida) 

*#13 Caden Horwath (Michigan)
*Cole Hunt (Georgia)
Anthony Walker (Michigan)
*#18 Nick Corday (Tennessee)
Wyatt Richter (Ohio)
*Caden Chinavere (Michigan)
Landen Duncan (Ohio)
Orion Wilson (Michigan)
*Ayson Rice (South Dakota)
*Josh Noble (Georgia)
*Matt Rowland (North Carolina)
*Justin Bradford (Tennessee)
*James Levy (South Carolina)
Clayon Jones (Michigan) 
Jamarcus Smith (Michigan)
Cory Thomas (Michigan)
*Kade Kluce (Michigan) 
Patrick Reineke (Ohio)
*Malik Hardy (Georgia)
Josh Mars (Michigan) 
Cooper Shore (Ohio)
Dominic DiTomasso (Georgia)
Adrian Rosas (Michigan)
Zach Phifer (Michigan) 
Aiden Fincher (Georgia)
Cade Odrobina (Michigan) 
Braeden Bailey (South Carolina) 

*#3 Joey Cruz (California)
*#14 Anthony Santianelli (New Jersey)
Alex Walker (Florida)
*Trey Bates (Tennessee)
*Daniel Uhorchuck (Tennessee)
#11 Kyle Montaperto (North Carolina)
Aaron Lucio (Michigan)
Anthony Perez (Ohio)
Michael Torres (California)
Zein Bazzi (Michigan)
Daniel Adams (Ohio)
*Riley Dahlgren (Georgia)
*Marlon Yarborough (Ohio)
*Matthew Eberly (Virginia)
*Kaleb Davis (Georgia)
*Jack Parker (Michigan)
*Max Shore (Ohio)
*Cooper Haase (Florida)
*Ty Wilson (Ohio)
Will MIller (Michigan)
Ashton Homan (Ohio)
Zach Thompson (California)
Ashton Corson (Michigan)
Will Hendricks (South Carolina)
Noah Wadle (Florida)
Justin Mata (South Carolina)
Aquan Taylor (South Carolina) 
Cole Dunn (Michigan)
Kyle Smith (Michigan) 
Greg Dion (Michigan)
Judson Jarrett (Tennessee) 
Cael Weinzweig (Michigan)

Noah Gochberg (Texas)
#13 Carlos Negrete (California)
*#6 Vincent Santianelli (New Jersey)
*#14 Dylan Gilcher (Michigan)
Logan Frazier (Indiana)
Braden Basile (Florida)
*Ashton Anderson (Michigan)
*Brendan Ferretti (Michigan)
Garrett Lautzenheiser (Ohio)
*Cole Thomas (Kentucky)
*Andrew Austin (Florida)
*Art Martinez (Georgia)
*Elijah Lusk (Florida)
*Richard Treanor (North Carolina)
Carson Bailey (Georgia)
Andrew Hampton (Michigan)
*Dylan Sparkman (Florida)
Tyson Thurmond (Georgia)
Caleb Edwards (Ohio)
Luke Gittens (Michigan)
Jackson Bond (Tennessee)
Chance Cottingham (North Carolina)
Trace Ragland (Virginia)
Thomas Termini (Georgia) 
Easton Bishop (Georgia)
Hayden WHidden (Florida)
*Isaac Thornton (Kentucky)
Trevor Marsman (Michigan)
Reece Jones (Georgia) 
Caden Peterman (Michigan)

*#7 Casey Swiderwski (Michigan)
*Daniel Layton (South Carolina)
DyVaire VanDyke (Ohio)
*Hunter Mason (Tennessee)
*Sebastian Melguizo (Florida)
*Kyren Butler (Ohio)
Pablo Castro (Ohio)
Ruben Calderon (Texas)
Jeremy Ginter (Ohio)
Donte Lopez (California)
Sam Goin (Indiana)
Canyon Wells (Ohio)
Alex Homan (Ohio)
Nathan Aguilar (Califrnia)
James Joplin (North Carolina)
William Cline (North Carolina)
John McNichols (Florida)
Lucas Nagle (Michigan
*Randy Frailey (Michigan) 
Cale Coppess (MIchigan) 
Aiden Smith (MIchigan) 
Ramsy Mutschler (Michigan) 
Landon Miller (Michigan) 

*#1 Nic Bouzakis (Pennsylvania)
*#13 Tom Crook (Florida)
*#12 Richard Fedalen (Maryland)
*#12 Joseph Sealey (North Carolina)
*Cameron Lacure (Ohio)
*Evan Holloway (Virginia)
*David Panone (Georgia)
Brandon Watkins (Tennessee)
Isaac Church (Florida)
*Mason Shrader (Michigan)
Austin Fietz (Michigan)
*Darius Marines (Michigan)
*Aiden Davis (Michigan)
*Eli Knight (Georgia)
*Davin Rhoads (Ohio)
Spencer VonSavoye (California)
Te’Andre Allen (Ohio)
Jayden Tapia (Florida)
Nate Young (Michigan)
Jackson Whitmore (Georgia)
Alex Cuoto (Florida)
*Thomas Snipes (South Carolina)   
Jack Sherman (Michigan) 
Jason Garay (South Carolina) 
*Dru Wilson (Michigan) 
*Riley Edwards (North Carolina) 
Connor Powell (Georgia) 
Santiago Ruedo (South Carolina) 
Caleb Cline (Michigan)
Isaiah Pelc (Michigan)

Jayden Scott (New York) *
*#17 Jack Crook (Florida) 
*#8 Caden McCrary (Georgia)
Patrick Jordan (Virginia)
Gabe Schumm (California)
*Jeremiah Price (North Carolina)
Aedon Sinclair (Wisconsin)
Micah Hanau (Michigan) 
Hunter Andel (Ohio)
Kyle White (Michigan)
Josh Kuehn (Virginia) 
Kyan Larson (Michigan)
*Zeth Strejc (Michigan)
*Chase Gillis (Florida)
Owen Payne (Michigan)
Tyler Garrett (Georgia)
Trevor Swiss (Michigan)
Josh Howey (Michigan)
Skyler Caban (Florida) 
MSon Mingus (Georgia)
Ethan Hylton (Tennises)
Jackson Miller (Michigan)
*Kaleb Clark (Georgia) 
James Link (Michigan)
Landon Teague (South Carolina)

*#13 Michael Kilic (Georgia)
#19 Nick Fea (New York) 
#16 Henry Porter (California) 
Benny Rogers (New York)
*#6 Alek Martin (Ohio)
*Kodiak Kannedy (Tennessee)
Jack Haskin (Ohio) 
*Joey Blaze (Ohio) 
Owen Norman (Michigan)
*Jakeus Hines (Florida) 
James Scavuzzo (Ohio)
Alex Vazquez (Florida)
Carter Schubert (New York)
Philip Burney (Michigan)
Camden Trupp (Michigan)
Jake Hawbaker (Virginia)
*Christopher Sorrow (Michigan)
Nick Hejke (Florida) 
Roman Garcia (Florida) 

*Kam Munro (Georgia)
*#13 RJ Weston (Georgia)
*#14 Nick Vafiadias (Virginia)
*Tyler Swiderski (Michigan)
*Trenton Wachter (Michigan)
James Johnston (Michigan)
Zach Johnson (Michigan)
*Darian Estevez (Florida) 
*Brendon Abdon (Florida)
Evan Bennett (Ohio)
Nick Sanko (New York)
Kent McCombs (Michigan)
Jaylon Riggins (Michigan)
*Bas Diaz (Florida)
Will link (Michigan)
*Chandler Amaker (South Carolina) 
Nick Rochowiak (Michigan)
*Aaron Faison (North Carolina )
Luke Hart (Virginia)
Ethan Baker (Virginia)
Raif Manjarrez (Colorado)
Ben Nagel (Colorado)
Alex Chitty (Florida) 
*Aiden Bowers (Teneesee) 
Nick Williams (North Carolina) 
Koen Hoffman (Florida)
Micah DiCarlo (South Carolina)
AJ Baxter (Michigan) 

*#18 Stoney Buell (Michigan)
*#9 Josh Barr (Michigan) 
Cesar Garza (California) 
#16 Jonathan Ley (Florida)
Dylan Kohn(Florida)
*Gunner Filipowicz (Georgia)
Aaron lofton (Texas)
Shadrick Slone (Ohio)
Raul Soto (Florida)
*Tre Morrisette (Tennessee)
Gavin Cagle (Tennessee)
Frank Solorzano (Florida)
*Ethan Rickert (Georgia)
Austin Pownall (Ohio)
Grady Castle (Michigan)
Isaac Klinkhammer (South Dakota)
Sergio Desiante (Florida)
Daniel Shoaf (North Carolina)
*Spencer Konz (Michigan)
Jimmy Roti (Michigan)
*Gavin Wilmoth (Michigan)
*Luke Goodin (North Carolina)
Josh Seaton (Virginia) 
Robbie Painter (Virginia)
Seth Borba (California)

*#4 Manny Rojas (Michigan)
*#15 Dominic Baker (Virginia)
*Bailey Flanagan (Florida)
Avery Dickerson (Michigan)
*Christian Hansen (New  York)
Leonardo Gallasso (Michigan)
Dalton Battle (Georgia)
*David Bertrand (Georgia)
*Cale Hoskinson (Florida)
Kael Wisler (Michigan)
#18 Remy Cotton (Michigan)
Zane VanVleet (South Carolina)
Brian Burburija (Florida)
Aiden McCafferty (North Carolina)
*Cody Rice (Florida)
Clint Morrisette (Tennessee)
Greyson Clark (Georgia)
Joel Rodriguez (Florida)
*Joshua Swan (Florida) 

Harrison Hightower (Ohio)
*Stephen Little (Kentucky)
*#20 Ty Lukens (Florida)
*Sawyer Bartlett (Florida)
*Cody Brenner (Michigan)
*Gunnar Garriques (Tennessee)
*Noah Hovick (Montana)
*Mikey Tal-Sharhar (Florida)
*Holden Cypher (North Carolina)
*#6 Jaxon Smith (Georgia)
Cole Hivnor (Ohio)
*Noah Duke (Kentucky)
*Hunter Adams (Georgia)
Gervacio Gonzales (Tennessee)
Jacob Hustoles (Colorado)
Khalil Mitchell (Florida) 
Colton Oliver (Virginia) 
Savoy New (North Carolina) 

*#3 Christian Caroll (Indiana)
Juan Mora (California)
#4 Noah Pettigrew (New Jersey)
Zach Burroughs (Ohio)
Tristan Middlebrook (Florida)
Carson Floyd (North Carolina)
Kaleb Walley (Georgia)
Sakkari Morrison (North Carolina)
*Levi Klutz (North Carolina)
Connor Billingsley (Tennessee)
Ralph Sanchez (Florida)
Jaron Greer (North Carolina)
Mark Kistler (South Carolina) 

285 (10, 2 Champ)
*James Hustoles (Colorado)
*Levi Andrews (North Carolina)
Matthew Jimenez (Florida)
Jamier Ferere (North Carolina)
Jesus Riano (Georgia)
Aiden Fockler (Ohio)
Anthony Yancey (Georgia)
Adrian Sans (Florida) 
Zachary Vance (North Carolina) 
Greyson Latham (South Carolina)