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New York State Tournament All-Time: 175lbs-177lbs-180lbs-182lbs

By NYWN Staff, 10/27/20, 9:45AM EDT


Evans wins the Norwich battle, JC's Farr earns two techs and should be favored in both advancement round bouts

The 4th place finishers bracket for the 175-177-180-182 pound weight class consists of 60 wrestlers. The top 2 wrestlers in each bracket (A-B-C-D) will advance to the 3rd place finishers bracket.

Semi-final Winners:
Bracket A:
CP Carroll (Fulton-3) 77-23
Phil Lanzatella (McQuaid-5) 75-25
Joe Franzese (John Glenn-11) 67-33
Keith Evans (Norwich-4) 54-46

Bracket B:
Dan Forbes (Mohawk-3) 52-48
Charlie Walseman (Beaver River-3) 76-24
Joe Hennessey (Adironadck-3) 68-32
Tyler Morris (Salem-2) 67-33

Bracket C:
Anthony Rasmussen (South Jefferson-3) 79-21
John Dougherty (Tioga-4) 55-45
Nick Gallo (Schalmont-2) 73-27
Steve Farr (Johnson City-4) 80-20

Bracket D:
Gabe Monroe (Windsor-4) 55-45
Blake Wolfanger (Perry-5) 86-14
Steve Farr (Johnson City-4) 81-19
Alex Kelly (Cattaragus-6) 60-40

Bracket A

Bracket B

Bracket C

Bracket D

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