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Schoolboy Duals: Updates

By Smitty, 06/12/19, 12:30PM EDT


The 2019 Schoolboy Duals in Greco has come to a close. New York finished 2-6 overall, 4th in Pool B and 8th in the copper/bronze pool. A young squad put together formidable performances the past two days but ultimately ran into more experience squads.

Three wrestlers would finish undefeated for New York. New York State qualifiers Tyler Ferrara and Casper Stewart both went 5-0 while section 2 stud standout Connor Gregory finished 3-0.  Both Ferrara and Gregory wrestled 102lbs, making them 8-0 combined for that weight.

Sulayman Bah compiled a 4-1 record with his only defeat coming against Maryland.  Daniel Forbes's 6-2 performance gave New York some solid depth in the upper weights. Five of his six victories came via fall or tech fall. His sixth win came in stunning fashion, a 17-17 decision against Eli Prather of Idaho.

Full results, team and individual records and overall placement can be found on track wrestling.


Florida 56 - New York 26

  • 90 - Anderson Heap (Team Florida) over Richards Ason (New York) TF 12-2
  • 97 - Elvis Solis (Team Florida) over Gianni Silvestri (New York) Dec 3-2
  • 102 - Connor Gregory (New York) over Zach Lewis (Team Florida) TF 12-1
  • 106 - Connor Reeves (Team Florida) over Cal Russo (New York) Dec 15-6
  • 110 - Sulayman Bah (New York) over Brandon Cody (Team Florida) TF 10-0
  • 114 - Gunner Holland (Team Florida) over Donavan Smith (New York) TF 10-0
  • 119 - Ethan Mojena (Team Florida) over Andrew Caudill (New York) Fall 0:49
  • 125 - Bas Diaz (Team Florida) over Dylan Petrie (New York) TF 10-0
  • 130 - Sawyer Bartelt (Team Florida) over Landon Smith (New York) TF 12-2
  • 136 - Cordell White (Team Florida) over Jordan Koenig (New York) TF 12-2
  • 149 - Daniel Forbes (New York) over Mason Miller (Team Florida) TF 12-0
  • 165 - Jack Hanson (New York) over Bryan Gari (Team Florida) TF 12-0
  • 187 - Darrien Insogna (New York) over Payton Cramer (Team Florida) Fall 3:25
  • 250 - Caleb Rodriguez (Team Florida) over Cameron Groncki (New York) Fall 2:55
  • 71 - Luke Arthur (Team Florida) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 77 - Michael Kersey (Team Florida) over Nathaniel Santiago (New York) Fall 1:20
  • 83 - Christian Fretwell (Team Florida) over Matt Marlow (New York) DQ
  • 87 - Vince Bouzakis (Team Florida) over Sean Campbell (New York) TF 10-0

Team NY closed out the Greco portion of the 2019 Schoolboy Duals Friday afternoon with a loss to Florida 56-26. Notching wins were Gregory, Bah, Forbes, Hanson and Insogna. New York finishes 8th overall in the copper/bronze pool. 

Idaho 51 - New York 30

  • 87 - Kolter Burton (Team Idaho) over Sean Campbell (New York) Fall 0:31
  • 90 - Matthew Martino (Team Idaho) over Richards Ason (New York) TF 10-0
  • 97 - Treygen Morin (Team Idaho) over Ashton Seymour (New York) TF 15-4
  • 102 - Connor Gregory (New York) over Ryan Nuno (Team Idaho) Dec 12-7
  • 106 - Tanner Frothinger (Team Idaho) over Cal Russo (New York) TF 10-0
  • 110 - Hudson Rogers (Team Idaho) over Mason Rappold (New York) TF 11-0
  • 114 - Riley Brunson (Team Idaho) over Donavan Smith (New York) Dec 14-7
  • 119 - Kody Rich (Team Idaho) over Andrew Caudill (New York) TF 10-0
  • 125 - Manuel Valdez (Team Idaho) over Sebastian Jean-Pierre (New York) TF 10-0
  • 130 - Landon Smith (New York) over Xander Zollinger (Team Idaho) TF 15-2
  • 136 - Jordan Koenig (New York) over Brayden Fisher (Team Idaho) Fall 0:56
  • 149 - Daniel Forbes (New York) over Eli Prather (Team Idaho) Dec 17-17
  • 165 - Jack Hanson (New York) over Preston Colvin (Team Idaho) TF 13-1
  • 187 - Darrien Insogna (New York) over Demetri Smith (Team Idaho) TF 15-4
  • 250 - Cameron Groncki (New York) over Nathan Willoughby (Team Idaho) Fall 1:44
  • 71 - Jaxton Price (Team Idaho) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 77 - Mack Mauger (Team Idaho) over Nathaniel Santiago (New York) TF 10-0
  • 83 - Wylie Stone (Team Idaho) over Matt Marlow (New York) Fall 1:09

The woes continue for Team NY. After dropping to 0-3 on the day, one final match remains. Idaho would claim 11 of the 18 bouts. Ballston Spa's Connor Gregory won a hard fought battle 12-7 to get New York on the board. One big bright spot was the six straight victories New York reeled off in the upper weights starting with Landen Smith @ 130lbs. Daniel Forbes won an exciting bout 17-17 at 149lbs.

Georgia Blue 53 - New York 26

  • 83 - Matt Marlow (New York) over Kieron Mccormack (Georgia Blue) TF 10-0
  • 87 - Drew Gorman (Georgia Blue) over Sean Campbell (New York) Fall 1:48
  • 90 - Tyson Sherlock (Georgia Blue) over Richards Ason (New York) TF 10-0
  • 97 - Gianni Silvestri (New York) over Kenly Eavenson (Georgia Blue) TF 13-0
  • 102 - Tyler Ferrara (New York) over Logan w Paradice (Georgia Blue) TF 10-0
  • 106 - Casper Stewart (New York) over Evan Wingrove (Georgia Blue) TF 10-0
  • 110 - Sulayman Bah (New York) over Noah Allmon (Georgia Blue) TF 10-0
  • 114 - Latrell Schafer (Georgia Blue) over Max Gallagher (New York) Inj 1:27
  • 119 - Joshua Denson (Georgia Blue) over Donavan Smith (New York) Fall 2:58
  • 125 - Dominic Bambinelli (Georgia Blue) over Dylan Petrie (New York) TF 10-0
  • 130 - Emil Necula (Georgia Blue) over Landon Smith (New York) TF 10-0
  • 136 - Hoke Poe (Georgia Blue) over Jordan Koenig (New York) TF 14-4
  • 149 - Gabriel Arnold (Georgia Blue) over Daniel Forbes (New York) TF 13-0
  • 165 - Omaury Alvarez (Georgia Blue) over Jack Hanson (New York) TF 10-0
  • 187 - John Dutton (Georgia Blue) over Darrien Insogna (New York) Fall 0:35
  • 250 - Cameron Groncki (New York) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 71 - Antonio Mills (Georgia Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 77 - Jackson Butler (Georgia Blue) over Nathaniel Santiago (New York) TF 10-0

Its been a rough day for Team NY thus far. The Empire state dropped their second straight dual meet this time to Georgia Blue 53-26. Matt Marlow remains on fire as he gathered his second straight tech fall of the day. His win gave NY an early 4-0 lead. The match looked promising as wins by Gianni Silvestri, Tyler Ferrara, Casper Stewart and Sulayman Bah put New York up 20-9.  Georgia would storm back and capture 10 of the final 11 bouts and route New York to their second straight defeat on day 2.

Update on Max Gallagher: Gallagher would injury default against Georgia. The coaches determined that an injury to his elbow occurred during the match and thus decided to pull him. His return is questionable. The severity of the injury has yet to be determined.   

Wisconsin 53 - New York 27

  • 77 - Liam Neitzel (Team Wisconsin) over Nathaniel Santiago (New York) TF 14-4
  • 83 - Matt Marlow (New York) over Lucas Peters (Team Wisconsin) TF 14-4
  • 87 - Jesse Burg (Team Wisconsin) over Sean Campbell (New York) TF 11-1
  • 90 - Jake Stoffel (Team Wisconsin) over Richards Ason (New York) TF 10-0
  • 97 - Cole Sarbacker (Team Wisconsin) over Ashton Seymour (New York) Dec 6-4
  • 102 - Tyler Ferrara (New York) over Jack Dubach (Team Wisconsin) Fall 2:31
  • 106 - Casper Stewart (New York) over Connor O`donnell (Team Wisconsin) TF 11-0
  • 110 - Sulayman Bah (New York) over Royce Nilo (Team Wisconsin) Dec 12-8
  • 114 - Max Gallagher (New York) over Joel Sullivan (Team Wisconsin) Dec 2-0
  • 119 - Corbin Ramos (Team Wisconsin) over Donavan Smith (New York) TF 12-2
  • 125 - Brett Back (Team Wisconsin) over Dylan Petrie (New York) TF 10-0
  • 130 - Aeoden Sinclair (Team Wisconsin) over Landon Smith (New York) TF 14-4
  • 136 - Ian Smith (Team Wisconsin) over Jordan Koenig (New York) TF 10-0
  • 149 - Connor Mirasola (Team Wisconsin) over Daniel Forbes (New York) Dec 14-7
  • 165 - Cole Mirasola (Team Wisconsin) over Jack Hanson (New York) Dec 8-5
  • 187 - Drew Wendzicki (Team Wisconsin) over Baronowski Hank (New York) TF 14-4
  • 250 - Griffin Empey (Team Wisconsin) over Cameron Groncki (New York) Fall 1:57
  • 71 - Lincoln Flayter (Team Wisconsin) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

A tough first match for Team NY as Wisconsin wins easily 53-27. New York would lose four of the first 5 bouts and could not recover. Matt Marlow got NY on the board at 83lbs with a tech fall 14-4. New York did win four straight in the middle with Ferrara, Stewart, Bah and Gallagher. That would conclude New York in the win column for this dual as Wisconsin would win the final 9 bouts.

Oklahoma Blue 53 - New York 27

  • 250 - Cameron Groncki (New York) over Cade Eichor (Oklahoma Blue) TF 14-4
  • 71 - Iziah Tusler (Oklahoma Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 77 - Cash Donnell (Oklahoma Blue) over Nathaniel Santiago (New York) Fall 0:40
  • 83 - Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Blue) over Matt Marlow (New York) Dec 5-3
  • 87 - Christian Belford (Oklahoma Blue) over Sean Campbell (New York) Dec 9-2
  • 90 - Miles Velasquez (Oklahoma Blue) over Richards Ason (New York) TF 10-0
  • 97 - Gianni Silvestri (New York) over Landyn Sommer (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 12-3
  • 102 - Connor Gregory (New York) over Kanon Futrell (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0
  • 106 - Brayden Lucas (Oklahoma Blue) over Cal Russo (New York) TF 16-5
  • 110 - Joseph Jernegan (Oklahoma Blue) over Mason Rappold (New York) TF 11-0
  • 114 - Max Gallagher (New York) over Cameron Johnson (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 5-2
  • 119 - Cameron White (Oklahoma Blue) over Andrew Caudill (New York) TF 10-0
  • 125 - Abraham Flores (Oklahoma Blue) over Sebastian Jean-Pierre (New York) TF 10-0
  • 130 - Caden Kelley (Oklahoma Blue) over Landon Smith (New York) Fall 3:43
  • 136 - Hank Puckett (Oklahoma Blue) over Jordan Koenig (New York) TF 14-3
  • 149 - Daniel Forbes (New York) over Michael Cook (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0
  • 165 - Caiden Wright (Oklahoma Blue) over Jack Hanson (New York) Fall 1:05
  • 187 - Baronowski Hank (New York) over Ryan Sigler (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 0:16

Onto the consolation finals of Pool B and a lock into the copper/bronze pool on day 2, Team NY  squared off against  a solid Oklahoma Blue squad. The final dual meet of the day didn't go so well for our boys as they were defeated pretty handily 53-27. Garnishing wins for the Empire state were Groncki, Silverstri, Gregory, Gallagher, Forbes and Baronowski. 

Team NY Coach Chris Adams said "the kids wrestled well today and competed at a high level against some top level competition." As day two looms, Wisconsin awaits as their first dual meet. Placed in the copper/bronze pool for day 2, New York will also square off against Georgia Blue and Idaho with a cross over dual meet to wrap up their Greco tournament for 2019.

New York 42 - Colorado Red 41

  • 187 - Darrien Insogna (New York) over Harrison Wade (Colorado Red) Fall 3:51
  • 250 - Baronowski Hank (New York) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 71 - William Jakeway (Colorado Red) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 77 - Griffin Rial (Colorado Red) over Nathaniel Santiago (New York) Fall 0:36
  • 83 - Otto Black (Colorado Red) over Matt Marlow (New York) TF 10-0
  • 87 - Billy Greenwood (Colorado Red) over Sean Campbell (New York) Dec 10-5
  • 90 - Garrett Reece (Colorado Red) over Richards Ason (New York) TF 13-3
  • 97 - Noah Kubala (Colorado Red) over Ashton Seymour (New York) TF 11-0
  • 102 - Tyler Ferrara (New York) over Hayden Haase (Colorado Red) Dec 7-6
  • 106 - Casper Stewart (New York) over Brady Collins (Colorado Red) TF 10-0
  • 110 - Sulayman Bah (New York) over Tanner Santos (Colorado Red) TF 10-0
  • 114 - Jacob Myers (Colorado Red) over Max Gallagher (New York) Dec 9-4
  • 119 - Donavan Smith (New York) over Jacob Bostelman (Colorado Red) Dec 11-3
  • 125 - Dylan Petrie (New York) over Carson Hawkins (Colorado Red) Fall 0:35
  • 130 - Landon Smith (New York) over Dante Hutchings (Colorado Red) TF 14-4
  • 136 - Andrew Wittenberg (Colorado Red) over Jordan Koenig (New York) Fall 2:21
  • 149 - Daniel Forbes (New York) over James Burk (Colorado Red) Fall 0:31
  • 165 - Soren Herzog (Colorado Red) over Jack Hanson (New York) Fall 1:25

A  back and forth battle ensued between our New Yorkers and Colorado Red. The dual started to get out of hand when Colorado reeled off 6 straight victories putting NY into a 16 point hole. We would close the gap to 1 as Tyler Ferrara, Casper Stewart and Sulayman Bah won consecutive bouts. After Max Gallagher dropped a tough match against the highly touted Jacob Meyers, the trio of Donavan Smith, Dylan Petrie and Landen Smith got Team NY back on track reeling off 12 straight points. Daniel Forbes pin at 149 sealed at least a tie score in the end. After collaboration of criteria it was determined that New York was awarded the extra point and the dual meet victory.

New York 47 - Indiana Blue 36

  • 165 - Jack Hanson (New York) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 187 - Darrien Insogna (New York) over Wade Ryan (Indiana Blue) Fall 0:13
  • 250 - Cameron Groncki (New York) over Grayson Hunt (Indiana Blue) TF 10-0
  • 71 - Ayden Bollinger (Indiana Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 77 - Nathaniel Santiago (New York) over Tristan Smith (Indiana Blue) TF 16-4
  • 83 - Matt Marlow (New York) over Easton Doster (Indiana Blue) Dec 8-6
  • 87 - Sean Campbell (New York) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 90 - Brysen Hutt (Indiana Blue) over Richards Ason (New York) TF 14-2
  • 97 - Embry Horal (Indiana Blue) over Gianni Silvestri (New York) Dec 4-2
  • 102 - Tyler Ferrara (New York) over Wyatt Krejsa (Indiana Blue) TF 14-4
  • 106 - Casper Stewart (New York) over Anthony Rinehart (Indiana Blue) TF 10-0
  • 110 - Brayden Lain (Indiana Blue) over Mason Rappold (New York) TF 12-0
  • 114 - Donavan Smith (New York) over Jackson Todd (Indiana Blue) TF 10-0
  • 119 - Joey Buttler (Indiana Blue) over Andrew Caudill (New York) Fall 1:33
  • 125 - Mitchell Betz (Indiana Blue) over Sebastian Jean-Pierre (New York) Fall 0:46
  • 130 - Landon Smith (New York) over Richard Acevedo (Indiana Blue) Dec 7-1
  • 136 - Logan Farnell (Indiana Blue) over Jordan Koenig (New York) Fall 1:22
  • 149 - Daniel Forbes (New York) over De`Alcapon Veazy (Indiana Blue) TF 15-4

The New Yorkers start their backside journey with a bang by downing Indiana Blue 47-36. New York would win 6 of the first 7 matches with their lone loss ccming via forfeit at 71lbs. Cameron Groncki and Nathaniel Santiago both won via tech fall to get the ball rolling for the Empire grapplers. After 2 straight losses at 90 and 97 New York got back on track as hammers Tyler Ferrara and Casper Stewart ended their opponent via tech fall. 

Donavan Smith, Landon Smith and Daniel Forbes all won on the backend of the dual to wrap up the dual meet victory. Indiana would win 4 of the final 7 to close the gap but it wasn't enough as New York moves on into the consi-semis against Colorado Red.

Tidbit: On the frontside, Maryland, who defeated NY 43-42 on criteria in the quarterfinals, upended Kansas Gold to make the finals in Pool B. 

Maryland 43 - New York 42

  • 136 - Paul Ognissanti (Maryland) over Jordan Koenig (New York) Fall 3:14
  • 149 - Daniel Forbes (New York) over Adin Hastings (Maryland) TF 10-0
  • 165 - Jack Hanson (New York) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 187 - Baronowski Hank (New York) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 250 - Gavin Bage (Maryland) over Cameron Groncki (New York) Dec 11-2
  • 71 - Ellis Kirsch (Maryland) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 77 - Zac Glory (Maryland) over Nathaniel Santiago (New York) Dec 14-6
  • 83 - Carter Nogle (Maryland) over Matt Marlow (New York) TF 12-1
  • 87 - Evan Boblits (Maryland) over Sean Campbell (New York) TF 12-2
  • 90 - Marquez Estrada (Maryland) over Richards Ason (New York) Fall 1:58
  • 97 - Ben Smith (Maryland) over Ashton Seymour (New York) TF 16-4
  • 102 - Tyler Ferrara (New York) over Mekhi Neal (Maryland) Fall 1:16
  • 106 - Casper Stewart (New York) over Michael Pizzuto (Maryland) Fall 1:10
  • 110 - Nicolas Barnabae (Maryland) over Sulayman Bah (New York) TF 10-0
  • 114 - Max Gallagher (New York) over Judah Aybar (Maryland) Dec 10-2
  • 119 - Antonio Rodrigues (Maryland) over Andrew Caudill (New York) Fall 1:28
  • 125 - Dylan Petrie (New York) over Aidan Rivenburg (Maryland) Fall 0:54
  • 130 - Landon Smith (New York) over Jesse Rappazzo (Maryland) Fall 0:39

Team NY drops a heartbreaker to Team Maryland 43-42 on criteria. Heading into the final two bouts, NY was down 10. After consecutive pins by Dylan Petrie and Landon Smith the team score was knotted at 42. Unfortunately, Maryland would win more bouts thus awarding them an extra team point and the dual meet victory.

Notching wins for Team NY were Daniel Forbes (TF @ 149), Jack Hanson and Hank Baronowski received forfeits,  Tyler Ferrara and Casper Stewart both had quick pins and Max Gallagher netted a 10-2 victory.

The 2019 Schoolboy Duals are underway at Warren HS in Indianapolis. The Greco portion is Thursday and Friday followed by Freestyle on Saturday and Sunday.  Team Illinois is the returning champions in both styles.

The Empire state is well represented as wrestlers from eight different sections will compete. Below is a breakdown of Team NY's squad.

Weight Wrestler School-Section
77 Nathaniel Santiago Copiague-11
83 Matt Marlow Northport-11
87 Sean Campbell Copiague-11
90 Ason Richards Copiague-11
97 Gianni Silvestri Tioga-4
97 Ashton Seymour Peru-7
102 Tyler Ferrara Chenango Forks-4
102 Connor Gregory Ballston Spa-2
106 Casper Stewart Attica-Batavia-5
106 Cal Russo Spencerport-5
110 Sulayman Bah MS129-P
110 Donavan Smith Tioga-4
114 Max Gallagher Bayport-Blue Point-11
114 Mason Rappold Longwood-11
119 Andrew Caudill Gilead-5
125 Sebastian Jean-Pierre Bay Shore-11
125 Dylan Petrie Copenhagen-3
130 Landen Smith Saranac-7
136 Jordan Koenig Holland Patent-3
149 Daniel Forbes Catskill-2
165 Jack Hanson Peru-7
187 Hank Baronowski Plainview JFK-8
187 Darrien Insogna Ballston Spa-2
250 Cameron Groncki Mohonasen-2

At 114, Max Gallagher is the most accomplished one of the group. He finished 3rd place at states in 2019.  Max was also a Section 11 Champion in 2019 and just recently took the bronze medal at the 2019 NHSCA Middle School Nationals. Casper Stewart and Tyler Ferrara also bring some state tournament experience to the lineup and solidify Team NY's power in the middleweights.

Power house Suffolk County bolster this squad right out of the gate with 4 straight wrestlers, three of which hail from Copiague. At 97lbs, New York has two wrestlers who finished as sectional runner-up in 2019 in Gianni Silvestri of Tioga and Aston Seymour of Peru. 

Saranac's Landen Smith anchors the upperweights. The 2019 Section 7 Champion picked up one win this year in Albany. Smith's performance could easily dictate the momentum in the latter part of each dual. A trio of heavyweights in Daniel Forbes, Jack Hanson and Darrien Insogna all bring sectional experience to a pretty deep Team NY roster.

Best of luck this weekend in both styles. 

New York State Tournament All-Time: 250lbs-HWT

By NYWN Staff 01/14/2021, 9:15am EST

Round 1 bouts are highlighted by Tom Myslinki (Rome) who has been blasting through the competition against Fulton's Dave Lasher who has a strong following; Winner meets the victor of the Manley/Duggan match-up in the quarters

New York State Tournament All-Time: 275lbs-285lbs-UNL

By NYWN Staff 01/13/2021, 10:30am EST

Cowen earns the fall to advance - 1 of 7 Section 3 wrestlers vying for a spot in the championship bracket, NCAA AA Mike Hughes wins both bouts

New York State Tournament All-Time: 185lbs-189lbs-195lbs

By NYWN Staff 01/13/2021, 10:15am EST

Long Island puts 13 into the finals - 8 via bonus points; Section 3 advances 6 followed by 4 each from Sections 4 & 5

New York State Tournament All-Time: 215lbs-220lbs

By NYWN Staff 01/13/2021, 10:15am EST

Greene's big 4 all move on, FS's Penree flexes his muscles with two tech falls, NCAA Champ Gwiazdowski battles Olympian Gleasman, Carmenatty & Stanton make statement falls

Comsewogue's Mariano, Ausable's Lapier win twice, Clayton's only rep Ivy wins his second straight, Fulton's Hall Of Fame Coach Mike Conners (Baldwinsville-3) advances into the finale against Van Watkins of Fulton

New York State Tournament All-Time: 167lbs-170lbs-171lbs

By NYWN Staff 01/13/2021, 9:45am EST

Fulton's Rogers takes out the Iowa Legend Banach; NH's Dan Perry guarantees himself a spot in the Championship Bracket; Section 6 advances 7 into the final round

New York State Tournament All-Time: 160lbs-165lbs

By NYWN Staff 01/13/2021, 9:30am EST

Fronhofer makes a statement with a fall; Fulton advances 4; LeBlanc and Paddock brothers make the finals

New York State Tournament All-Time: 152lbs-154lbs-155lbs

By NYWN Staff 01/12/2021, 2:45pm EST

Freeport's Medina wins another bout - 1 win away from winning his 5th straight bracket; Section 10 Brutes Slate & Butler narrowly escape with victories; Section 3's Fulton battles back and forth and advances all 3 grapplers - all 3 matches reached the 380 vote plateau with 2 going over 400 votes

New York State Tournament All-Time: 145lbs

By NYWN Staff 01/12/2021, 1:00pm EST

Rocky Point advances 4 into the final round - Section 11 bolsters another 9 giving them 13 total; Mepham advances 3 - Section 8 moves forward with 7 total; Long Island as a whole has 20 of the 32 finalists

New York State Tournament All-Time: 133lbs-135lbs-137lbs

By NYWN Staff 01/12/2021, 11:30am EST

Hard to overlook the Murphy/Paddock match-up in round 1 - Two of Section 5's all time greats going at it; Both finalists from 1966 (Hardy/Nagel) take on Section 10 hammers Brown and Minckler respectively