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2021 Journeymen NYS Championships: Seeds

By Smitty, 04/01/21, 9:15PM EDT


Seeding this tournament was extremely difficult. Normally, a state tournament is seeded using results from the wrestler's current season. Unless a wrestler is a defending state champion or high placewinner, very little "weight" is given to the results of prior years. Off-season results are not a factor in the current state seeding system. The current system allows for no subjectivity - it is a completely mathematical formula that requires no human opinions or input. Well....due to the fact that there really wasn't much of a 2021 wrestling season, all of that went out the window. This tournament was seeded by a three-person committee which carefully evaluated each wrestler's total body of work over the past 15+ months. Consideration was given to following: 2019-2020 regular season results, 2020 state qualifying tournaments, 2020 state championship tournaments, 2020/2021 off-season results, and the 2021 regular season when applicable. Is this a perfect system? Of course not...but I can say with absolute certainty that the committee made every effort to identify the top-8 wrestlers in every weight class. Please note - Journeymen Wrestling was NOT part of the seeding committee. Do not contact Frank or anyone else from Journeymen Wrestling if you have any questions about a seed.


1. Cosmo Damiani-1, Sr.
2. Darren Florence-4, Fr.
3. Ayden Buttery-6, 8th.
4. Mason Mangialino-11, 8th.
5. Liam English-2, 8th.
6. Gabe English-2, 8th
7. Ken Schmitz-6, So.
8. Jr. Leuer--6, So.


1. Joseph Manfredi-8, Fr.
2. Mikey Manta-11, Jr.
3. Travis Browning-6, Jr.
4. Jair Gomez-2, Jr.
5. Dillon Arrick-1, Fr.
6. Carlos Arango-8, Jr.
7. Anthony Clem-8, Fr.
8. Brendan Dellinger-6, Sr.


1. Tyler Ferrara-4, So.
2. Gianni Silvestri-4, Fr.
3. Xavier DeJesus-Remchuk-5, Jr.
4. Christian Lievano-11, Jr.
5. Michael Adams-C, Jr.
6. Chris Petteys-2, Sr.
7. Shane Meenaghan-C, So.
8. Alex Greco-9, So.


1. Max Gallagher-11, So.
2. Jeremiah Echeverria -8, Sr.
3. Daniel Kirsch-6, Jr.
4. Kevin Lopez-8, Sr.
5. Anthony Surace-5, Sr.
6. Joe Berenson-5, Jr.
7. Michael Schiffauer-6, Jr.
8. Aiden Gillings-6, 8th


1. Stevo Poulin-2, Sr.
2. Andrew Marchese-9, Jr.
3. Caden Bellis-4, Fr. 
4. Cameron Catrabone-6, Fr.
5. Cody Merwin-4, Sr.
6. Nick Palso-2, Sr.
7. Alex Booth-3, Jr.
8. Owen Deutsch-1, Jr.


1. Jordan Titus-11, Sr.
2. Jackson Polo-8, Jr.
3. Joe Sparacio-11, Jr.
4. Casper Stewart-5, Fr.
5. Jashon Holmes-2, Jr.
6. Michael Catanzaro-6, Sr.
7. Zach Levey-4, Sr.
8. Kieran Cullen-2, Fr.


1. Avery Leonard -3, Sr.
2. Jordan Soriano -8, Jr.
3. Jake Hoffman -1, Jr.
4. Jack Roszko-8, Jr.
5. Angelo Centrone-1, Jr.
6. Braidon Woodward-5, Fr.
7. Nicholas Noto-5, So.
8. Greg Hotaling-2, Sr.


1. Rocco Camillaci-5, Jr.
2. Ben Rogers-8, Jr. 
3. Carter Schubert-5, Jr. 
4. Nate Wade-3, Sr.
5. Sean Garofal-Heavner-1, Sr.
6. Zach Harrington-4, Sr.
7. Kameron Riordan-6, Sr.
8. Carson Alberti-6, Jr. 


1. Zack Ryder-9, Fr.
2. Kaleb Burgess-5, Sr.
3. Tim Bova-1, Jr.
4. Ryan Nugent-6, Sr.
5. Ryan Caudill-5, Sr.
6. Luca Pirozollo-3, Sr.
7. Nikko Walsh-2, Sr
8. Justin Hoffman-2, Sr. 


1. Carter Baer-10, Jr. 
2. Jack Spahn-11, Sr.
3. Nick Ross-9, Sr.
4. Eric Tigue-9, Jr.
5. Dakota Mascho-6, Jr.
6. Kade Slayton-5, Sr.
7. Jake Schberyn-5, Jr.
8. Brady Unger-5, So.


1. Tyler Joseph-1, Sr. 
2. Brody Oleksak-4, Sr.
3. Pat Ross-9, Sr.
4. Mason Watkins-1, Sr.
5. Ethan Palanca-9, Sr.
6. Aiden Poe-3, Jr.
7. Adrian Artsisheuskiy-P, Sr.
8. Kahlil Cuffe-8, Sr.


1. Kole Mulhauser-3, Jr.
2. Gaven Bell-8, Sr.
3. Michael Altomer-9, Jr.
4. Gabe Monroe-4, Jr.
5. Peter Meshkov-2, Sr.
6. Jake Aina-5, So.
7. Alec Richards-2, Sr.
8. John Santowski-5, Jr.


1. Brock DelSignore-2, Sr.
2. James Araneo-11, Sr.
3. Cam Bundy-4, Sr.
4. Jack McCusker-8, Sr.
5. Robert Gomez-11, Sr.
6. Colden Dorfman-2, Sr.
7. Andrew Filip-9, So.
8. Scott Geysen-9, Sr.


1. Alex Semenenko-P, Jr.
2. Sam Sorenson-3, So.
3. Jayshon Hines-11, Sr.
4. Ethan Gallo-9, So.
5. Conner Walsh-6, Sr.
6. Nino Prisco-1, Sr.
7. Joseph Russell-9, Sr.
8. Jairo Caceres-11, Jr.


1. Sebastian Garibaldi-1, Sr.
2. Adam Fenner-9, Sr.
3. Ryan Stein-2, Jr.
4. Charles Tibbitts-3, Jr.
5. Isaiah Trago-3, Sr.
6. Stephan Monchery-9, Fr.
7. Evan Albrecht -11, Sr.
8. Spencer Dickinson-2, Sr.


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