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WrangleMania 2021: Results

By JS, 05/04/21, 4:00PM EDT


Team New York goes 1-1 in Freestyle Tri-Meet

Poulin leads NY with 2 wins

The Empire State went 1-1 this past weekend against teams from Minnesota and Pennsylvania. North Carolina St. Commit Stevo Poulin was the lone New Yorker to win both of his bouts. Stevo looked sharp as he picked up two technical falls over Landon Robideau (MN) and Gabe Gramly (PA). His Shen teammate and fellow NC St. commit Brock Delsignore went 1-1 overall, including a technical fall win over Roman Rogotzke of Minnesota.

A trio of New York State Champions each went 1-1 as well. Against Minnesota, Gouverneur's Carter Baer picked up a solid 6-1 win helping NY with some much needed team points. Homer's Sam Sorenson won a hard fought battle against Seth Hunsinger of PA, 3-1. West Virginia Commit Jace Schafer got his win against Jaden Pepe (PA). Sorenson and Schafer were two bright spots against a solid Pennsylvania squad. 

Overall, it was great to see some of New York's finest on the mat for this freestyle event. Hopefully we see these hammers at this weekend's NYS Freestyle and Greco Championships.

Round 1: Minnesota 44, Pennsylvania 19

106 Landon Bainey (PA) VSU1 Mason Mills (MN), 18-8 5:39

113 Dalton Perry (PA) VSU1 Caleb Thoennes (MN), 19-8 4:58

120 Tyler Wells (MN) VSU Jaden Pepe (PA), 10-0 1:40

126 Landon Robideau (MN) VPO1 Gabe Gramly (PA), 9-7

132 Koy Buesgens (MN) VSU Carter Dibert (PA), 10-0 4:23

138 Zach Hanson (MN) VSU1 Luke Simcox (PA), 12-2 4:53

145 Nick Novak (MN) VPO1 Nathan Lucier (PA), 8-5

152 Jed Wester (MN) VFA Dagen Condomitti (PA), 11-7 5:23

160 Tyler Lillard (PA) VSU1 Bryce Dagel (MN), 13-2 5:34

170 Tyler Lillard (PA) VPO1 Ryder Rogotzke (MN), 18-14

182 Mannix Morgan (MN) VSU Matthew Furman (PA), 11-0 3:00

195 Roman Rogotzke (MN) VFA Sonny Sasso (PA), 12-12 4:39

220 Tommy Johnson (MN) VFA Seth Hunsigner (PA), 6-0 1:05

285 Navarro Schunke (MN) VPO1 Riley Robell (PA), 12-10

Round 2: New York 33, Minnesota 30

106 Mason Mills (MN) VSU1 Darren Florence (NY), 16-5 4:39

113 Caleb Thoennes (MN) VSU1 Gianni Silvestri (NY), 16-6 3:49

120 Tyler Wells (MN) VSU Jace Shafer (NY), 10-0 3:54

126 Stevo Poulin (NY) VSU Landon Robideau (MN), 11-0 1:35

132 Koy Buesgens (MN) VSU1 Jackson Polo (NY), 12-1 4:00

138 Zach Hanson (MN) VSU1 Jashon Holmes (NY), 12-1 5:05

145 Rocco Camillaci (NY) VSU Nick Novak (MN), 12-0 1:57

152 Kaleb Burgess (NY) VFA Jed Wester (MN), 4-2 0:46

160 Carter Baer (NY) VPO1 Bryce Dagel (MN), 6-1

170 Ethan Ferro (NY) VFO Ryder Rogotzke (MN)

182 Mike Altomer (NY) VSU Mannix Morgan (MN), 10-0 1:12

195 Brock Delsignore (NY) VSU1 Roman Rogotzke (MN), 21-10 4:42

220 Tommy Johnson (MN) VPO Sam Sorenson (NY), 4-0

285 Navarro Schunke (MN) VFA Charlie Tibbitts (NY), 12-1 2:29

Round 3: Pennsylvania 41, New York 23

106 Landon Bainey (PA) VSU1 Darren Florence (NY), 13-2 0:42

113 Dalton Perry (PA) VSU Gianni Silvestri (NY), 10-0 1:49

120 Jace Shafer (NY) VFA Jaden Pepe (PA), 2-0 1:50

126 Stevo Poulin (NY) VSU1 Gabe Gramly (PA), 14-4 4:11

132 Carter Dibert (PA) VPO1 Jackson Polo (NY), 13-12

138 Luke Simcox (PA) VSU1 Jashon Holmes (NY), 14-3 4:32

145 Nathan Lucier (PA) VPO1 Rocco Camillaci (NY), 9-3

152 Dagen Condomitti (PA) VSU1 Kaleb Burgess (NY), 17-7 3:29

160Tyler Lillard (PA) VPO1 Carter Baer (NY), 7-1

170 Tyler Lillard (PA) VFA Ethan Ferro (NY), 15-5 3:25

182 Matthew Furman (PA) VIN Mike Altomer (NY), 5-4 1:19

195 Sonny Sasso (PA) VSU Brock Delsignore (NY), 10-0 0:55

220 Sam Sorenson (NY) VPO1 Seth Hunsigner (PA), 3-1

285 Charlie Tibbitts (NY) VFA Riley Robell (PA), 4-4 0:59

Team New York

Weight Name Grade School-Section Credentials College Commitment
106 Joseph Manfredi Freshman Herricks-8 2x NYS PF (1-2), 2x Section 8 PF (1-4), 2020 Eastern States 4th, 2019 NHSCA MS 3rd
113 Gianni Silvestri Freshman Tioga-4 2x NYS PF (3-1), 2x Section 4 PF (1-2), 2019 NHSCA MS 7th
120 Jace Schafer Senior Palmyra Macedon-5 3x NYS PF (1-1-5), 3x Section 5 Champion, 2x Eastern States PF (7-4) West Virginia
126 Stevo Poulin Senior Shenendehowa-2 4x NYS Champion, 3x Eastern States Champion, 2019 Beast of the East Champion, 5th @ Cadet World Championships North Carolina St.
132 Chase Liardi Senior Massapequa-8 3x NYS PF (2-4-2), 3x Section 8 Champion, 3x Eastern States PF (5-3-3), 2018 NHSCA 7th Ohio State
138 Jashon Holmes Junior Shenendehowa-2 2x NYS Qualifier (5-X-Q), 2x Section 2 PF (1-3), 2018 NHSCA 5th
145 Rocco Camillaci Junior Hilton-5 4x NYS PF (2-3-3-5), 3x Section 5 Champion, 3x Eastern States PF (4-4-7), 2020 JFC Champion
152 Kaleb Burgess Senior Palmyra Macedon-5 3x NYS Qualifier (2-5-Q), 4x Section 5 PF (1-2-2-4), 2020 Eastern States 5th
160 Carter Baer Junior Gouverneur-10 4x NYS PF (1-1-X-5-6), 3x Section 10 Champion, 2020 Eastern States 7th, 2x NHSCA AA (7-4)
170 Jake Null Senior Dolgeville-3 2x NYS PF (1-2), 3x Section 3 PF (1-1-3), 2x Eastern States PF (1-5), 2x NHSCA AA (4-7), 2018 Cadet Freestyle All-American North Carolina St.
182 Michael Altomer Junior Minisink Valley-9 2x NYS PF (2-5), 3x Section 2 PF (2-2-3), 2019 Cadet Double AA (4th/7th), 2018 NHSCA 4th
195 Brock DelSignore Senior Shenendehowa-2 5x NYS Qualifier (1-2-Q-Q-Q), 4x Section 2 Champion, 4x Eastern States Classic PF (1-6-8-7), 2020 JFC Champion North Carolina St.
220 Sam Sorenson Sophomore Homer-3 2x NYS PF (1-5), 2021 Wyoming State Champion, 2020 Section 3 Champion
285 Charles Tibbitts Junior New Hartford-3 2021 NYS 3rd, 2020 Section 3 Runner-Up

Team Minnesota

Weight Name Grade Credentials College Commitment
106 Mason Mills Sophomore Minnesota 3rd
113 Caleb Thoennes Junior Minnesota Runner-Up
120 Tyler Wells Sophomore 2x Minnesota State Champion
126 Landon Robideau 8th 2x Minnesota Runner-Up
132 Koy Buesgens Sophomore 2x Minnesota PF (1-3)
138 Zach Hanson Sophomore 2x Minnesota Runner-Up
145 Nick Novak Senior 4x Minnesota PF (1-2-4-6) St. Cloud
152 Jed Wester Freshman 2x Minnesota PF (2-5)
160 Bryce Dagel Senior 3x Minnesota PF (2-4-6) North Dakota St.
170 Ryder Rogotzke Sophomore 3x Minnesota PF (3-3-3)
182 Mannix Morgan Senior 4x Minnesota Qualifier (3-Q-Q-Q) North Dakota St.
195 Roman Rogotzke Senior 5x Minnesota Qualifier (1-3-Q-Q-Q) South Dakota St.
220 Tommy Johnson Senior 3x Minnesota PF (2-3-6) MSU Mankato
285 Navarro Schunke Freshman 2x South Dakota State Champion

Team Pennsylvania

Weight Name Grade Credentials College Commitment
106 Landon Bainey Freshman 2021 Pennsylvania AA 6th
113 Dalton Perry 8th Super 32 Champion, PA Junior High State Champion
120 Jaden Pepe Sophomore 2x Pennsylvania AA PF (1-3)
126 Gabe Gramly Senior 4x Pennsylvania AA Qualifier (4-8-Q-Q) Pittsburgh
132 Carter Dibert Senior 4x Pennsylvania AAA Qualifier (2-3-1-Q) Arizona State
138 Jackson Arrington Junior 3x Pennsylvania AA PF (1-3-1) North Carolina State
145 Nathan Lucier Senior 3x Pennsylvania AAA Qualifier (4-6-Q) Binghamton
152 Dagen Condomitti Sophomore 2x Pennsylvania AAA Qualifier (7-Q)
160 Tyler Lillard Junior Georgia State Champion, Ohio State Qualifier Indiana
170 Trey Kibe Senior 4x Pennsylvania AAA Qualifier (2-4-1-Q) Virginia Tech
182 Matthew Furman Sophomore PA SW Region AAA - 4th
195 Sonny Sasso Sophomore Pennsylvania AAA 7th
220 Seth Hunsigner Senior 2x Pennsylvania AAA Qualifier Kutztown
285 Riley Robell Sophomore 2x Pennsylvania AA Qualifier (2-Q)

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