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New York State Tournament All-Time: Headquarters

By Smitty, 09/21/20, 11:00AM EDT


5th Place Finishers Brackets are underway, round 1 voting is enabled

The nation's best will be in Myrtle Beach on October 3-4 to #GETSOME at the #GFC2020

91lbs-95lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 25th @ 2:00pm

96lbs-98lbs-99lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 25th @ 2:00pm

103lbs-105lbs-106lbs-107lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 26th @ 2:00pm  

112lbs-113lbs-115lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 26th @ 2:00pm  

119lbs-120lbs-123lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 26th @ 2:00pm  

125lbs-126lbs-127lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 26th @ 2:00pm  

130lbs-132lbs -  Round 1 voting ends September 26th @ 2:00pm  

133lbs-135lbs-137lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 25th @ 2:00pm 

138lbs-140lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 25th @ 2:00pm 

145lbs - 

152lbs-154lbs-155lbs - 

160lbs-165lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 25th @ 2:00pm

167lbs-170lbs-171lbs - 

175lbs-177lbs-180lbs-182lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 25th @ 2:00pm 

185lbs-189lbs-195lbs - Round 1 voting ends September 25th @ 2:00pm

215lbs-220lbs - 

250-HWT - Round 1 voting ends September 25th @ 2:00pm

275lbs-285lbs-UNL - Round 1 voting ends September 25th @ 2:00pm

Team Scores after the completion of the 6th place finishers bracket

6th Place Finishers Brackets - Advancing Wrestlers

Weight Name School-Section Advancement Round Win
91-95 Jason Goldman Maine Endwell-4 Defeated John Tyler (Canastota-3) 77-23
91-95 Dave DuBrava Chenango Forks-4 Defeated Mike Guliani (Massapequa-8) 64-36
91-95 Mike McCann Mepham-8 Defeated Barry Chase (Port Jervis-9) 54-46
91-95 Clint Duval Peru-7 Defeated Carl Kristelle (Baldwinsville-3) 55-45
96-98-99 Carson Dobozy Peru-7 Quinton Murphy (Holley-5) 51-49
96-98-99 Kregg Bruno Peru-7 Kelan McKenna (New Hartford-3) 61-39
96-98-99 Jacob Nolan Saranac-7 Bryce Smith (Saranac-7) 63-37
96-98-99 Carter Baer Gouverneur-10 Alex Herringshaw (Holland Patent-3) 63-37
103-105-106-107 Jacob Rivers Peru-7 Michael Gonyea (Columbia-2) 60-40
103-105-106-107 Pat Skinner Kellenberg-C Aaron Paddock (Warsaw-5) 60-40
103-105-106-107 Chris Cirigliano BGAH-4 Tim Schaefer (Lancaster-6) 53-47
103-105-106-107 AJ Burkhart Waverly-4 Brent Hollamby (Peru-7) 58-42
112-113-115 Daniel Adams Monsignor Farrell-C Dante Rigal (Johnson City-4) 89-11
112-113-115 Kevin Bruno Peru-7 Brian McGuinty (Chaminade-C) 58-42
112-113-115 Ken Collado Hauppauge-11 Shawn Edwards (Peru-7) 52-48
112-113-115 Nate Mumbulo BGA-4 Jared Peryea (NAC-7) 59-41
119-120-123 Ed Gillespie Baldwin-8 Corey Dake (Lansing-4) 63-37
119-120-123 Patrick Hogan Peru-7 Mike Patrovich (Islip-11) 51-49
119-120-123 Mike Hogan Peru-7 Tim Falling (CFP-2) 82-18
119-120-123 Kenneth Kampnich IHC-3 Marco Vespa (Monroe Woodbury-9) 59-41
125-126-127 Steve Palacios Huntington-11 Jacob Schaus (Falconer-6) 56-44
125-126-127 Anwar Goeres Phoenix-3 Antonio DeLuco (Rome-3) 76-24
125-126-127 Chad Sheldon Fulton-3 Tristan Rifanburg (Norwich-4) 51-49
125-126-127 Zach Burke Morrisville-Eaton-3 Kevin Marra (Watertown-3) 52-48
130-132 Nate Wade West Genesee-3 Zachary Galligan (Adirondack-3) 73-27
130-132 Devin Soper Waverly-4 Phillip Spadafora (HHHEast-11) 77-23
130-132 Cormac Green Port Byron-3 Ralph Howard (Saquoit Valley-3) 69-31
130-132 Rob Price Cortland-3 Tony DeFranco (South Jefferson-3) 54-46
133-135-137 Mike Smith Central Square-3 Defeated Shami Rhodes (Rush Henrietta-5) 72-28
133-135-137 Tom Palladino Bethpage-8 Defeated Connor Bass (Westhampton Beach-11) 53-47
133-135-137 Jody Ashline Ausable Valley-7 Defeated Mike Breitfeller (Babylon-11) 70-30
133-135-137 Ryan Conklin Nanuet-1 Defeated Udit Thakur (Nyack-1) 68-32
138-140 Colin Hogan Peru-7 Mark Sabo (Granville-2) 80-20
138-140 Jake Einbinder Bethpage-8 Kaeden Peryea (Beekmantown-7) 57-43
138-140 Zachary Harrington Sidney-4 Ben Rogers (Wantagh-8) 56-44
138-140 Greg Hotaling Cobleskill-Richmondville-2 Brad Dietz (Phoenix-3) 63-37
145 Connor Day Iroquois-6 Dave Radich (Iroquois-6) 81-19
145 Matt Hart Peru-7 Jim Dwyer (West Genesee-3) 67-33
145 Aiden Rabideau Clarence-6 Matt Wyllie (Rocky Point-11) 82-18
145 Aaron Dudley Hudson Falls-2 Jimmy Kramer (Falconer-6) 51-49
152-154-155 Joseph Cummings Gouvernuer-10 Dave Vinson (Marathon-4) 58-42
152-154-155 Michael Marcy Holy Trinity-C Dan Yando (Peru-7) 56-44
152-154-155 Mike Hoff NAC-7 Cole Rifanburg (Norwich-4) 53-47
152-154-155 Izzy Medina Freeport-8 Jason Bushey (NAC-7) 70-30
160-165 Eric Pellerin Beekmantown-7 Defeated Michael Hernandez (Brentwood-11) 78-22
160-165 Devin Earl West Genesee-3 Defeated John Paris (Amsterdam-2) 53-47
160-165 Connor Sutton Lasalle-2 Defeated Jacob Smeader (Hamburg-6) 72-28
160-165 Max Rock Peru-7 Defeated Bill Lance (Sandy Creek-3) 75-25
160-165 Camrin Galvin Fulton-3 Defeated Pat Carter (Attica-5) 79-21
160-165 Chris Mauriello Hauppauge-11 Defeated Eric Sitman (Dobbs Ferry-1) 68-32
160-165 Will Marcil Saranac-7 Defeated Tyler Silverthorn (General Brown-3) 59-41
160-165 Zack Swyers Peru-7 Defeated Jordan Burger (Ilion-3) 77-23
167-170-171 Tim Hyer Ilion-3 Joseph Puca (Huntington-11) 61-39
167-170-171 Austyn Hayes Phoenix-3 Ricky Roche (Riverhead-11) 85-15
167-170-171 Matt Kitts Fulton-3 Ron Foster (Peru-7) 80-20
167-170-171 David Shutts Beekmantown-7 Ty Rifanburg (Norwich-4) 60-40
175-177-180-182 Liam McIntyre Westhampton Beach-11 Defeated Gio Santiago (Sachem North-11) 64-36
175-177-180-182 Neil Alton Long Beach-8 Defeated Mike Bucci (Red Hook-9) 58-42
175-177-180-182 Mitchell Knapp Susquehanna Valley-4 Defeated John Lauretti (Seaford-8) 70-30
175-177-180-182 Jamie Gilmore Northern Adirondack-7 Defeated Gage Bourdeau (Beekmantown-7) 57-43
175-177-180-182 Michael DeMeo Niskayuna-2 Defeated Chris Pickney (Port Byron-3) 58-42
175-177-180-182 Bill Cooper Minisink Valley-9 Defeated Mike Bucci (Red Hook-9) 59-41
175-177-180-182 Corey Keefe Falconer-6 Defeated Andy Martinez (Liberty-9) 52-48
175-177-180-182 Pat Conners Baldwinsville-3 Defeated Ethan Gallo (Minisink Valley-9) 74-26
185-189-195 Tim Storie Gouverneur-10 Defeated Kevin Digney (Seaford-8) 58-42
185-189-195 Chris Gadway Beekmantown-7 Defeated Dontae Hoose (Southwestern-6) 71-29
185-189-195 Mike Plactere Locust Valley-8 Defeated Andrew Rakitsis (Plainedge-8) 60-40
185-189-195 Ben Perry Saranac-7 Defeated Reggie Williams (Johnson City-4) 54-46
185-189-195 Chris Gadway Beekmantown-7 Defeated Maxx DeCapua (Newburgh-9) 64-36
185-189-195 Bryce Dare Holland Patent-3 Defeated Greg Hodulick (Islip-11) 76-24
185-189-195 Noah Kennedy Greene-Oxford-4 Defeated Robert Flores (Port Jervis-9) 88-12
185-189-195 Mykle Thomas Syracuse-3 Defeated Jared Myhrberg (Queensbury-2) 54-46
215-220 Keyshin Cooper Auburn-3 Caleb Null (Carthage-3) 67-33
215-220 Tyler Leavine Saranac-7 Jamie Huntington (Whitehall-2) 63-37
215-220 Tyler Smith Bolivar Richburg-5 Terry Brown (Freeport-8) 69-31
215-220 Jacob Garrow Peru-7 Travis Conklyn (Canastota-3) 69-31
250-HWT Tom Allaire West Islip-11 Defeated Bill Denhollm (Ossining-1) 59-41
250-HWT Jeff Way Peru-7 Defeated Robert White (White Plains-1) 83-17
250-HWT Craig Tefft Oxford-4 Defeated Marvin Garvey (Hermon Dekalb-10) 75-25
250-HWT Nick Lester Sleepy Hollow-1 Defeated Charles Valois (Clarkstown South-1) 57-43
275-285-UNL Dustin Frederick Ausable Valley-7 Defeated Tom Rodak (Spencerport-5) 85-15
275-285-UNL Austin Lee Cato Meridian-3 Defeated Jason Gordon (Whitehall-2) 59-41
275-285-UNL Vincent Manna Island Trees-8 Defeated Phil Byers (Gates Chili-5) 72-28
275-285-UNL Ryan Jumpp Vestal-4 Defeated Spencer Dickinson (Whitehall-2) 55-45
275-285-UNL John Munro Hauppauge-11 Ian James (Greece-5) 55-45
275-285-UNL Mike Hughes Smithtown West-11 Defeated Chris Powell (Centereach-11) 70-30
275-285-UNL Greg Thomas Uniondale-8 Defeated Sam Khodaparest (Massapequa-8) 57-43
275-285-UNL Clay Watts Beekmantown-7 Defeated Mike Curiel (Hewlett-8) 71-29


In lieu of the pandemic, we felt this was a great opportunity to gather all of the wrestling communities from throughout the state to participate in a virtual All-Time New York State Tournament. Many individual schools have recently put together their own "Best Ever" tournament consisting of their all time greats. With the access of social media (facebook, twitter, instagram), the Virtual All-Time NYS Tournament should be a huge hit and possibly end the argument of "Best of all-time"

This bracket style tournament will include each wrestler who placed top 4 from 1963-1973, top 6 from 1974-2019 and top 8 from 2020. The weights were condensed to 18 in total due to the differences throughout the history of the NYS tournament. The weights are as follows:

Weight 1: 91-95
Weight 2: 96-98-99
Weight 3: 103-105-106-107
Weight 4: 112-113-115
Weight 5: 119-120-123
Weight 6: 125-126-127
Weight 7: 130-132
Weight 8: 133-135-137
Weight 9: 138-140
Weight 10: 145
Weight 11: 152-154-155
Weight 12: 160-165
Weight 13: 167-170-171
Weight 14: 175-177-180-182
Weight 15: 185-189-195
Weight 16: 215-220
Weight 17: 250-HWT
Weight 18: 275-285-UNL

How to advance:
Win and advance is the goal. Each 6th place finisher (7th and 8th place in 2020 also) will be placed in their respective bracket with an allotted number of wrestlers advancing to the 5th place bracket. The process continues with an allotted numbers of wrestlers advancing into the 4th place bracket, then the 3rd place bracket. 

Lastly, which ever wrestlers advance from those 4 brackets will be place in the 1st-2nd place bracket making one huge bracket that will consist of nearly 150 wrestlers in some cases. Ultimately, one wrestler will be crowned the greatest NYS Champion of All-Time in the end.

Each bracket (6th-5th-4th-3rd and Championship) will be drawn at random. The Championship (1st-2nd Bracket) bracket will be full wrestle backs once the bracket reaches 16 wrestlers. Of course, the top 8 will earn All-State Status in the history of the New York State Tournament.

The best part about this entire virtual NYS Tournament is the fans! Each bout, yes there are a lot, will be voted on the by the fans. You can choose to vote on specific matches or vote on them all. You will have a hand in who comes out on top!

Brackets will be posted so you can follow right along. Each match will be available to vote on for a pre-determined period of time. Once the time ends, the wrestler with the highest percentage of votes advances, plain and simple. 

Each weight will have their own respective page (click the link below) where you can vote and view brackets.

This is an excellent opportunity to relive the glory days and combine them with some of our most recent greats. It will cause a multitude of discussions between fans near and far.

THAT'S NOT ALL! Team scores will be kept as well! Scores will accumulate from the 6th place bracket all the way through until the end. The percentage of votes in each match will play a huge role in team scoring.

90% or higher - Fall (2 team points)
80%-89% - Technical Fall (1.5 team points)
70%-79% - Major Decision (1 team point)
51%-69% - Decision
Advancement: 2 points
Advancement on the backside (1st-2nd Bracket): 1 Point
Placement points: Top 8 of 1st-2nd place bracket
1st - 16 points
2nd - 12 points
3rd - 9 points
4th - 7 points
5th - 5 points
6th - 3 points
7th - 2 points
8th - 1 point


Click on the weights below to follow along and vote! Spread the word!!!