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GFC 2018 - By The Numbers

By MI Grappler, 04/11/19, 1:00PM EDT


60 State Champs, 255 all-staters from the 2018 GFC field

Last fall was the 9th annual GFC and without doubt the deepest field of nationwide talent that the event has ever seen.

702 high school wrestlers competed at the 2018 GFC and 255 of those went on to place at their respective high school state tournaments this winter.  60 Grappler Fall Classic competitors went on to win high school state titles.

-- 385 participants
-- 213 state placers (55% of the field)
-- 58 state champions (15% of the field)
-- 27 nationally ranked @ end of season (Intermat/Flo)

So - based on these numbers, over 1/2 of the wrestlers in last year's GFC elite division went on to place in their state tournament and 1 out of ever 7 GFC Elite competitors won a state title this yearKeep in mind these numbers don't take into consideration middle school entries and those who suffered injuries and did not wrestle in their state tournaments.

The toughest weights at last year's GFC were 125, 135, 152, and 160 which all featured 20 eventual state placers.  135 led the way with 7 eventual State Champions!

The GFC "Varsity" division continues to be a proving ground for future state qualifiers, placers, and champions who are not yet ready to tackle the nationally accomplished Elite division.  

In the 3rd year of the GFC's Varsity Division, last years event set a new record with 42 eventual all-state wrestlers and 2 state champions!

The details have been finalized for the 10th Annual Grappler Fall Classic, it will be returning to MSU's Jenison Fieldhouse and will go down on Saturday, October 5th! 

Registration will open August 1st - last year we sold out and had to turn away hundreds of competitors the last two weeks of registration, so be sure to start training and sign up early to #GETSOME at the GFC's 10th edition next fall.

GFC 2018 Nationally Ranked

Name State IM Rank FLO Rank
Casey Swiderwski Michigan 10 7
Nic Bouzakis Florida 3 5
Corey Gamet Michigan 19 --
Tristan Lujan California 7 4
Jesse Mendez Indiana -- 19
Brayden Littell Indiana 14 --
Brayden Palmer Tennessee -- 15
Jordan Hamdan Michigan 12 --
Chris Rivera Florida 9 15
Travis Ford Melton Illinois 18 --
Frankie Tal Shahar Florida 12 12
Malyke Hines Florida 7 8
Justin Rivera Florida 11 13
Josh Edmond Michigan 17 19
Chase Saldate California 8 6
Cayden Rooks Indiana 14 --
Matthew Leee Indiana 16 --
Kevon Davenport Michigan 4 4
Caleb Fish Michigan 18 --
Reece Heller Michigan -- 19
Alex Facundo Michigan 1 1
Donnell Washington Indiana 15 --
Nick South Indiana 16 17
Bilal Bailey Illinois 20 20
Alex Cramer Illinois 9 --
Ryan Reyes California 3 6
NIck Villareal California 18 20

GFC 2018 All State List

- These 2018 GFC competitors went on to place at their respective 2019 High School State Tournaments
bold indicates a 2019 State Champion
- 1st-8th/DNP indicates their 2018 GFC place.

98 (5)
1st Jacob Brya (Michigan)
2nd Carson Laughery (Texas)
4th Anthony Walker (Michigan)
5th Ramsy Mutschler (Michigan)
DNP Aiden Smith (Michigan)

105 (10)
1st Casey Swiderski (Michigan)
3rd Sean Spidle (Michigan)
4th Kai Owen (Florida)

5th Kamiryon Nelson (Indiana)
6th  Blaine Brenner (Wisconsin)
7th Danny Nini (Florida)
DNP Nolan Gessler (Ohio)
DNP Zac Platte (Michigan)
DNP Cooper Willis (Wisconsin)
DNP Gavin Owens (Ohio)

112 (10)
2nd Chase Ayers (Florida)
4th Brendan Ferretti (Michigan)
5th Braden Basile (Florida)
8th Stephen Roberson (Indiana)
DNP Joe Haynes (Michigan)
DNP Jaden Bird (Wisconsin)
DNP Austin Fietz (Michigan)
DNP Austin Bashi (Michigan)
DNP Caleb Schroer (Ohio)
DNP Troy Kennedy (Ohio)

119 (17)
1st Nic Bouzakis (Florida)
2nd Corey Gamet (Michigan)

3rd Sam Freeman (Michigan)
4th Sal Melguizo (Florida)
6th Tristan Lujan (Florida)
7th Jake Wohltman (Florida)
DNP John Geiger (Texas)
DNP Jaekus Hines (Florida)
DNP Gavinn Alstott (Indiana)
DNP Charles Huffman (Florida)
DNP Tomas Frezza (Illinois)
DNP Dominic DiTullio (Ohio)
DNP Jake Elasavich (Michigan) 
DNP Bas Diaz (Florida) 
DNP Zain Bazzi (Michigan) 
DNP Drew Gebhart (Michigan) 
DNP Elon Rodriguez (Illinois) 

125 (20)
1st Logan Heil (Ohio)
2nd Jesse Mendez (Indiana)
3rd Brayden Littell (Indiana)
4th Thomas Deck (Kentucky)

6th TJ Daughtery (Michigan)
7th Caleb Meekings (Michigan)
8th Victor Jacinto (California)
DNP Alex Wolford (Michigan)
DNP Hunter Norris (Michigan)
DNP Dylan Norris (Michigan)
DNP Gavin Ritter (Ohio)
DNP Matt Williams (Ohio)
DNP Jack Haskin (Ohio)
DNP Jordan Strimska (Texas)
DNP Dylan Phelps (Michigan)
DNP Connor Williams (Florida)
DNP Noah Gochberg (Texas)
DNP Josh Rankin (Michigan)  
DNP Kysen Montgomery (Indiana)
DNP Khalil Moten (Michigan)

130 (19)
1st Brayden Palmer (Tennessee)
2nd Bretli Reyna (Florida)

3rd Henry Porter (California)
5th Jordan Hamdan (Michigan)
6th Zach Weiler (Wisconsin)
7th Chris Rivera (Florida)
DNP Travis Ford-Melton (Illinois)
Tyler Orta (Florida) 
Noah Horst (Tennessee) 

Brendan Abdon (Florida)
Julian Hernandez (Florida)
Luke Sloan (Texas)
Caleb Graber (Ohio)
Kaleob Whitford (Michigan) 
Ian Heath (Indiana)
Brayden Lowery (Indiana)
Micah Hanau (Michigan)
Asseel Amudhala (Michigan)
Trenton Wachter (Michigan)

135 (20)
1st Frankie Tal Shahar (Florida)
2nd Malyke Hines (Florida)

3rd Drake Campbell (Indiana)
4th Shannon Hanna (Florida)
5th Justin Rivera (Florida)
6th Josh Edmond (Michigan)
DNP Tyler Swiderski (Michigan)
DNP Jared Riggins (Michigan)
DNP Shane Williams (Michigan)
DNP Sammy Spencer (Illinois)
DNP Seth Johnson (Indiana)
DNP Matt Gimson (Indiana)
DNP Kyle Kantola (Michigan) 
DNP Garrison Dendy (Tennessee) 
DNP Chris Lilly (Michigan) 

DNP Nate Young (Michigan) 
DNP Sam Rickman (Michigan)
DNP Justin Kempf (Wisconsin)
DNP Zach Johnson (Michigan)
DNP Matt Tomsett (Michigan)

140 (15)
1st Chase Saldate (California)
2nd Cayden Rooks (Indiana)
3rd Chase Warden (Texas)
4th Alek Martin (Ohio)

6th Gentry Deck (Kentucky)
7th Andreus Bond (Florida)
8th Marc Schaeffer (Michigan)
DNP Skyler Crespo (Michigan) 
DNP Sam Glassco (Ohio)
DNP Connor Gimson (Indiana)
DNP Camden Trupp (Michigan)
DNP Owen Zablocki (Michigan)
DNP Kody Drewer (Michigan)
DNP Jeff Leach (Michigan)
DNP Hunter Olson (Ohio)

145 (18)
2nd Matthew Lee (Indiana)
4th Avry Mutschler (Michigan)

5th Giovanni Cassiopi (Illinois)
6th Dominic Isola (Florida)
7th Logan Sanom (Michigan)
8th Aaron Lofton (Texas)
DNP Joshua Contreras (Florida)
DNP Ben Durocher (Wisconsin)
DNP Sincere Bailey (Illinois)
DNP Matthew Grant (Michigan)
DNP Micah Wiggington (Texas) 
DNP Rhett Newton (Michigan)
DNP Nick Matusko (Michigan)
DNP Brandon Alkazir (Michigan)
DNP Eli Gray (Florida)
DNP ,Jon Fritz (Michigan)
DNP Eric Temes (Florida) 
DNP Cody Reese (Michigan) 

152 (20)
1st Kevon Davenport (MIchigan)
2nd Jax Leanord (Ohio)
3rd Jaden Fisher (Michigan)
4th Daniel Vizcarra (California)
5th Eli Dickens (Indiana)
6th Caleb Fish (Michigan)
7th Victor Schoehnerr (Michigan)
8th Jacob Reicin (Illinois)
DNP Austin Wolford (Michigan)
DNP Joey Caprella (Ohio)
DNP Ryan Whitten (Ohio)
DNP Reece Heller (Illinois)
DNP Kevin Contos (Ohio) 
DNP Noah Ewen (Ohio)
DNP Christian Killion (Michigan)
DNP Nick Gates (Michigan)
DNP Nelson Poet (Michigan)
DNP Thomas Schrock (South Carolina)
DNP Jacob Lanzini (Michigan) 
DNP Tyler Brandt (Michigan)

160 (20)
1st Alex Facundo (Michigan)
2nd Donnell Washington (Indiana)
3rd David Ferrante (Illinois)
4th Nick South (Indiana)
5th Bilal Bailey (Illinois)
6th Todd Perry (Florida)

DNP Trevor Robinson (Michigan) 
DNP Jacob Ruble (Indiana)
DNP Seth Konyenbelt (Michigan)
DNP Colby DeBerry (Michigan)
DNP Logan Perkins (Florida)
DNP Devin Trevino (Michigan)
DNP Noah Anderson (Michigan)
DNP Nathan Villarreal (California)
DNP Dylan Wellbaum (Michigan)
DNP Joseph Barton (Michigan) 
DNP Cameron Monzadeh (Florida) 
DNP Dane Donabedian (Michigan) 
DNP Victor Grabowski (Michigan) 
DNP Brock Emmerich (Illinois)

171 (15)
1st Alex Cramer (Illinois)
2nd Joseph Walker (Indiana)
4rd Gabe Martinez (California)
4th Kai Bele (Florida)
5th Ashton Habeil (Florida)
6th Graham Calhoun (Indiana)
7th Adrian Cramer (Illinois)
8th Dominic Murphy (Illinois)
DNP Adrian Vidaud (Florida) 
DNP Vincent Scaramuzzino (Michigan)
DNP Jaxon Guinn (Michigan)
DNP Jimmy Colley (Michigan)
DNP River Shettler (Michigan) 
DNP Ethan Anderson (Ohio) 
DNP Wyatt Forsberg (Florida)

189 (14)
1st Nick Benton (Florida)
2nd David Harper (Tennessee)
3rd Ethan Weatherspoon (Michigan)
4th Logan Andrew (Florida)

5th Jessiah Contreras (Florida)
DNP Greyson Stevens (Michigan)
DNP Jackson Punzel (Illinois)
DNP Caden Cunningham (Florida)
DNP Michael Talshahar (Florida)
DNP Carmine Dascoli (Florida)
DNP Chandler Murton (Michigan)
DNP Gerrit Andrus (Michigan) 
DNP Chase Waggoner (Illinois) 
DNP James Penfold (Michigan) 

215 (6)
1st Ryan Reyes (California)
2nd Taye Ghadiali (Michigan)

3rd Hunter McCall (Michigan)
6th Brett Wittmann (Wisconsin)
7th Brent Paulus (Ohio)
DNP Matthew Kaplan (Florida) 

285 (4)
1st Nick Villareal (California)
2nd Tyler Deloof (Michigan)
3rd Blake Querio (Michigan)
4th Alex Coleman (Ohio)